Ready Player One Angry Movie Review [SXSW 2018 – NO SPOILERS!]

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Non-Spoiler Review! AngryJoe, Alex & Erica got the opportunity to see the World Premiere of Ready Player One in Joe's Hometown of Austin, Texas during SXSW! So what does this Gamer think of this gaming film by Steven Spielberg? Does it do its subject matter and book Justice? Find out!
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[music]. oh my god we just got back from ready . player one the and and i'm like probably . the first one to have a review out this . is super exciting i've actually never . gotten in front of everybody. it's because they came to austin texas . my hometown south by southwest . they had steven spielberg there they had . much the entire cast it was it was an . awesome event i don't know i was the . sort of the hype i didn't want to get . this this hype you know i was like i. want to stay objective here i was like . okay you know this is great seeing . steven spielberg one of my idols you . know you wanted to be a director you . know for a long period in my life and so . getting to meet hammond and see him like . in front of my face was awesome so i had . not to let that you know change my . opinion of the film and i gotta say . there was even some technical . difficulties during the climax of the . film which i think actually ends up . making it better i'll share that story . with you later but this is going to be a . non spoiler review for ready player one. because this was the first time an . audience outside the studio got to see . it yeah i mean there was family members . of even the cast members behind us which . i didn't realized the main characters. from austin's yes an austin garrison - . yes so austin just representing i'm so . happy that they had the premiere here um . that he asked us hey you know try not to . spread i mean don't be this is almost a . month early and there are some really . good surprises in here and some spoilers . and stuff so we usually do a spoiler . section i'm gonna hold that sport we . will do one but i'm holding it until the . film actually releases so this is a . non-spoiler review and i'll share a . little bit of the opening sort of q&a . like steven introducing the film and . stuff like that and then later on share . a q&a with the audience that they had . afterwards so whole lot of extra content . here for you today because they came to . austin but brasstacks does you know . do game films they're friggin awful . they're terrible they have bad. reputation industry butter a no that's a . guilty pleasure love rolls you guilty . pleasure i love mortal kombat and by the . way boy mortal kombat and ok so goddamn . it alright however your gay movies oh . well they're terrible you're awful but . basically this is one of the best no . this is the best in my opinion the best . video game movie i've seen and it's not . just video games it's a wonderful love . letter from mr. spielberg to pop culture. to gaming to my childhood even to some . of his films yeah and i just had a great . experience watching this thing it is . you're probably gonna hear this a lot . but it is so much fun and the reason . being is because it feels like a video . game but not in you know how critics use . that as a bad word some jealous this is . a video game you know when they're . watching a movie like it's a bad thing . and in those cases it is but here it's . actually a good thing this is an . extended video game cutscene which is . always an insult but with steven. spielberg it's a it's a compliment it is . you know every gamer should see this . film if you're a gamer go out and see . this thing i'm already giving it a . badass seal of approval okay right up . right up front i'll give you my final . verdict where it ends up and i'm giving . bad a seal of approvals to seixas nines . to tens but i do think of your gamer you . should go out and see this film it's got . so much to satisfy your soul pretty much . anybody can enjoy this movie yeah not. just gamers bit so we have the round . table of opinions here alex has seen the . book or not look yes i've seen it then . he opened it and then read the words. inside some of . and listen to the audiobook which i hear . is also really really good . which steven spielberg's wife has also . read apparently which kind of pushed him . to to you know do the film and i haven't . read the book at all you know nothing . about it . i saw the trailers and i was like mm-hmm . you know me the reference this is gonna . be the member barry's the movie remember . this you remember dad and it kind of is . that a little bit but it's done in the . right way that's what it's very tasteful . if you read the book i was actually so . worried about the trailer when it came . out because i did read the book and i . recognized nothing in the trailer it's . like i don't remember any of this like . none of this is in the book there's some . there's a couples cutscenes where yeah . they had to include cuz it's a really . important part of the story but there's . a lot of the trailers like none of this . is here like nothing at all. are you serious so so this movie without . spoilers is much different from it was . something that you know they talked a . little bit about the q&a that they . wanted to make sure that it's a . different medium and so you can't just . go i'm gonna make up take this book and . translate it directly into a movie page . 4 page worth word because and they . specifically said this is where. hollywood fails. mm-hmm and so everyone had nothing but . good things to say about spielberg i . mean mainly cuz he was there but . everybody was wrong yeah because they . said look he made sure that the buddy . like the the translating into a movie. was something that was really important . yeah and you know you also have a . different perspective you read the book . okay and you have you played a lot of . the more recent video games that were . shown off do you think this film stands . on its own separate from the book or the . video game as it's just a movie watcher . yes i saw a whole lot of things that you . know you can reference from the 80s . movies back into you know nowadays . there's an overwatch character in it . that most of the people who play the . game they're gonna be extremely excited . to see running about but it was . really cool it's very well done honestly . as the gamer as somebody who loves . action as somebody who loves a lot of . these you know sequences i was worried. that you know they would sort of use it . and throw it away and in a disingenuous . way but here it felt like it was a . loving way it's almost as if spielberg . was a gamer himself and sort of but i . well he actually did say i play video . games since he may be 1974 he was . jumping jaws yeah he was playing pong . yeah and like that was something that is . really important to somebody again . culturally and and it's not just that he. said that right and i'm eating it up as . a line that he's giving me but i'm . telling you as a gamer i can feel that . translate to the screen unlike a lot of . other movies where you see these types . of references and you feel it doesn't . translate well so okay but let how about . this let's talk about the fact that . because they are in the oasis which is . this you know virtual reality world . essentially let's talk about the cgi how . did you feel about a lot of the cgi in . the film you know it was a lot in the . beginning i was worried that it was just . gonna be something that the entire movie . was gonna be like that but after . probably 10-15 minutes i just didn't . even notice it i mean you know that it's . cgi but you stopped caring there was a . couple scenes where it's almost . gratuitous we really need like this much . these are there's many effects i mean . other than it looking cool but they did . a lot of interesting things with with . moving the camera or like just the point . of view in the cg that i felt if you . have vertigo you can't watch this the . first half-hour in this movie you can't . no it's not that bad no it forum no it's . not that bad it's done where i can see . stuff like whereas resident evil . extinction will move the camera and do . stupid that you can't see here i can . feel he's doing things that he wouldn't. normally be able to do if the entire . film was live-action he wanted to play . in this video game space where a lot of . video game cinematics play with what . they do in the movie space and it felt. like this great sort of you know . turn back back and forth and and that . stephen was spielberg was feeling. comfortable in this area and sort of . paying homage to what videogames can do . and going a little more grandiose so in . my opinion all the cgi was fantastic it . was great-looking it was on the level as . for me avatar i feel a lot of avatar in . this film but actually liked this film . better than avatar that's how much i . liked it and it might have be the . nostalgia might be all the gaming it . might be all the franchise's that was . getting to me but i do think it was a . good story too but what did what did you . feel about the cgi like really cool . things like when they're you know . spinning around dancing the effects and. then you know they turn the camera this . way and you're just like wow you know . honestly i wouldn't have seen that done . very well in other movies yeah it hasn't . been done or way it has been done but . but yeah sometimes it can it can get . screwed up but it's not screwed up here . and i will say this do you think that . before watching this series we'll see if . you agree these characters i was like . this guy looks stupid and this character. you with the big eyes and the small . mouth they trying to do an avatar thing . and all the individual characters they . were putting him in these like nostalgia . posters and i was like these characters. are gonna be dumb i'm just gonna hate . the way they look but over time as i was . launching the film it wouldn't be over . like i didn't hate the character designs . like i expected that i would and i think . that's because of the good characters . behind those design they did a whole lot . of good story building behind it so you . can see why they chose how they looked. in the game like oh yes you know they . had two differe
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