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Outro Music: Dance Of The Pixies -
Outro Image: Made By Mowpsu
Hey guys what's up dude and welcome back . to another video guys this video almost . didn't happen something horrible . happened before is horrible . okay so right before we started the . video i was moving my chair for it said . i wanted to be close to you guys i want . you to see my face so i put my hands . under the other side this year and i . closed both my fingers in the chair and . it was too late i had already started to . sit sat right on it and it crushed them . in between the metal i think it's bent . the metal and then my fingers i can't . look they're broken and then i looked at . them and they look perfectly normal . except for the fact that there's like a . hole in one of them like this . indentation like halfway i'm worried but . i don't think they're broken back they . feel ok now except for this weird pain . i'm getting to greater anti you're . opening up the gifts that we sent their . cat felix okay so guys table we will . have a link to them opening those gifts . felix opening yes you have a link to . bobbie opening against reset bobbie just . reacting to them opening up the gifts we . said bobbie. also we will have us opening the gifts . that they set cloud in them reacting to . the video of us opening them that we say . cloud yes so go check also go check out . their channels and . oh yeah that's what i've been waiting . way too long we're sorry it took so long. it almost got delayed another month . because my fingers would have to heal . alright okay so i'm just gonna full . screen this okay okay here began . sandwich man. i like kiss them would it be really . weird right now i'm not going for you . guys go up in the sandwich alright sigh . okay here we go . today's a big day why do you so tell us . because bobby got such a basic presence . which we still have right there and he's. still really heavy with the pipette . attend send another press and at this . time it's all for felix so if you guys . are excited for it makes it hit that . like button down below and really my . money for you to this tuberculin to turn . off notifications if you come that's. right guys the new burgess right here . and here it's only gonna be available . for four more days you'll get it before . the do something great you're totally . got a brain you do that do her and i'll. do him over mr. crater common link aside . the dispute below thank you so much for. this report are you ready for this felix . is here he's ready he's arrived . oh yeah by the way look how much it's . been snowing a dead bug dude we don't . have that look at this it's everywhere . dude oh he's so ready also tear before . you open it if you guys haven't seen the . package we got from parent and make sure . to check out too okay we got this card . though the other way away he's actually . like paying attention you're weird cat . felix the pet draw something again wait . he probably do something again didn't . even let me see let me see what did you . do look beautiful i think you're one of . the worst draws i've ever good you know . what good attempt you what what are you . talking about it's brilliant he's . smiling everything one of the worst my . grandfather was an artist basically a. famous artist you're all you're all. stupid dude . let's go to business cat ears dog you . later like what the crap man felix you . think your fur teeth pretty like paper . and he's been lobbing bubbles new toys . and the word you maybe get the dog there . were new for you felix he obviously just . wants to get in the box you can play . with that oh it's a present . [music]. he's out of here dude what do you want . out with it snowy you even want out this . is probably like no yep not gonna happen . is it. the first what we completely missed the . action okay what is it deeply what we . got in like so long it goes too small oh . no oh no don't ruin that scent already . ta . oh but wow how big do you guys think . feel exist . that's like bobbie could fit in that . thing at the same time thank you . oh he's gonna love that i don't know . what the crap felix is doing but it's . definitely like we have right now okay . no papi. felix gosh dude oh that's so cool though . thank you paddington he actually needed . like a new sleeping bag anyway okay next . person what is this i ran you over . business here . i knew we were gonna say it yeah it's . not even for you birthday is that a . plane toy yeah oh doesn't it sail the . peg technologies oh that's the company . you don't know start with you they need . anyway it's something that's a character . from star wars definitely i haven't . really watched star wars i know it's a. shame but i haven't we had no idea you'd . all tend to small him i don't think it . is though he's got to curl up in that . thing this is just like a cat but stick . it out with the tip right now so you got . a toy as well hope he likes you could . cuddle in your tent let's see what else . we got . what this is just like a cat but stick . it out of the tip right now cuddly in . the tent with your little toy let's see . what else we got . do you want me to open one here we go . hey i let you open the ones that i . opened not right now okay sure i didn't. want to take that one away what the crap . was that felix he's confused i'll go . insane wait i was i was supposed to open . now and now that's all right . [applause]. [music]. right now okay because i think i'm gonna . [music]. like yeah oh yeah dusty better easier oh . no oh no no i don't think it has . batteries already oh no i'm scared . [music]. [music]. that's awesome. bobby i'm holding his back legs let's . see what else they got so far . awesome presents wants to get of course . they are always good i want to do this . every day pet again let's see felix . likes it i mean it looks fun i don't . want to play a role for this one right . i'm sorry oh is it like cardboard or . something yes no don't put it on the . ground bobby will eat it . oh he likes he loves this one . he's like which one do i choose just . gonna . tear the pinkish red i got all the toys . we're gonna have to like make a playroom . for him or something web puppy can't . take his toys i think we need to do that . because it's kind of a shame yeah we had . like one of those things with that thing . at the end of bobby just each distinct . [music]. jerk maybe maybe it's like a color no . it's a because felix doesn't care about . laser pointers but bobby does i think. bobby is i love him but i think he's . doing . [applause]. felix felix doesn't care . bobbie calm down okay okay i mean he's . kind of feeling it always looks like i'd . never give you praise sometimes because . what you learn to do cuz i remember one . birthday. i stopped in shock bag stop in shower . bag thank you spider laser oh i don't . know spider a laser . oh yeah does got it phyllis awesome . [music]. at the same time yeah crazy he's . actually done have caetna fall ball so i . think he really enjoys it yeah . yeah we don't know if felix is gonna . bobby's you know artie is gonna eat it . we don't know that's why it's exciting . think it just like rawness and then it . can change them all mics so felix is . going crazy it's bad yeah we know what . about this is - he likes this way to . occupy with that please felix just . looked at this and then he just turned . around and tara - bethenny you're . capable that's awesome no gotten some . feelings hurt real nice okay one more . present than a sister. denis oswego worm with catnip we don't . have toys with kev live in denmark i've . never checked web site with humphrey to . be a father . yeah he went this is felix i'm really . scared of you when you when you're like . yeah oh yeah it's right here . [applause]. yeah i think they're just gonna stop as . well got to show that one oh my goodness . okay you pet it did he really need this . on toys man what if he just steps to . camera he's so happy dude all you look . so cute and deadly . okay let's see what else we got whole . bike took this dude i don't think i've . ever ever ended from that is playful. just like don't touch me that's next. is that catnip again oh my goodness mr. ball can't live in it . a chicken catnip and cheddar flavors she . loves the temptation we can try but . let's wait a little bit . that's cool we have some common labor - . i wonder how many captive things they . have in the us because here it's not . that everything hey one is bobby et . poppy is that felix's mouse oh buffy . laura you got your cupcake . you got your pizza and your banana but . it's all about me stuff bobby its feet . it's felix s are you trying to swallow . it oh think your mouse is a rest in . peace right now felix bobby has it oh . don't knock it down no he'll eat it - . does that have kept me beta - everything . not i think he's so confused at this . point he's like how many presents my age . plant yeah it works . oh looks like he's eating the mouse i . think he broke the system that's . probably not gonna hurt him bobby your . sword believable . dude talk ever but when it comes to . things everything is his it's just . straight-up chicken he's gonna love that . that's like luxury food right there it . looks like something humans could eat . you ain't the dog biscuits don't look at . me like that with this actual chicken i . might i might try one of those chillin . over there i think you had enough flavor . right now . oh is that just like oh yeah that's just . to play with right yep . it has captivated - i didn't realize so . many things you can't think every piece . of weights i just can't move in it yeah . it's really good for them i think but . like it's just not that we try to get . that dance and that's kind of hard so . i'm really surprised that all these toys . have it that's awesome i think he's . smelling what gave them actual packages . and i think that's for their water it . looks like mold toy yeah oh with the . sound and motion oh look this has set . bunch of calls stereo . [applause]. bobby does wait what's that that looks . so cool huh tuesday wow . i'm like i'm almost like tired now it's . so many princes this is insane oh it's a . cactus. dude he's gotta have we need to pack . those toys away and then one day at a . time you like try the different ones out . so they know we said we're just gonna . put them in this room i think so it's a . little mouse inside of a cage that's so . cute as well. is that all of them holy crap man dude . why do you guys always gotta own our . presses i know we didn't know i know . bull the bucks we didn't know it was . gonna be two huge boxes it kind of just . happened but luckily they gave us . amazing gifts oh thank you so much we're . sorry that we gave you a lot more of . them you couldn't help it but we love . you you guys send us all presents and . you just blow us off the water . it's okay puppy we still love everybody. the present me you're a good dog . it's just that sometimes you don't want . to share and that's okay i want to say . something felix . thank you so much petitte in for the . awesome recipe i don't know who we're . gonna give presage to next time if the . next time you're in ostia would always . like crazy so t is wearing jit it takes . three weeks to send something to denmark . right oh there's some fabulous bears . right now yes way to you'll always like . presents. solty is wearing jeans brand new . clothing line right there if you want to . catch them link will be down in the . description below we will also have . links for their video where they opened . up our presents and also their reaction . of us opening up everything all those . videos will be down the description . below including james clothing line we . love you guys thank you parenting love . you guys who loves them dude felix it's . gonna be to let the cat we love you all. the we'll talk to you guys so once again . oh no i'm doing where did it wrong x . when they're on the what's the show . america's got talent . go check out all the videos down below . and thank you so much the creator in . tier once again thank you and we love . you all goodbye your own an entirely . good video red egg yes very thankful . right i'm very loving i love you again . [music]. you. [music]. .
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