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i've tried being a king.. BUT I WANNA BE A QUEEEEEN!!
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Hey guys so the other day i tacked onto . the end of a video me playing a game . that i've wanted to play for ages . could sort the courts and it's a game . where you become either the king or the . queen of a land and then you have to . answer yes or no questions from people . in your kingdom and they have positive . or negative consequences and you know . what is actually pretty fun that you. guys enjoyed it too so we are back . playing this game but today i'm here new . game i'm confirming that i'm gonna lose . all of my existing save all because i . want to be the queen instead hit queen . and let's begin ah you know what the . queen still looks really upset the king . looked really upset last time so i'm . gonna try and get to day six if anything . interesting happens in the first six . days then i'll let you know i'll see . where we get to in six days starting off. with our first problem chest at the . chest he wants to eat some of our some . of our people in exchange for gold sure . let's go 100 gold for five lives well . sure espera he's back he good day madam. do you require any hunting services for . a small price let's get some people for . you um okay that was a terrible french . accent yes i would love for you to scare . oh okay maybe not that was i should have . thought about that one shouldn't i why . did you what to scare people away oh . well i'll do it disputes he says he is . way cool but his friends say he is not . do you think he is cool um his friends . say he's not cool that's that's pretty . bad if your friends say you aren't cool . then you're probably not that cool i'm . not gonna be able to see him before i . decide i'm gonna decide that he is not. cool i'm sorry . very well i should inform the friend of . the correctness oh if i could chose the . wrong thing there whoops . day one is complete population minus 6 . wealth plus 98 that's not so bad . alright the wizard is here he's just . passing through and thought you might . like some magic anything could happen. care to give it a try sure let's see . what happens yeah seems like you were . very role for you see the queen is but . good luck already i got a lot of stuff . then i'm already rolling in gold people . and happiness wait day one was complete . again okay that actually worked out way . better for me laquita is crazy out of . luck this cat seems slightly magical not . sure what at once now last time we said . yes the pancake i'm gonna say yes again . hopefully it just stays yeah it just . stays the chicken is running wild should. we capture it but yes capture it make it . stay oh wait this thing is dangerous it . is killer person why is there liable . here it's just staring at me does it . want something the old seeing-eye it . might be able to tell my future as my . reign as queen . let's press yes consumer burns wait what . no what is it. are you gonna do with a hundred golds . get out of my sights actually i need to . get out of your sight because you took . my money there's another cat as well . this one's called boots doesn't have the. best name in the world but i'm gonna say . yes to patting his belly plus one we've . got plus two cats - 100 gold a company . that i you just took that money from us . [music]. the witch is back hi witch how's it . going uh should we give them gold i know . the spirit world . always appreciates goals and it might . prevent them from haunting us in the . future you know i do have oh my goodness . 200 goals you're insane . i can't do 200 gold i'd rather lose . people than gold get out of here nothing . for now then i'll let you know if . anything changes with the spirit world . so she can let us know anyway if . anything's come in and then we can just . run away day to complete - one plus two . minus 100 the city's growing people are . happy you know that's fine we started. off pretty well and then got knocked . straight down by a straight i ball could . i trouble you for a sandwich . surely the cost of one sandwich is . nothing to a great queen like you sure . looks like you're a little bit tubby for . your body size i'm gonna give you a. sandwich anyway that's fine i'm excited . to eat this i bet you are buddy i bet . you are. one bite the whole thing is gonna go in . it's a granny hey . hello sweetie yes of course you can go . get out of here . thank you doing my grandma see you later . you better be cooking me some some kind. of nice tasty meal soon we're actually . meeting loads of people we haven't met . in the previous video so looks like . we're just playing these days as it is . the fisherman my boats too tiny to catch . many fish crabs some gold to upgrade it . i'll pay you back i swear does this guy . look trustworthy does he he doesn't even . have pupils i'm not sure if i can trust. him mind you the queen doesn't have . pupils either um i have 294 gold boats . are expensive right i'm saying yes yeah . a hundred oh you won't regret this . you'll see you know what i feel like . he's pretty trustworthy look at the. shine on his head it looks like his . head's on upside down if we flip it it . let's get out of here buddy you better . be giving me some fish later on yo this . dude is absolutely ripped and look at . that dragon tattoo amazing of a . blacksmith can i like to set up shop . here i could pay my own way . or just need your permission what do you . say absolutely go ahead buddy i'm not . gonna argue with you you will be able to . kill me in a punch he could be able to . kill me by flicking me in the forehead . ah yes i'll show you my incredible skill . you just wait go on get out here buddy . although it's you that you can spook i . would like a spooky nickname please it's. always just plus-one happiness you say . no - what happiness which i i don't want . you could be the creek queen thank you . weird man we lost a lot of money again . today this is not going well but our . happiness of population is going up the . city in the background grows as well. which is quite cool so we need to keep . an eye on that the streets should we . hire workers to clean them up i guess so . i'm spending a lot of gold now though 50 . gold isn't so bad. thank you shirley no problem no problem . it's the gesture boy may you have the . funds to do so you elongate your o's too . much so no i'm sorry - - okay that's not . so bad i need to save some god i'm sorry . get out of here buddy . come back to me in a few days oh look at . this butler m'lady there's a man in the . foyer asked him to join your guard he's . got an eyepatch looks pretty shifty you . know if he's got an eyepatch i'm letting. him in should we take a chance for this . stranger yeah sure he's got an eyepatch . come on in . maybe he's a pirate who knows we . actually gonna meet him maybe more . swords will help us do i don't even get . to meet my bodyguards well that's . definitely not him . he hasn't got an eyepatch right this is . the sultan and i'm pretty sure the . business proposition is good as long as . he hasn't changed what his business is . so i'm pressing yes i'll bring you . details soon i'm pretty sure it's a . caravan and a camel so good deal is the . skeleton any mysteries afoot i could do . some snooping for a small fee if you're . interested i need to save gold right now . i'm afraid so i'm gonna say no i'm . really sorry i was testing you all the . secrets of the universe already yes they . do i'm the queen look at my face . population one a wealth has gone down . again but we've gained 10 people that's . not so bad that was a very unproductive . day let's start a petition to ban . pineapples in the city should do it um . is this is this because of the whole . pineapple on peace of debate again is is . that the reason why i don't think so . mind you and make the people happy it's . not gonna make the queen happy but it's. gonna make the people happy so let's do . it. sure yeah why don't use cold ah the . pineapple trade will suffer but the . people demand it you know i'm losing . gold at a crazy rate right now who are . you uh you think you could tell people . to stop calling me slimeball it's . hurting my feelings winston you have a . glorious name so sure i will plus three . yes . thanks boss boss do i employ you who's . next who's walking through my door it's . you again yes what's my nickname now are . you just gonna call me the same thing . over and over again yeah you are you . know what is plus one get out of here . buddy i'll see you later see you . tomorrow for another unimaginative. nickname oh me to steal from the rich . and give to you no not just the rich . i'll still from whoever basically so . this is gonna lose happiness but gain . gold . let's risk it yes that was a good . training don't even know what hit them . perfect so i can't be blamed if you get . caught then it's your fault i gained . fifty gold let's let's do this okay . the wizards back he's ready for some . magic with his beady red eyes last time . you went well i know i'm not sure what . to do i was just gonna hit yes but it . went so well that it could possibly go . so bad i mean yes come on come on yes ha . ha the gamble paid off we do it well . already on day 5 that is green all over . the place and look how big our city is . getting in the background hey it's you . would you like to purchase any swords . for your guards a well-protected city is . a happy city i couldn't spend some money . now but a lot of swords sure 20 gold yes . i'll have a shipment of swords sent to . your barracks thanks buddy . see you later it's the spooky ghost oh . it's monsterous pity i feel like this . was bad last time he wants the same . thing no don't don't do it please . oh that's good so definitely say no to . that it has no effects um who are you . and why are all the people visiting me . french but you beale and i've come join . your court will you have me well you . kind of look like a bee princess if i . can imagine or draw a bee princess this
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