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Welcome everyone today we are back in windsor little evie down here is picking fights with swami like three times her side and they they don't like she doesn't like it and if we're not careful going to scrap live on camera but today is gonna be a big day because not only do we have a 10k egg to hatch 12 x12 you guys to have fuck i am so close so close to level font> need to get from 29 to 30 more about it which means we get a very rare i said the final new item that will never get in the game until new isis added in luck i'm very very excited that's what happens we've got loads of focus off around we've got loads of pokemon around they should be a really good day to come along with us match makes find proton yet new ice and thumbs up too excited to meet and hopefully this one together fighting this one [music] since coming in laughs windsor they prepped for christmas away that huge christmas trees are actually it was through with this no but seriously when we come back with three back home you realize our christmas tree is freaking huge tvs decided to come a window model and model barbour jackets in the barbershop as people don't buy this one you like bring loads of customers only making friends tv hi guys they have synced up very nicely because the birth pokemon capture which is just gonna be a shocking energy will give me a seven-day capture bonus which is awesome you guys may or may not know when the recent updates the add-in focuses not only hitting the post off and catch every single day on the seventh day of doing so you will get yourself got three two one preaching is not very good but it will be the 7 730 days street you get a little bonus which is for some bulky ali one handed one handed throws are going to want are they're very go hopefully i'm grateful should be enough to get one little v's meeting dog is a long time alright let's see that city nice easy capture either capture what's up let's see empty street go chat to you guys a second look at that i even more towers next video we have so so close my friends to get things that level 30 and the bonus is a good way of getting that rule of these guys who are these guys it's okay don't worry like i don't like them i talk like people swans look at them they bite those people swans right there right there luckily they've been fine if you've got a lot of two close two eggs and be really honest with you guys 5 case i just don't care about anymore it's only about two intense and need to aero dr don't get a 10k egg then i'm going to probably hunting prefer about what you do ok i kind of forget these guys can come to us with you guys will have got to be political wonderful bottom evolution the gravel i've got a geodude and i've got a problem but don't ever grab a weird when i know but la throws we postpone accurate it's absolutely crazy right leg number two opportunity kilometer list yet had the most life so many can these guys now honestly 812 cheese by 84 is not gonna feel good the 601 sitting on my second evolution but that is good anytime i get asked me to repeat rushes for ages to combat the eggs we can cap the p three king freaking kathy what is that all of our we don't want any of those guys have been a good revolution that i'm literally about it anything else here 2 k's come on give me some good luck maybe 20 probably the worst pokemon white camry waste videos into the egg keep teaching you take multiple no way absolutely to work at the final guys well what you like quite work out that would never complain about that i told you guys that have to happen and beginning goes 5 k's lined up as well so you know what folks was right so upon hundreds turned into shopping for easy and she's free and why was in the shop enjoying herself very much so if you want to think about these toys in doggy heaven right now and you know don't know what try me the state is to give you 180 sits above no evie look at me sit know it cured ya kicked out baby i got so beginning of this video is gonna happen a 10k again also level like 1130 to get a brand-new item well we've been walking all day led is absolutely captain and we are very close in fact you're warned evolution off of going over 7 30 in a brand-new item however we haven't quite walking up that pen case we got to keep all about for the moment so regard literally said one more look let's look at this we are at 683 xp specifically in 20 to 30 and take a little tino seven notes 71 not somehow to close that music and danced only dragon like water and closes the guide you bought 71. 3 colleges and hundred and ten can use was so close to your peers evolution so if i gonna say to you guys something there'd be some it is my best-ever pg i think 496 rid of all this guy wanted a revolution it will always over to level 30 the players come back here as well he's very excited she's only just get 28 unfortunately so this evolution right here should be four we need my friends piazza power thing as a first evolution evident ok girls appeared to be otter and 924 save all the best people away let's actually practice it is really good terrible caught my attention okay i think without my office has to be a good one regardless so if i click off now mmm god that was that this will give us max provides three laur jewels in the bases and a lot of freaky stuff basically it is pretty free trade we go take a look now that items final item getting the game currently important goes and brings bad for you maximize icon to use on unfortunately however is you guys may have heard me talk about before you don't intend to leave a lot of items specifically to vocalize school code steelix no sizzle we're not sure but it's gonna be added into the game to allow these evolutions orbits going to get rid of them and just be like you have to have a certain amount of candy we don't know yet but at the moment the last item you can physically get info can go is the idea of just got in there was something there to meet level 30 means that the maximum cp of what one has now been capped out and you're only reason i'm ranking out from thirty to forty deuce max rank is simply 0 to increase the maximum see people of my pokemon so if we take a look now at my journal we can see it's going to take half a million r4 million xp before i get even close to level 30 bombs in saying it also means that however go to pokemon and go way to combat however the best ones my arcanine can actually go up a little but you can right-click on my mark on buddy get paired up with only one more though is how we can do people tonight let's go to costco hot star does but 2600 exactly is now my strongest pokemon in the gables and tell the story right so i went out about myself or cotton the when i put this small acts into gym don't know where it was but he's been after like a week or two weeks without hearing a copy here it was like a random hotel where he's going that jimmy's still in that jurisdiction absolute boss if you find him if you find myself that energy tell me what color you have not been kicked out for weeks and weeks that we go back to hit level we've got eight legs incubating we're going to that 10-kilometer ev they're paying for food and he was like i don't want to leave me alone but very most guys will have a tank moment perhaps you should be awesome and fingers crossed we can get a pterodactyl so little evie here we spoil you didn't wait it's not even christmas year we've got her load of stuff going on a blanket a brand-new little code for her as well we found an isis place in the world to sit down have a little bit of food and also all suck finally finally hit level 30 my friends finally be has got not only one of the gifts we bought her today but also check this out this right here is apparently be talks so claire's gone ahead we pay for the bill we also got her this little bottle of doggie bits very cute union jack on the top you excited for this comeback is having a very fast be joining sit good girl she's absolutely love it at this view of the dog there what we've created nothing but a nice job yeah we could do this is what we offer do with ev when should we don't have a spaniel ball for her she looks like she's going to box one summer i know she's got like eight years tied up top to be getting onto the rope and she loved her first bottle of beer didn't have enough to finish it off so he's basically taking the team and bought around next doctor comes in are you going back here ok i'll take you back she wants it would give you another don't know you she's not missing back it's not gonna get this so when we going to have been it's nice and bright we come out and look how christmas he is it looks absolutely gorgeous and we getting closer and closer to christmas and it also means we get closer and closer to when claire and i need to put up the christmas tree for couple the decorations were getting there i what we put them up a little early last in red could not be before my birthday last year the christmas tree is up for a record number of months it was insane so that's two look forward two buckets what do you recommend i finally get enough distance the hatch at 10 kilometers egg you get down below what you think is gonna come out looking for an hour after i'd love to see you as well still be amazing but what do you think what do you think it's gonna come out at ten clumped egg so i thought we have to talk about our first-ever wild capture level can you guess who it is it's none other than a little even now tho level 30 and the cp macs wild pokemon is at the greatest it can possibly be this guy's 4-16 integration i've got on is the seven ninja night whenever into a freaking jolteon last episode my luck is just absolutely shocked you have ev evolutions a number of times and like you know what really the evolution and its job is always a jolteon man who get 12 that three a nice nice nice a little evie just down here for some amazing like as always our very first capitalist it i
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