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Caption: [applause]. [music]. [applause]. what's up dudes it's pat and welcome . back to another minecraft video so today . dudes we are reacting to fan nations . okay we said it with high five let's do . it again oh yeah guys you're gonna want . to subscribe for that so basically we're . gonna be watching fan made animations . thank you to every single one of you . guys that made these yeah we love and . appreciate you all that's right we love . you all our buddies amination y ti . totally wrote this down made a new . credit christmas animation for us and i . was like why don't we just react to a . bunch of fan made animation i know . there's so many cool ones so it is gonna. be epic news if you love these be sure . to smash that subscribe button also . leave a comment down below right down . over there i'm gonna be replying to a . bunch you guys to do appreciate your . amazing support and also subscribe to . sama nation they make amazing animations . we have a very very big announcement to . announce which pat is going to announce . right now all right i've got this guy's . i've gotten it so basically we are gonna . be having another fan made animation . contest with prizes it's probably $100 . for the winner please please read them . because i might mess this up when i'm . talking about it so i thought it would . cool way to actually set this up . normally you guys send me the animations . i'm so unorganized it takes me five . months to figure out so what we're gonna . do is you guys are just gonna post it on . youtube . and you're gonna put in the title . hashtag pat animation youtube contest . okay. that's why no one else you're gonna have . to type that in and then when i tempura . it i'll fire them all move through the . animation you guys will vote on the . winner it'll be a lot of fun but . basically we're gonna have some fun . today guys definitely subscribed we're . gonna watch sexy beast right there that . is one hunk of a man i know i look at . him no mouth but i just want to kiss him . oh this one's animation i put him first . because he made this for us so yeah . we're gonna watch these . let's go what's up dudes it's pat and . welcome back to hide-and-seek so today . they're celebrating christmas with a . brand new map we have never hidden on . before chocolate-covered jen you . thinking about selling chocolate jen i . just saw something i did . what do you see something happen . no it's other dimension i don't know . teleported to another dimension. what happened no we went through a . dimension happy holidays happy day happy . life happy . [music]. okay that was the first one no idea . they're all a random order now and i . made sure to go through and find a . christmas animation another one there. was only one other one i could find it . looks really weird it was from like a . really sketchy looking channel i don't . think it was fan-made but it was . christmas so i picked . okay i'm ready for this every time my . normal weight found it deeper than . normal weight look uh - effect it's so . highly. i miss it here one more time oh i can't . do it. hey dudes it's pat and welcome back to . another video . i say that was a weird map we went. through and we had no fee it was like . we're saying did we say the video or not . so i guess what we're gonna be doing is . we're gonna be going through like . questions it's gonna ask us kidnappers . that called is like if you want your . child back you must give me five million . dollars that's what you sound like he . said in a series which could have. happened a long time ago so you have to . remember the words we said back in the . day sounds so cool so apparently they . said some really odd things it's gonna . be really weird weird questions coming. it should be a lot of fun i'm in game . mode too cuz the rule said to do that . now i can't wrap the head i made rather . the girl voice . [music]. rocket to space lucky block roofs what . was pat's hash check oh god they're all . hashtags okay wait this isn't hashtags . i think it mean to say hashtag alright . it's too late to turn back now . i am foxy now okay okay fine be amazing . we would truly appreciate it we love you. all and we will see you next time . that was so weird. what did they do wrong voices okay . we do dance in the top-left killed your . mustache explained to me on camera this . time exactly the noises you hear trying . to pick things that happen before the . [music]. would you like to explain why do you . want to do this to me . are you can reminisce about the old days. i know i don't know like how you look . you look cool sure alright that's . because you're trying to embarrass me in . front of all my friends 13 friends okay . [music]. i'm harmonizing with myself you don't . have friends guys i apologize . is there something epic you could spawn . him down here oh my god there's so many . holes in here this might not go well . we're back to me that did not go well . for you well again i just the plot is . still happening no we're gonna have to . add. [laughter]. [music]. [music]. [music]. this moment come up so much for you just . stop talking so watch this bar now to . talking too much . [music]. wolverine's yellow yellow look to it . okay and finally it's the hole so sorry . you looked really cute at that one huh . jen i'm so glad i found you i was . looking for ufc games please do it i . want to tell you i was so sorry about . what happened yesterday you mean when . you slap me in the face i know i'm . really really sorry it's just i didn't . want to tell you the truth what's the . truth i want to be with you okay this is . the really weird one that i found that . came from a sketchy looking jail it's a . christmas in the title with her there . was actual christmas or not it was like . one of those shells like trying to get . like gears off other people's stuff so i . short isaac then we should be able to . use their content for something . [music]. still do the dog dog dog okay let's dive . in minecart you know this year's are the . weird thumbnails this is one of those . damn movie okay oh he's beautiful. [applause]. no idea what i'm watching is ridiculous . [applause]. my life. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. some faces gorgeous why don't we do that . so much ghoul were you stupid animal oh . nice . i don't even know what this is from this . much ice it must have been huge the ship . could go down no no we should go back . carolyn my mom should know are you sure . that's a good idea they might go after . me this thing could be shipping today . bye jenny . all right so what we do is we open ducky . blocks oh no it's the one that haunts . you your whole life if we don't attack . each other within 7 minutes video is . filled with all my most embarrassing. moments i know i'm so sorry match we're . not allowed to use a chance to go to . napa so you put a lot of pressure on it . now i apologize or um those things does . potions for potions because they're over . penis look on your face you're so happy. here. [laughter]. edit that out it was to party of a . mistake what happened again i'm never . ever explaining the rules again that's . the last time so if you're confused what . jen meant to say it was openness opie. and ess jackie messed up this is where . sever rage at video you hit me when i . was pouring or dropping it was a dropper . you tell us really my voice sir yes well . i am so much i couldn't even speak i'm . good i don't know why don't you go with . the place dude what's she doing oh my. god what are you doing leave me alone . i'm gonna jump up here jump i will if . you jump all job i can't take this . anymore. what's wrong i'm taking off my boots . right now if you jump off me oh god you . know we can't really do it in a real . toilet so break it so i put this little . tiny. a few moments later it was a huge batch . jam recipes padua they never did the . coke and mentos experiment ever again . there's the last of it there's a mess . everywhere guys it was horrible blitz . alleys over i know there were so many . for gentling all their worst moments in . this one i'm so sorry but dudes i hope . you enjoyed the video if you did . subscribe to our youtube channel beat a . ton of fun making it once again new . contest is happening and guys definitely . subscribe to our youtube channel i'll be . coming to a bunch but love you all we . hope you all have an epic day and also . happy holidays you guys i know they just. happened thank you so much for watching . and we'll see you next time . [music]. you. .

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