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Alright guys i've got something i just . had it to share with you all so every . week before we film super cooper sunday . we like to pick the house up a little . bit we'll vacuum up the excess dog hair . clean up the dog toy stuff like that . this morning i collected all the dog . toys and put them in the toy basket and . it's it's borderline unbelievable how. many toys we have in this house this is . crazy so we keep the doctores over in . the bar area so underneath this counter . here we have like a fridge right here . and then there's cabinets on the other . side but in between there's a pretty . large space where there's nothing i'm . not sure what you're supposed to do with . that i don't know if you're supposed to . put like one of the little mini kegs or . something like that there but we've . decided that's the designated dog toy . basket spot check out how much this . thing is grown so originally we bought . this little basket here which has like . dog bones and tennis balls and squirrels . and stuff on it to hold all the toys now . these toys have grown into a mountain . out of the basket it's seriously three . times the size of the basket and this . thing is deep it's like three feet deep . or so i can't even actually reach the . other end of the wall and it's just . filled solid with toys this is . ridiculous like seriously guys i don't . think i've ever seen that many toys in . one spot before but anyway what's up and . welcome back to another episode of super . cooper our son hey okuu party got a hog . out of there you're already undoing what. i was trying to do are you serious . kota he's already making a mess what do . you think about that dude what do you . think coop you're crazy look at him over . there he's got such a naughty face on . right now coop come here show me show me . the pig i know you like to pick a lot . yeah oh gosh i'm getting i'm getting a . whole lot of snuffing going on right now . anyway guys today is gonna be a very fun . episode i'm actually really looking . forward to this kota what what are you . trying to do i put some new chapstick on . i don't know if that's what he's trying . to smell or what but anyway today we . have a very exciting episode and . actually kota hey kota hey kota it . involves you you're the main star of . this episode are you ready for it are . you ready for it i think you are i hope . you're willing to participate so this is . kind of an ode to a video that we did . exactly one year ago . really like 364 days ago last year. january 8 2017 we did a hide-and-go-seek . episode with cooper it was a lot of fun . it was one of the videos i was looking . forward to doing most like it was just . really really good you guys really . enjoyed it and a lot of people wanted to . see me do it with koda now i started . with cooper just because we know that . cooper is happy and excited about . everything aren't you buddy come here . come on bring the hog bring the pig good . boy he's happy he's excited he's fired . up about everything so i knew . hide-and-go-seek he would be good with. now code on the other hand you guys know . it's just a little bit lazier a little . bit more independent and like sometimes . he wants attention in love and sometimes . he just wants to be left alone and guard . the house so i don't know how . enthusiastic he's gonna be about. hide-and-seek but we're gonna find that . out today what do you think kuh is he . gonna be as good as you were is he gonna . be able to find me as quickly well you . know what just because i know that . you're gonna be all up in our business i . think we're gonna have to put you . upstairs for this video i'm sorry buddy . playing hide-and-seek with koda kind of . comes with some limitations you guys . know he doesn't go upstairs he won't . even attempt it he hates it i carried . him up there once when we originally . bought the house and he hated it so i'm . never gonna make him go up there again . so i think we're gonna take cooper . upstairs just so he doesn't interrupt . with the game so coop you ready bud come . on let's go bring the hog yep there you . go i knew that was coming bring it buddy . good boy here we go we're going upstairs . we're going upstairs all right you know . where to go up you drop them come get . him don't forget the hog goofy get it . good boy . you don't want to forget him you're . gonna have to snuggle with him for the . next like 20 minutes or so while we play . this game all right you be a good boy i . know you love it up here you love . cuddling and laying in the bed and . sleeping and napping and stuff like that . so you just stay here i'm gonna come . back and get you when the game's over . you be a good boy from now love you . buddy goodbye i always feel bad when we . have to put him away for some of these . episodes but he's just like his . personality is so in-your-face and he's . so energetic he would never let co2 . actually play the game cuz he'd be all . about trying to find me too so here we . go kota it's your time it's your time . buddy we're gonna play hide and seek . here we go . i probably shouldn't jump around too . much. you're gonna get tired alright dude so . i've got to try to think of some good . places to hide down here i think one . really good one is going to be behind . the lovesac we use this one on cooper as . well so that's gonna be a definite spot . the second one we use for cooper . downstairs was behind the toy basket i . don't know if we can't find anything . else i may use that again but i also . just cleaned up all those toys i don't . really want to rip them all out again so . we'll think about that one now over here . in the bedroom we could prob maybe in . the closet i don't want to get too crazy . because i know he's gonna have a hard . time finding us so we could maybe do in . the closet that wouldn't be a bad idea . we also always have the option of going . behind one of the doors or something . like if we closed the door like this oh . that would be a good spot i don't know . if you would find us there i think we've. got some pretty good spots that we can . work with here so coda what do you think . buddy oh man he's in his defensive spot . he's laying by the back door and . watching the front door okay here we go . are you ready do you want to play some . hide-and-seek do you think you'll be . able to find me i'll tell you what if . you find me they're gonna be treats . involved and we've got some treats here . i think they're gonna be interested in . so i've got these meatball morsels what . do you think about that buddy do those . look appetizing to you that's what i . thought okay so we're gonna bribe you . with treats . i'm gonna give you one every single time . you find me and we're gonna go get set . up in the first spot he's kind of . following me around now so i didn't even . think about this but the the treats may . don't be don't be sneaking treats the . treats may give us away more than . anything but we'll wait and see how this . happens so i think we're gonna start . easiest to hardest i would probably say . easiest is going to be behind the door . second would probably be i don't know i . want to save the love sack for laughs . cause i always feel like that one's . funny so we're gonna go behind the door . in the closet and then behind the love . sack so kota come here he's creeping on . those treats come on come here. you're gonna have to come back here this . is gonna be your hiding or your counting . spot while i go get in my spot okay come . here sit down . stay there okay let's go hide . i didn't even leave for two seconds and . look who is already peeking look at that . look at that head kota you're supposed . to be counting lay down down . good boy stay down all the way come on . dude stay no cheating . okay kota come here. [music]. cutter . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. cutter. [music]. come here hey buddies in here where are . you huh kota . [music]. oh my goodness i cannot even begin to . tell you guys how many times he went . around and around from the bathroom to . the bedroom to the bathroom to the . bedroom that was amazing khoda you . couldn't find me dude oh did i scare you . alright here we go . i told you treats we're gonna be . involved hey it's up here are you ready . are you ready hold on hold on hold on . sit and be nice . let's try to catch it okay hey that was . impressive that spot number one i . honestly thought that was gonna be the . easiest spot so we might be in for some . more laughs let's move on at to spot . number two all right guys so for spot . number two he's in the perfect counting . spot you stay right there not that i . think you were planning on moving we're . gonna go ahead and go in this he's gonna . see what bedroom are going in but i . don't know if he's gonna find us in here . i'm gonna leave it cracked a little bit . just so he has a chance of seeing us but . let's do this we've got a camera set up . right there that should be good i . couldn't cut world champs sweet i think . somebody wrote a note to me on this yeah . somebody was saying check it out because . he took some cool pictures of my jeep i . always try to save notes from people all . right so i'm gonna move this we're gonna . sit down and here try to get a little . comfortable sexy isn't half-bad . goto c'mere kota c'mere you found me . really quickly that time i messed up man . there was a crinkly bag right here i. knew that bag was gonna give us away but . hey you know what we're gonna pretend oh. gosh we're gonna pretend like it wasn't . the bag and we're gonna pretend that you. actually know the game now and you're . just really really smart right kota . right good boy i can't believe you found . us that fast. i also can't believe you walked by us . that very first time all right buddy . here we go you ready sit . can we go two for two oh we almost had . it that time all right guys let's gear . up for spot three this one is going to . be the toughest for them . the problem is i don't know where i want . him to hide or take to count for this . well i guess in the bedroom . bedroom is probably the best back come . on kota good boy you want your final . treat we'll make sure this one is worth . extra if you actually end up finding us . little does he know we're gonna give him . treats regardless come here buddy come . here now he's not supposed to but i know . one of his favorite things is to come in . here and lay on this bed come on this is . like like we don't have a problem with . dog here but we have guests come over . and obviously not everybody wants to . have dog hair all over their bed when . they come and stay the night and stuff . like that so come here . get up here there you go your favorite . spot good boy you stay right there you . you count i'm gonna go hide i'll let you . know when i'm ready okay all right now . we're gonna move the love sack out a . little. then i'm gonna get behind here i got a . couple different cameras set up i feel . like i need to flood this a little bit . hold on no no jeannie go back go back in . there that little stinker just tried to . cheat okay here we go . i think this is good i need to give . myself enough space that i can like it . to sit down behind it . i'm gonna go like this oh and then we're . gonna pull it back up on ourselves oh . okay kota come here is he gonna come . kota. [music]. kota he found me go boy look at that . smile avoid look at that oh my gosh you . are so cute dude you actually . participated i didn't think you're gonna . participate this much good move away i'm . proud of you the first one you kind of . struggle with a little bit hot the first . one was not so good but the second two . you were actually really good at good . boy oh my gosh climbing this league is . crazy . good boy i'm so proud of you buddy oh . that's my boy finally a star of a super . cooper sunday where he actually actually . took part oh gosh now we're gonna have . we're gonna have a party about it okay . well i promised you extra treats oh you . got to go outside hold on i'll give you . your treats first then you can go . outside . we've got three treats for you okay one . missed it here's number two missed it. here's number three missed it dang it . that first one must have been a fluke . but that's all right . you're hiding gamer you're seeking game . is strong now so here we go you can go . outside go do your thing . you're free oh my goodness oh my . goodness seriously though i am i am so . surprised at how good koda ended up . being it that i i was worried after the . first one when he couldn't find us . behind the door but he ended up doing . all right it's a puppy party yeah you're . finally free coop oh gosh don't lock the . cameras over holy cow guys that was . actually a lot of fun koda. koda dakota dakota stop drinking the . pool water that's saltwater dude come . here come here . dakota dakota come here you are not . supposed to drink that i don't know why . but he just has this obsession with the . pool water and it's not like you don't . want to drink salt water we can give you . normal water you always have a bowl of . normal water i don't know if you just . like the taste of the salt or what dude . but you can't drink that that can be. very very bad for you especially if you . drink too much of it okay . hey look at me are you ashamed you're . ashamed you don't even want to look at . me right now just don't drink the pool . water okay drink the normal water it's . over by the sink you know where it is . anyway guys hope you all enjoyed this . episode of super cooper sunday thank you . guys so much for watching coop you're . gonna be way more involved next week i . know this week didn't have too much of. you in it he smells all the treats that . could have dropped on the ground we'll . have to give him one as well but anyway . guys hope you all enjoyed if you did . make sure to drop a like in the video . we're gonna see you guys next week thank . you guys so much for watching we'll see . you guys later peace out . .
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