Roblox Adventures – SLIDE BOX RACING TOURNAMENT! (Ultimate Box Racing)

In today's Roblox Adventure, The Pals try the Slide Box racing tournament in the Ultimate Box Racing gamemode in Roblox!
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What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore ROBLOX β€” interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player is also given their own piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox with which to design and build anything β€” be it a navigable skyscraper, a working helicopter, a giant pinball machine, a multiplayer β€œCapture the Flag” game or some other, yet-to-be-dreamed-up creation. There is no cost for this first plot of virtual land. By participating and by building cool stuff, ROBLOX members can earn specialty badges as well as ROBLOX dollars (β€œROBUX”). In turn, they can shop the online catalog to purchase avatar clothing and accessories as well as premium building materials, interactive components, and working mechanisms.
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Caption: Get the brand new pals holiday package . now available at dennis daily. com you . don't know me boy . well maybe i knew i was your father you . just don't even know you think as you . know me but you doesn't a competition . are you just talking to me you come up . in my face no it's me who somehow alive . it's me coral what coral what are you. doing you know mario costume and the . costume i got plastic surgery to look . like my favorite italian it's not a . smart investment coral then why did you. do that say that to all the movie offers . i've gone for live-action mario okay . well we're gonna race down here you're . gonna spawn the blue spinner i'm . responding okay benna all right all . right well i like it . well i don't there is okay yes i'm . sitting on mine too . here we go apparently i'm in a box on . top of a spin i'll see you later - . scooby i'm gonna beat you baby no he has . two boxes this is a bad one so did you - . i didn't touch you boy on my screen. that's why i died you one coil it looks . like i've i've mario has one round i'm . still going brother i'm not dead yet i . gotta keep flying this to the ceiling. coral you already won stop rubbing it in . sure but i gotta get to the end scoopy i . gotta get to the end i gotta i gotta . keep going all right fuck when you see . me again. i'll be a changed man a changed man my . goodness yes what does that mean scalpel . you'll see you'll see don't worry about . it i sure hope so i hope i see a . glorious transition my box is freaking . out dude i'm doing constant slippage i'm . doing constant tricks up it now i'm dead. super dude i have decided that the . reason why you were so successful in . that race is because you had plastic . surgery so i also had . plastic surgery and now i will win i win. okay i am this team okay well here's . mario is better than steve we need a . cart we know we need a countdown we need . a countdown to spawn boxes already me . three two one zero . one go okay here we go you spawn in . front of me we're deep valley mo where . these box please please yes no my box . disappeared man you to win that let's . sucked that that was lame what the heck . was that my box just despard i got a . resync okay rematch rematch to everyman . rematch. remax raisers i need to get new plastic . surgery now though because i can't be . looking like this on the field . spongebob field spider man spongebob. with hair and spider-man whatever it's . perfect alright these ones the pose is . 1k 3 2 1 go this animal do you see this . guy but what there no please yeah okay . this is a good why are you with so many . boxes scoopy i don't because this guy . spammed it i don't know i can't believe . him why would he i'm winning you want . but that's if you survive that is . because i'm catching up dude i see you i. see you i'm going up i'm catching no i'm . dead i'm dead i'm dead i'm dead no come . on we need a good race things i've been . da me copy i know it's hard to get a . good race in this time dom racers a good . race this race my gonna be steven steven . minecraft steven minecraft steve alright . what is this guys spamming so many . because they're jerks dude okay so far . this box farthest okay alright alright . this guy needs to move yeah they get out . where e21 go oh perfect . ok ok ok nails it wait for it where is . it i don't know it's company there it is . here we go home oh jeez . go go go scooby we going oh man i'm . taking scoopy baby . scooby baby don't be so sure . i'm coming in for the rebound oh you . will be . oh my goodness you're so close yeah you . still reckon you're still get you . gaining on me boy too bad the minions. too fast for its own you know the minion . night it has some major flaws that you . just don't know don't know it don't ya . do the me i do dominion be perfect . lovely a peeper big bore ketchup . it's a creeper the the emoji box is a. creeper wait for it oh no i just got hit . back that was devastating oh no water . from that i got help for words about . beautiful gazelle oh please why they . call me gazelle minecrafts you're . getting lucky dude yeah i know i'm. getting good i'm letting my skill do all . the work sweetheart what do you mean you . were both not even touch yes okay okay . guys like shadow boy how drinks . you just gotta know the truth i hope you . i hope you fall to your death baby no . way how are you doing so fast right now . dog oh goodness . that was like a photo finish i don't . know who won first oh my goodness that. was crazy . i don't know i'm never gonna top . anything like that in my entire life . goodness scooby that was incredibly. crazy now i'm just gonna go bald i gotta . get all the hair off my body my . experiment if machs food if you buy . stuff in this game you have to leave the . game to get it i think that's . that's stupid ethan gamer tvs yeah . what's he up to these days what duties . he's just making videos i guess he's . living the life he's living his eeg tv . lifestyle. okay scoopy skies nice spawn the . farthest back crate in three two one go . oh i missed and i stopped i'm gonna be a . little bit behind but that's okay we go . here we go here we go boy here we go on . long oh . i mean okay i spawned right no okay oh . please please don't mess me up lady . oh she mess me up i knew it no you have . to believe in tubes you can come back . from this here we go how are you going . so fast again rainbow box dude that's . all it takes. doc what are you always doing i'm just . doing the methods doing the strategies. you know how it be that's incredible oh . incredible. okay you'll be good here we go oh we got . we on the side i'm going high i'm going . fast not as fast as me don't no i'm not . you're going way faster than me i'm . slowing down rapidly i'm about to hit a . pig incline don't baby boy give me some . chocolate shake for this speed i'm . already in the funnel dude you're in the . funnel. are you seriously already in the funnel. ben the funnel dude dang ok i can't be . ok i'm fine oh you didn't make it okay . this is my chance this is my chance dude . i made it i made it i flew so fast and . so high okay no i fell i fell to my . death . crap we both lost i might as well wear . doughnuts that's a loss okay . don't we all right don't say don't you . say mom man respect yourself respect . yourself man you a respect yourself . that's sweden who will then who will. buddy are you spamming i'm spawning all . these boxes in cool i didn't wanna . yeah okay i'm gonna go into the one . behind you then i get the rainbow is . really really fast so are they different . really good are they different speeds. they can't i have no idea i have no idea . sweet jump brother yes thank you . we did a sweet jump too bro no no no i'm . stuck oh no you got left behind you in . the dust baby. please somebody send a rap down i need . something you ain't nothing but memories . oh i see crate oh that book that way . dude just hit me off the track . oh dang you having a wild ride over . there i'm in the funnel i'm in that . funnel game the funnel gang alright you . win core oh good job ya win and i'm . gonna go all the way to the end on this . one i can feel it in my blood my little . robloxian blood i can feel it it's. pulsing and surging know what you mean. bro. i know it's mean here we go - after the . - you don't feel it only champions feel . it. you're right no but you can get there i . do believe in you i shouldn't have been . made this way okay i don't know dude i'm . going through i'm going through space . right i'm going through like a black . hole wow you're so cool by the way we're . going with you where we finished before . isn't the finish it's not no there's . more. i didn't know you just sucked why did we . make it. i don't know dawg we just we're just . garbage we just garbage dawg okay i make . i'm so close to it i can see the end . scoop i'm going to be the true champion . do it do it cold i do way back little . bears are standing here and i've got oh . my goodness i've got like the biggest . job ever coming up. you can make to do. [music]. i made it i made it all the way to the . end big baby boy oh yes . is there a teleport yeah dude okay i'm . gonna okay you wait there i'll be right . back . i mean what are you talking about just . don't worry . wait there okay me wait all right dog . i'm coming i got you god i'm coming i'm . collecting all night wait anywhere i . know you would you're gonna be so. jealous of me know what what you're just . gonna wait around if you're just gonna . be a jerk no no no no no no no no no . you're not fat jerk i would never be a . jerk to you baby and then i'm gonna turn . into mm okay you're gonna be pretty . surprised okay hello mario it's me llama . dog all right you need to help me make . it to the end coil you need to be my eye . in the sky horse you protect me . at all times this guy's gonna steal my. box how dare you don't steal steal your . box boy stealing man i'll steal this now . like i love dog on a motorbike scoopy . i'm gonna ride the motorbike down here. with you yes you just gotta catch up . oh a dog does not go fast at all it's . not that that was probably a mistake . it's not speedy that's for sure speeds . oh man okay i've got a grenade launcher . these days though what you got a grenade . launcher why don't you get a grenade . launcher . cuz i'm incredible no i know who you are. cute pretty you're pretty okay you don't . know me boy well maybe i knew i was your . father you just don't even know you . think as you know me but you doesn't . well-put son yeah yeah dad i know i'm a . bit of a wordsmith . okay can you send me down some boxes i . haven't got any and i don't want to die . cuz i'll have to give up all my cool . rewards dude i'm alive i'm still going . i'm still going i'm slowly flying but oh . there's a box here if i can push it out . and then get in i'm going 300 miles ph . right now. this three or four hundred three hundred . what is happening pa no okay crap crap . that did not work okay oh i'm losing . speed oh it's good weird space oh i'm . gonna make it dude that space part is . what i'm gonna make good speaking about . scoopy send me down a box i'm gonna get . there when i get there i'm actually . going pretty fast right now . well wow wow are you close to the end . when you see the squid no no i'm not . close to their heads i don't have a box . dude i'm just like walking down no i . said when when you get to the squid he's . close to the end yes yes i see the end . you are closely and when you're a squid . know what's wrong i missed i missed the . last jump . mm i'll send a bunch of i'll send a . bunch of things down for you no i'm so . fun i'm like at the lava like the first . alarm oh my goodness i may come down . forever to get here i'm gonna i'm gonna . save you because save you buddy . you can't save me scoop i'm i can i'm . i'm not even i didn't even clicked it. what okay i just died no so open sends . you back to the back here that's that's . ciock but is siiiick boy gonna be a . rainbow dog and i will go back to the . start okay scoop i want to race you one . where are you okay i will come back the . start if you want to race me yes yes . homes yeah yes they will be nice very . nice oh there you are okay spot we're . gonna ride on these fidgets spinners . spawn your spinner quick spawn your . spider like you got your head star . imperfect you take the red one you take . the blue one you take the blue one you . take the blue one what's the one that . one okay coop we got okay i'm going i'm . going what your game is colorful dog i . love down. i loaded that one with explosives you . you imbecile how could you do this i'm . the sneakiest rainbow dog oh poor him . i've just passed you boy . i knew i'd pass you with my don't worry. changey oh that kind of change oh yeah i . still hitting me why is he just there oh . well that sucks that sucks with a . capital s i had a teacher in like the . sixth grade and i was like oh man that . sucks and she's like huh who said that . who said that and i was like what sucks . and she's like stop saying that i'm like . why she's like that is a swear in this . classroom no it's not i was like um i . was like lady you're crazy like you're a . crazy lady and i don't know nothing i . said you know what that sucks lady cuz . i'm gonna keep saying i didn't say that. that would have been awful i bet my . momentum okay i have been going 300 . miles per hour for if no i'm coming for . you now boy i'm flying high i'm coming . for you you failed i might make it i . might make it oh i might know i might . make it sugarplum princess i hope you . die a horrible death and you never make . it ever well that's just that's just a . nice no i did die i'm died yes i'm not. alone crap crap crap crap. you know what sketch i'm done with this. i'm done with this life it's over oh my . goodness it's over by the pals holiday . merch it's going to be incredible. .

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