Problematic Meme

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Oh hey you're not batman i'm batman i'm . batman i'm fucking batman . no i'm fucking with it i'll fuck you up . love me oh hey hey you take me to your . leader. i could all right do you want to die . stay out of this but you have to learn . the way on your own worlds and i just . search not go hey hey hey put that away . that would not teach you the way that . will not teach me the way okay open . portal for me please. i need that like beautiful you sound . like a lush full of shit alright maybe i . need to search for you god there it is . uganda has four other people in it . you fucking kidding me they need to fix . this fucking menu it's awful oh wow it's . i found the knuckles everybody the skin . of the what happened the fuck happened . wow what a great place skin of the devil . hey hello fellow ugandan great. communicating with you. show us the way okay but you have to go . wait up please . yes to face oh my god . why are beaut beaut for and raised from . uganda 2017 2017 we re into 2018 in econ . ours by right shit shit they discovered . me. oh hey where is everyone . and the high priest it says there's 400 . people on this island where is everyone . i don't know i do wait show us yes so. what's the way my god but that that's . not not cossack sonic that it's blue . this is my way that's sonny no if it's . not sonic right stand of the devil it is . oh yeah i was getting a little weird . what happened to this game man where did . it go wrong how is this a thing go get . the fuck out my way get the fuck out my . head i don't care if any of you bitch . drop dead because mike ryan is my own . damn shit yeah with my console flow and . right top with the vice sticking the . ship . oh hello everyone it's me your queen amy . winehouse i have finally come . i am the queen yes i am the queen . hey . stop spitting on me hello everyone it's . your queen i have finally returned . that's the prophecy foretold that's . right. i am amy winehouse the queen of knuckles . you are welcome back straight back . goddammit . that's the most annoying fucking place . i've ever been to that was crazy . are you my father please accept me . brother . let's go follow me cutie pie can you buy . me some robots i'm poor ok you've all . been sold okay i'm not peter actually i . know . can i get a hug thank you thank you. thank you i feel like i should stop . .
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