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On this week's Behind the Cow Chop we have a bunch of updates to give you all. Thanks for all your support guys.
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Video that got us kicked out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKtVUuFMwyM
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Estamos nas rúas, pero non se preocupe, imos atopar un novo lugar en breve. Grazas por todo o apoio que persoas fermosa.
Men bog'da bir la'nat yaxshi olma daraxti bor, deb eshitib. Men buni o'g'it berish uchun daraxt ostida olma va axlatni eyishni. meni bog'ida daraxt ostida Shit imkonini beruvchi uchun rahmat.
ON THE STREETS • Behind the Cow Chop
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Welcome back couch are you been man it's . been a while then it'd be something a . little bit since since we've been kicked. out of our home been like two weeks . everybody's just kind of been separated. and today i actually like the first day . that we get to see one another in a long. time so weird . we're following up on a little bit of a. rumor that i heard. would you aah that trevor supposedly . been living in a park and homeless . laying on a bench cold hard steel gives . me comfort and this time we need to . indiana part he gets frequently picked . on by kids they come up in like 30 rock . patent or something and yeah i don't . know i don't know why that is i mean not . like he's like i don't look like an . older but he's not like legit over but i . guess that's get that all is so . mysterious villain catch up on everybody . catch everybody everybody here in the . video up what's been going down . situation wise with our home . it does stop you know i need some food . some water that's all i need to still . need to find me dude for everything this . is the part where here at the park . yes we're going to see deal with trevor . i guess where people live in my travels . around here somewhere. no i picked this part maybe he was like . reminiscing about our pokemon go days . you know this is the same park that we . only first play pokemon go to the couple . that you're holding hands you can tell . they're like legit couples . up here is that you know that now i'm . playing today and all that about him . over there keep these other people . living here in the park as well trevor . shit you left the clothes . terrorists favorite ciggies we're on the . case somebody fucking littered the you . might be a vice . wait patiently waiting on that bench. cool get it back . a man i heard even living out here . tonight three people i mean some people . give you look story you just have to . learn to ignore remember people around . the elementary school that came in third . place rocks at you i really don't want . to talk about that man could not only . with that i really want to talk to do . you really are they have a whole set up . over there other leaving now. maybe they clean and skater and rough . man lied to you need captain couch i . pussy and you know i mean it looks like . you're dressing nice that i mean you . must have gotten you must have gone . think in here somewhere huh . so off the kids at my school that big . i was finishing high school so in a bit . of news in regards to our current. situation again we're here at the. amazing pavilion where we're just going . to shoot the shit because we have . nowhere else to fill we're gonna film on . public property until we're good to go . good thing is you have a place kind of . you have a place we won't spoil what it . is but it's not traditional not typical . to the formula but i think people will . enjoy it again whatever we whatever we . find is it's kind of a temporary place . holder for the next few months up and . fill we go to la . speaking of la in an update on the rupee . first campaign that we've been running. we have hit platinum that is it hit it . did it turn blue-black know pretty much . all those goals that area that were on . there like we're gonna have to do those . but it's a done deal to thank you guys . everybody has pitched in some people . have asked about directly helping us out . and so there isn't really a way to do . that the only two things that we have . set up is the 51st up and merch and you . guys have done fantastic on that so far . obviously we have flattened so we're . going to go to look forward to that. stuff in the future i guess the last bit . of update news i know i said previously . that an asscher were formally released . their not myself establishing some kids . from joke and there's there's somewhere . what we'll catch up with him later maybe . hopefully and see what they've been. doing in there all time hopefully . they've been you know well and not or . maybe we'll see how that goes. just to clear up a few things i know a . lot of people they brought the fuck man . you guys brought the pitchfork found . everything with full force . after this fuckin snitch this cut . i don't know why but in an accident but . this was not the lamb bored a lot before . i like saying that it was a landlord . didn't have a landlord thing it's . actually like a step above the landlord . for the property managers it was like . the company itself where the people that . came down on us. those were the people that pretty much . check this out so it was a bit further . than landlord and a lot more like you . guys make a deal with the life-lord . involve the bottom like i mean we just . have this regardless you guys see from . the shit that we did in the fucking . house we deserved it and a lot of people . are saying that it was possibly a . neighbor that snitched on us that wasn't . the country i personally don't think . that it was a neighbor you think . whenever i mean we've been there for . reference that's what i mean like we . were there for two months shy of a year. and like we did a lot of stupid shit we . did a lot of shit outside . we did a lot of shit inside but the . neighbors definitely knew you know they . said hi to us and stuff like that but i . don't think any of them would have. snitched on us just because we were. there for so long you don't have to . throw your pitchforks that anyone . specifically it's just that cut knows . who he is for her and you know this . fuckin karma . out there get it but i mean . nevertheless i guess you can check out . the video in question around here maybe . it'll pop up of the video that actually. did get kicked out it was one specific . video it was the military grade of bomb . stinkbomb prank that the clip itself the . portion of that video was when brett . destroyed the door that was 72 clips . that got us removed from the premises . you can comment on and be like this is . the video that got them kicked out. look they're here man there are a lot of . which however here's this . do you have a place to stay you guys . have little is just been living here and. there you have part-time job here right . but they should be thankful you get all . the people in there that the physical . work and then sally because the i yeah . yeah yeah yeah baby that's a lot of you . don't forget there's like two for you . today's know what i do what i can . this one update on everybody's like . current living situation where have you . been living what do you mean i have a . home. what kind of questions that you're one . of the few weight and i the only one . with the home apparently what about alex . no man you gotta get out really well . you're the one that's not running with . with the story man we had like a . narrative no one told me . thank you guys for watching this . behind-the-scenes this is the end . apologize for what this is i'm sorry for . this behind-the-scenes in the lack of . content. we're all dying here we are suffering . because aaron has a nice the gorn home . i'm always something of mine made look . at my body you know it's just kickin it . ain't right i was suffering more than . yours. we already have a pt cart to play you . don't need to play like other pity card . to the same time within the stack and he . gets like this the bonus-point elegant . about her . nobody out there in the audience is . gonna feel bad for either of you to . nurse my but yes he would you trade and . suply cared more about the whereabouts . of an actor than either of you two is . true we're the ones from at last time . all go obviously the household walking . go that way that way that way . hi tonight yeah are you running like . that know that you know what you gon do . you mean keep not normally worse . behind-the-scenes thing we've ever done . but to be honest we have 180 work with . we're sitting in a bus shopping center . just i don't know what to do here not . even active everything's closed . we can't even stick around . why we do the bushes man using what are . you doing in the bushes . he's freaking fuck off fuck off all . right let's go home after this fuckin . snitch. hey guys thanks for watching this . behind-the-scenes is a very very good . behind-the-scenes it's very to my . vehicle i think i'm going to hit you at . daddy's here . what do you mean what you have it all . the time no hear my balls evident never . been told you i lot more videos with . some more videos up here you like to . subscribe to the channel to get a big . juicy red button you can click because . the merchandise beloved by some clothes . and some glasses and shit we got a . twitter so you can follow maybe click . the notification button as well oh you . know we're always uploading sometimes we . can upload go right now yeah wewe kind . of missed friday but we apologize for . that . thank you guys for supporting us no . matter what sometimes they're down in . the dirt getting mud kicking our faces . sometimes you have to just eat that mud . and move on if you did that the cuts . i'm going home driving my new car home . alone . thanks right side right now i got home . and i get the london edition of this car . oh there he goes back to turn the key i . do you think i'm out of gas not starting . .
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