[Overwatch] Infinite Ability Showdown!

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Music: DuckTales Remastered - Moon Theme Remix (Orchestra Fan Remix by Plasma3Music)
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Vikkstar: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vikkstar123
Why are we doing this planet of the fly . nephews why did you suggest this is an . idea this was horrible. one v10 cool down some not all yes road . hog and limited boy . yeah like all now this is like we're . lucky bastards in here this would be. like his nightmare right now you can . just throw that thing for day . oh yeah uh i gotta go to war was not . good i'm just gonna like just . continually care about it like a . schoolboy and are just come over here . all fucking i can't come on all white . all you want to go abroad . let's do it oh those notes on point i . have to say i gotta i gotta i gotta live . up to my reputation . yes my eyes ya never hook first man . that's the number one rule of radar you . resize oh my god i'm going to cool down . ride hard this is gonna be disgusting . charge every day i don't know anyway i . got all your more hits . grab your camera shots on the shell . hutts. i got this i'm an expert are no stop it . somebody who the fuck back it's my spire . oh my god and her no no whoa this is . there all killed line you have about 10 . i'm about one aj thats all been a lie . and i'm gonna prove anything . this is like the rhine hydrangeas in . here around no longer be suing his . hammer. he just was really fly a strange hero . walk out again no hung out okay you know . what we're not gonna finish this we're . gonna do is try gotta charge okay that's . okay meet me on the balcony . maybe on the balcony i'm going for it . right. come down here where you i'm uh let's go . yeah come on up . wait what each other go again up okay . this is just embarrassing behind your . game at the only way that could ever end . this is the only way was ever gonna win . like don't mind job and winds up that's . a horrible idea. so i feel like something at him like . this like something out of some . incredible action movie where we just. like superheroes flying through the sky . battling each other huh well anyway you . can't replace your ratio didn't tell the. other one broke up not truly a liver it . shields don't actually block lightning . lowdown . ok the more you know the more you know . haha does it does it i don't even know . how much help do you have icon tell this . is a horrible idea. you know we're fasting up not only is my . mouth i know right i'm like i'm like . breaking my shoulder every time i try to . turn around here . oh why are we doing this planet of the . fly negatives. why did you suggest this is an idea this . was horrible. i'm gonna get it all on now to make that . 10 * fucking worse can happen with jesus . christ horrible all my god we're back . for health no okay no more else no more . else where ru ru open-air ok ok ok . nor no no i don't know how did you catch . me i just want to point out that like . for pretty much every single fight so. far except this one we have the same. skin i have a lot of mr. neelix myself . and i'm not afraid to use them. no i know how to all my blog jump . goswami his family to help . ok not the high ground that's cheating . you might have the high ground oh fuck i . should have played that better oh my god . are what he's been thought it was the . same love again this is this is gonna be . a battle for the ages. no okay okay that's cheating now that's . treating let you know i just shoot his . gun what are you doing it now you've . done . oh my god i'm really quite injured . oh oh yeah i was thinking i want to make . it out to ping that because i missed you . and i are here it is our i will be the . next to cover gay you are not prepared . for. i'm actually gonna do this calculated . style for read more calculated now for . fuck you got me . no look well lou oh yes oh no i've done . this but oh my god we need to talk about . this all going to kill you with post . plus my style the pacifist is not people . around a lot that actually shoot cum . ok ok ok double shot double and . shouldn't i want you o a more accidents . are impractical my hours of tf2 soldier . finally coming into play if you take the . first whatever you want to call that oh . wait what can we just play the game . how are you a lifesaver i had what we . what i saved my own one play the game . overwatch style all we're on the dragon . always ok ok well i got a special rufus . on what if we had what if we say no . healing and no share you have trained . kill your enemy ok so the house . given how much i got hurt last time but . now i know and again if you've got me . chained don't we go and dodge fuck i . need to spread back is how can you value . this large he's sucked back road hog . whole come on no this is not good with a . fucking but you know you are . oh no get down come here get over here . i've got your whole scrap of getting . loose it isn't the whole ok . oh no they see other only they hate then . ok . huh well hit me huh you just go after me . shiny gym for her . i've been rolling since before you were . born. rolling rolling rolling now vic i want . you to listen to me no bad yeah i'm . outta here bob what initially just kept . your pelvis i was really scared . oh you see those golden nuts . you see those go now i'm not allowed to . lose this fight like this would be bad. if i if i don't win this i'm rk blacks . up to this grand prairie matter charge . it up get up charges are no i'm freaking . out man. i'm tilted oh is it this is it . yes ok thank god i was a lad i wasn't . allowed to go down that 10 you ready to . apply you ready to comply with every . time we get one of these flying here is. it's never good. ok i'm up i'm up i'm good to go . i'm not even detonating them we like . like blow each other up just by going . past each other i think my day right you . what's this carbon that's all i got . someone but toby who have 800 all i was . silent me that is stylish right there . did you have a grenade launcher or mind . with mine i don't have the skill to hit . you with a grenade launcher. it's time to play bumper cars you ready . this is hardcore fuck you i'm just . shooting you in the face . i got my wrist is already very good this . people never give this a fucking god . don't wait for me . you're actually doing more damage to me . that i'm doing to you what the fuck . well jason's get out of here no no no . you never give this fun it's fine buys . no oh no oh no that's bad news bad . no that's very bad news i hope you like . forms . oh god i was back there what how did . that bitch you quickly brother . everything is someone coming here dog . come on . oh we're here because the question i'm . asking for a friend . where is michael i no no please don't . bump me just shoot me will be like a . normal person. oh no redraw this week are drawn it and . you still haven't used your ulti once . all right i'll come on we're not going . to draw which are getting back so quick . oh ok we go . oh come on zip is the end that's the end . yeah now that was a close one . what is wrong with that bird the bird . with a death wish i have a plan that . doesn't shoot me in the head again it . was a pretty good plan last time . how's that plan going i like my life was . stuck out you should have gone on a diet . man i told you what that bird on my . screen this is really the guys wearing . dad's got it swings out i are the boot . pores will be successfully i originally . i thought you were like joking about . fighting with boots but like it's . generally you were doing more as a . manager you're doing more damage to me . that i was doing to you but i'm sticking . to my way are sticking to your guns so . to speak a on now . not that i'm vic there's was like . positioning always wait until i was . getting out this year he and lifestyle . oh here we go know this is going to be . like real ever again . dashing through the snow in a one-horse . engineering why would you ever do this i . feel seasick right now i don't even know. what is going on where am i please live . it like if you go into the man you blink . to the other end in like three seconds . then you recall this is the battle have . her. okay we got it we got to establish some . ground rules here. you know i just realized you played in . the old world car how am i supposed to . stand up to that graham i well put it . this way that was that was a vote done . by popular vote not by skilled her . yes did travel like a pump . how did i get pie blink chased you oh my . goodness here we go. raise your glass all right now we are . they fixed it. what do they fit i don't know i don't . talk about it goodnight fine . oh fuck oh no this wasn't my idea of the . game. no what the fuck what the fuck around . for my jars and peace oh not this funny . guy again yes her i'm coming to get it . i'm gonna get it o. o i'm gonna go i'm . trying to get this back down . no i wanted to kill you with the drop . well your characters dad to cook i and . that's how i end most rounds you know so . it only seems natural . spiderman spiderman does whatever a . spider woman can . oh this career would come on just like . this is like a faze clan dream yeah . you're ready you might not 360 escape . check . whoa did the 360 skype check boys who . don't even want to get okay i can walk a . young crap can you i can i mean i'm . australian so i feel like it's kind of . like mine yeah is my national judy to be . your default state i just love how fast . you can just throw these things out or . are you ready for the kobe go back . whoa what no way my curly brian now the . ghost battles silence i'm gone . this is the thing i'm back you just see . him like saying shit other ever again . from i'm going to the long game . repositioning you'll never catch me i'm . the angel of death i am ever fuck you . got their library lon those those good . about the invasion was i supposed to . join in all fucking are not . about not letting this end the same way . as before but if we both get down to. help it has to him . let's just say your final kill has to be. with a charge who do to do come on . yes i was a decent meal throughout i'm . like i don't know where you got to come . this way our ship the end this with the . charge the way it was meant to bait all . fuck ok does it charge time know you . will show it but i don't know i don't . know but i'm happy it didn't because we . set a charge for healthy i am but i am . betrayed right now i i thought we had a . deal took you to be a man of honor but i . mean a waste mine is a sign of good . faith or ever gonna walk out that door . sorry dude that was another equally . divided the dome i couldn't let it be . another drawl. [music]. .

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