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We made into the playoffs here is how it went! hope you enjoy!
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Everybody's just delays and welcome to . the finale of the bat miniseries i've . got going on and i know it's that . everyone is so much ok shut off there is . only starting up i hit up the squad and . i one of you guys how to play it and . everyone was down you guys want to see . it makes three but like if you guys want . to see that anyway let's get into the. video so this is the last game before . playoffs and it was definitely an . interesting game because the team we . were playing really have three of their . players there and they didn't have their. big men which is dominate and thats what . they did for the whole regular season . was really have anyone show up during . the regular season they like one or two . kids and they just get random people to . play with that is really an unfair to be . honest like you show up but they're like . the varsity team and our team is pretty . much the software that's about the . exhaust house and surprises after going . to show you guys the playoffs to start . of the game wide open three . rick yet but you know what happened on . the brake and he just gets me and want . to do without my team when i was on tv . and he was like ten times better than me . from interaction toddler ooh go to a . game it's a bad kind of contested three . pointer misses once they get the ball by. interpol white letters will come out . leaving as the ball once at the defender . wide-open layup . [music]. super disappointed like like you think i . would miss that way up . no i don't miss open layup goes down the . ball and you know that bad boy is going . in is anyone else loves the noise the . basketball make wishes . oh this is a weird episode already all . really quick and just look at the other. don't fuck am i literally walking always . friendly to white bucket wasn't . interested it's cool i have to show it . every time i gotta admit it's a quarter . of the program and i can just feel it in . my heart . refilling down before no one taking off . but there's one better at the basket . walk with the scheming to get back up . the room i wish i could i'll try to be . some scheme should like . little guy gets the ball in the corner . you can provide crazy for anybody finds . no us for the three and it still was a . backup quarterback do they were . expecting their reporters that isn't . long before but without even being such . a small core he was really lacking the . intensity but i got a wide open three . from and you only have to have probably . been generally finally wide open again . pause i have the ball and you know this . day miss every shot you don't take i was . missing everything pointer i talked . about was like yeah you could have a . little i'll be alright i'm probably . gonna move i don't waiters attitude then . i'd rather go over 9000 430 and i want . overnight of this particular ooh we . could have it i got the better our team . chemistry really wasn't too good then is . why don't different three ben's like you . know what if they let me not i don't . blame in family i would have passed the . upp curt let's be real . alright let's just sell some fans posts . from previous episodes . this was a really weird game just like i . don't know it wasn't there i started . taking so much more advantageous try . before the whole that fall sounded . painful and how world that though and . you don't trust your left hand where you . going to the river shooting including . actually sort of second avenue is how to . apply our dominant i get the ball . unselfish we have been for the three . fortunately write your foot on the . dribble news . bb i find a 3-pointer he also great . portion of my game 15 minutes left i . think it's time for a vampire don't . watch the ball just watched the very . next slide . i'm picking up the ball and i sequences . wide open their demons was just like . what is entirely trying and you can . actually hear the one who's wrong about . that and the post has put in that work . you know i am the one who just said . pound me now last way you're dribbling . down the ball and watch my feet i do . like alkylation travel three steps they . don't call it that was really got into a . spot in the corner you know i got him to . this reporter cites felt a little bit of . the lead filling the ball position five . steps . shouts missile 4g army all appreciate it . what about 10 minutes i'll be making my . way downtown to pick up all three . and what would you doing this one is . again they're already 2-3 zone so i . started playing the high post in the . postcard with a little pump fake and not . the wide-open layup again in the i . suppose i get the ball i just gotta work . attacking him every 1i miss the . free-throws was not really an ad 1i . getting the iphone so i guess of all . this time i just take a little bowl of . jumper and watching it came back it . feels like everyone's going like happy . it was weird about the brakes just lay . down hit one that got going to post i . had it with another phosphate and he . just dumped me like a freaking pogo . stick i got fouled the first three felt . the second one in again i feel that the . high post high post the way to go . against the 23 so i got to have that low . for the layup about three minutes 45 you . think the polar ice a visit out here . he's become a spot to come back and sing . open . battle it out there sola it's not all we . kind of need a bucket into the qur'an . win . yes i'm going to high post yeah you're . right that were just cut through didn't . drive for me to get the ball at the high . post your download and i passed him like . i did earlier the better i get a ball . two high post party begin to cut down . all wide open and i've about the past . and i get fouls it would have been a . wide-open layup now we're mounting . medical history and the posted within i . get the rest and call it all now he's . coming down in for the layup barely . missed you try to run the play again i . get the ball of the time it works with . the wide open layout the other day and . have a pull-up three to contact no mr. pretty much thing to find this game the . rest of the game we just went back and . forth free throws . hell yes so now i've got a bit of . explaining to do so there's a teen movie . right we were the number-two ranked team . in the league i know right now some . extreme both for the team we just played . ended up being ranked the 17 the reason . for that one of their players wouldn't . show up for the regular season they're . all on the varsity pretty good compared . to us and yes they had a pretty city . regular-season record making them . seven-speed and we were the tennessee so . we ended up playing their first game . just come about and they have all of . their players pretty much tell they . weren't really going full speed flying . in that game but now boy let's get into . this i didn't see they have two . brand-new big men and not only is he . thinking . art even stopped going out without a . fight some friends only five cameras . camera 5 photo why don't we put off with . an airboat haven't started and i'm not . going to lie i could not get past like . impossible for athletic we had a big . turnover they go down for the layout . that get stuck in the corner pickleball . and others heard over and over boy . jumping out of 5 which is the model car . picks them up like a purpose but more . importantly 12 about the car finally . drive we got our first bucket i think . it's bad . well nothing was going right i guess . it's all right here somehow it traveled . our team was not ready for this . passing really everyone touches them all . laughing we're like you know we have a . really know we were determined we . wouldn't leave so he told me that the . floater boom that's what i'm like in the . epic music i cut out of 5 . i get the leftovers let's go cross-court . take the bank this i was getting pretty . 50 i couldn't get past that i was trying . so hard over-dribbling and i get down . there but feels like this i've got your . back . takes out probably won't believe this . but even under six foot and can actually . really impressive. todd comment even 30 this place just . kind of summarizes how the game was . going for us we were down by like 20 and . we were trying to come back about been . reported to get it off of him coming . back down about six second step is . posted up on the clock going down 3-2 i . was not going well. 38-40 sense some rides what's going on . pretty well right here in any other any . other game we are playing the first . alright . it wasn't right now we're in a second . blog i wanted a little bit there looking . a little slow this team we're playing . went on to win the championship of . course part of the second what exactly . like the first half . you guys got songs on i know you're out . of the way but without him nothing was . going right for us then they're good man . decides to start to kyrie irving cameras . good but it's like kind of funny man . accidentally store i think they have a . good season as the bank cameras go to . work and fans of the end of the guys we . got knocked out first-round playoff i . definitely definitely could have played. a lot better than that game but i'm not . gonna lie i could not get a bad job and . that is the end of our season guys got . knocked out in the first round kind of . bs but it is what it is definitely . could've played better that second game . are hosting could've got this was easily . the most loved series i've ever done . things are so much for the sport on it . and we starting up again in my some . months and i'm really thinking about . doing it and the only thing you don't. have to drive down every weekend like . how that would be so easy to all those . varieties but i've got to do it always . starts instagramming the description . good families of play i really wanted to . play my time with you all the questions . about like a little highlight mod podge . of everything i did michael we could see . why i'm so another huge you to thank you . probably love on the series it really . means a lot i also might try and rid of . ben's leave with some chris back and . forth roommate what i'm also gonna let . me play from seven might be an 18 holes . or i'll have to check that out to . subscribe button today and see . she said it's 130 a and coming with us . for as the body went to me what you know . what . no it's quite bored me what i'm gonna be . a daddy we got here let me take you out . about it tell me i was bad blood the . unit he said . [music]. .
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