Oxygen Not Included | Part 12 | NEVER SURRENDER!!

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Hello everybody my name is markiplier. and welcome back dr. zin not included i . know i said that i was going to stop for . today but i literally can't i will focus . this kicking so much and i'm finally on . to something good here or i'm about to . break through everything i'm about to . unleash my creativity and make this. actually work and i can't stop i haven't . had this much fun that night recording . the game but playing a game in a long . long time. i love this so much oh man i know . they're focused on other stuff besides. that getting what they need and they're . honestly surprisingly unstressed about . all this. especially considering they gotta go . down here and breathe in the the the . contaminated oxygen and we got a little . bit of overflow over there but we'll get . through that soon enough eventually . anyway so he's got to get all the way . down there at least they have plenty of . oxygen to breathe i compose so that is . the thing that does exist but once . that's done we'll have some extra water. will actually be creating water you know . creating water will be adding more water . to our water supply and then we will be. able to say that we did all we could do. our amazing people to cook and just like . that i forgot about those but that's . okay because we don't need to worry. about that other thing about boom books . can we get a higher priority on that . truth booth ok so now that that's done . oh shit this and reachable ok so we . actually got to destroy that shit and . then cancel that. okay well that's fine then they'll be . able to do that just yeah yeah okay that . makes more sense i would come about that . but thankfully they they put up the. other wall first we got a new arrival . who we got it can't get don't like that . scaredy cat can't fight uncultured i le . locali i remember in le from another . video game that i played in the past and . you weren't too much of a million . okay i'll give you a benefit of the . doubt le you can try your best to delhi . see what you can do le alright so now . that that's done we're going to dig down. into your big ono there and build that . bday and then we'll have water flowing . in and then we should be flu we should . be pretty good i'm hoping anyway yeah . breathing that delicious contaminated . oxygen some of them might get a disease . from all this but hopefully it won't be. too bad i mean we will eventually have . some sort of medication as we don't know . when i gotta build my bed but forgot . about them no power all i forgot that . they have built a new batteries yet my . refrigerator is bauer please it's very . hot apparently what is the refrigerator . 226 degrees for food that's that's . pretty hot. it's pretty hot bro it's too hot for my . blood too hot for this poor pretty . awesome he'd done that power yet but it . seems that connects there it will have. power and then we will need to make we . will definitely need to make these extra. batteries here and then probably some. more power generators just to be able to . make sure that the batteries are. operating a hundred percent i'm going to . build i'm going to build shoe more of . those in one more of these just because . they don't want to risk anything getting. in the way of that. because we're about to draw just a . little the power so how we doing we got . good food the oxygen is flowing freely. harvest for us the algae is good we . might actually be close to out of algae. which means we'll have to dig this shit. out okay . i don't like being close to out of algae . because that's death but we'll see we'll . see what happens what happens i'm not . saying we're close to death but i'm . saying being out of algae would be close . to death. oh shit oh no come on now . ok good right so i goof there the . plumbing has been down for a while . because i'm dumb all right we got a . priority of 69 . ok alright so hopefully that'll that'll . do just fine i'm actually gonna just in . case i'm going to drop these bad boys . down to six as well i'm gonna make these . top priority. these ones blocked off to make sure no . gasps weeks in through there then we . should be ok . oh really are you trapped well okay . you're all right . van the phrasing medium is going to get . there that should be all set up . that's good to go that makes sense to me . this will be done soon as soon as they. figure out the rest of this shit. oxygen is still little lower than it . should be but i don't waste too much . algae so i'm gonna let them and let them . just carry on for a little bit because i. don't want to get in their way of what . they need to do they know that they need . to do some things i'm gonna what is that . it fixed as well just so they can . eventually get these things here okay . and well it's working . it is it working haha haha haha its foot . like this contaminated stuff from the. shower and lavatory flowing out there . this is all in here we're good . everything is happy i'm happy we're . happy everything is good i think . everything is good if everything is not . good then i'm going to be very upset but . i think everything is good i'm pretty . sure fairly certain . so if everything is good then we . shouldn't have any further trouble for. the immediate future. we've got tons of meal life we've got . lots of food. we're doing a little low on oxygen ruby . is a little stressed and natalie . products they were working in the the . muck a little bit but we've got a lot of . water flowing through and this is not. bad. this is this is pretty good actually . this is. not gonna live i had some doubt that's . going big old out but i think this is . this might actually work out for me . this might actually work and then i go . over there for the slime production i . let the percolators drop the flying down . to bare they'll dig through their the . research just completed for advanced. filtration for air scrubber gas filter. and liquid filter that's good that's . good that's good that's good that's good. that's good that's good. okay so i'm gonna go for interior decor . just because . hey why not i'm give them some bez that . can drop some stress just so we make. sure everybody stress is just a little . bit down but yeah that son-of-a-bitch is . just going to be pumping all day long we . are going to need eventually we're gonna . need more batteries we're going to need . more people humping up for energy. because then like they do need to be . there i mean this this filter is going . to take a lot of power over time it . definitely is we go we've got to make . sure that we got that under control but . so far i'm actually going to cancel all . this because we don't need that right. now i mean for the slime collection yeah . i'll do it for the fine collection . itself but for everything else it's not . bad . this is this is pretty good i like it i . like it it's going i'm just trying to . look at it be like how can everything go . horribly wrong for me how is this . terrible. in what way am i going to die so i'm i'm . making this a gas-permeable one who . hello newcomer how you do in who . dimensionally a nap can't build that's a . problem. okay slow learner naturally robust don't . think that i'll take that little . destructive but you know better than the. other ones again . i come on in and what's your name they . your bank your bey all da yo gabe a . alright you silly billy . alright bae you're going to do me a lot . of good i know you will go to be a great . help and everything that we do here. ok so that's god storage compactor so . what i'm about to do with them about the . tunnel through a whole bunch of slot . which means that i'm gonna have to store . the slime but that's ok that's what . we're here they're going to be going to . be a bit of stress when they went to do . because i know it's a bit of a dangerous . gamble to go here and just kind of you. know work till they drop style do this . but it's going to be worth it i know . there's we're actually going to have . multiple layers of you know of this of . the percolators going so we're just . going to have little to noodles noodles . of it and you all there you are my cash . cows you're going to be doing me so much . good i'll just start with this one . because i don't want to go overboard . because obviously my power generation is. going to be nearly enough to compensate . for all of that stuff but we'll get . there when we get there like i've been . saying this whole time we'll get there. when we get there but at least this plan . is coming together because now i've got . this guy who's happily making slime. again which is awfully nice and . eventually will cut through this guy all . there's three of them did i noticed . there were three of them before but . there's three of them which is even . better because then we'll make all the . slime we could possibly want. so we should have tons and tons and tons . and tons of lime . so now i'm going to prior to oh we got . some stress guys. ruby is real stressed but not quite that . bad yet kidding there but not quite . there yet we will give it a try making a . lot of liquid conduit alright so . everything else is going pretty okay . except for completely out of power and . that's not good because we're not . producing oxygen. oh that out is how we got when we get . more algae we got 984 that just went up . all the sudden i don't know i'm not . complaining though it's like if we just . suddenly spawn morality that will be . better than what happened in the last . episode in the plastic last game session . that we had. alright so those are almost just about . done very close to the end doneness it's . about they're almost done this or so . close to being done. so close mounted a little more what are . you doing. oh no power that's what they're doing . about lab blood work we're okay good . okay now do your thing do your thing . gang do your thing you need to worry . about all that you do
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