Roblox… PLEASE make him STOP.

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Today we play Rust_010's newest game about me.. you guys can explore this game yourself since this one has 3 people per server. Comment if you find anything that I missed in this video lol this stuff is tricky.
Hello ladies and gentlemen it is your . boy poo poo pee pee pee man that is my . new youtube name from now on please . address me as that if you're a long time . poo poo pee pee man subscriber you can. probably tell what name i'm preston i'm . playing just by this stupid ringing . noise okay so yeah obviously this is . just another rust video what could be . new what could possibly new in this one . albert into that i say my name is not . albert it's poo poo pee pee man please . respect my new name alright so . apparently rust has made a new game if . you're unaware if you're really new to . this channel and you don't know it about . any of this my real name's albert not . poo poo pee pee monster whatever see . this little like a adopt and raise a . cute baby looking looking baby thing . this guy rust a zero one zero has been . making a lot of really creepy games . completely directed at me and like . almost kind of threatening me if you . play through all these games i die it . shows me dying in most of these so he. has come out with a new came happy that . let's try this one so the other ones . were called smile the other ones were . called uh they all just had a bunch of . weird names this one is just called . happy also if you don't know i have to . be really careful i'm like because . there's gonna be like multiple other . people in the game with me and rust like . he makes accounts he makes these very . believable accounts and just follows me . around like it just looks like l just . like i look like a normal account but . it's really just something he made to . spy on me like this guy jimmy biscuit 74 . i played one of russ games with this guy . for like an hour and it turned out he . was rust the whole time so my life sucks . basically let's just get into this. remember to say happy what what do you . want so this is the new game oh jeez was . that sword at four six nine okay hello . why isn't anybody talking to me oh jeez . what hey well what is this stop kissing . my ma'am oh geez . hey i don't like this one this one's . really weird ah oh my god . oh what is that thing wow i kissed it . okay you guys kiss it too okay good good . whoa geez so there's a really good . chance that one of these guys is about . stop there's a really good chance that . one of these guys are rust . yeah because okay well that guy left oh . no oh what if this guy is actually rust . hohoho from here you can't see his shoes . so it kind of looks like this guy's like . a midget or something why did that guy . just randomly leave did he get kicked. out so this guy could get in see like i . don't know any of these things i don't . trust either of you i'm getting out of . here i'm out all right if you've ever . played rust like original smile game . it's a lot like this one except this one . is a little scarier has more stupid . spooks oh dear hello oh where are you . going looks like we got your corner too . you big idiot it appears right behind . okay yeah maybe it likes me i don't know . what's this sword for 69 wow you sure oh . my god what was that i am going back . over there and finding out what that was . okay there's the thing again oh did it . fall down okay okay so this game has a . bunch of fake people in it so that's . great and now i have lost my comrades i . have no idea where anybody is oh wait . what's this i see something oh no what . are the computers from earlier i don't . know what to do here i'll sit on it . press o to begin using oh what's this . void what is this what have i found wait. let me go to globe pictures of cute . kittens please cheer me up . no pictures of sonic and obama kissing . i was really hoping that one would work . i guess we click this now what's that 4 . 5 6 8 - is that my phone number or . something what is this trying to tell me . sorry i don't speak nerd i don't know . what any of this means what does this . mean okay i want everybody to write all . these numbers down and tell me what do . these mean i sure wish i had my little . homeboys over here now it won't let me . back on the computer my computer time is . over my parents kicked me off oh geez . hey okay so we found one little mystery . spook what do those numbers mean when i . first started this series that you guys . helped me with like pretty much . everything so i need you guys to help me . with this one because you guys could . like play this one together so what do . those numbers mean maybe it's like a . code that i have to enter somewhere by i . literally like i have no idea . rust is mad with me it is playing with . you right now i think it is the guy . named sword hi . i know i know three secrets about the . rust is this like one of those buzzfeed . videos do not look behind you i should . have listened okay well apparently this . guy found something that isn't the . computer so uh well sword. i am already very suspicious of you you. probably created this game . wait hey i think i found it i think i . might have found oh what is this no . don't touch it don't do not touch it . don't sit there oh geez we can . communicate through morse code through . clicking the flashlight xbee sword you . know i'm starting to think you're not . rusted i'm sorry to think you're just . some random kid we can hear each other's . locations that's actually that's. actually a really good idea if we get . lost we can just we can just click away . okay if we get lost click hey hey wait . hey buddy i think i found you your alter . ego what what it's you . it's you as a girl it's the hot version . of you wow . it's wearing your clothes wait it is she . stole my swag hey oh it's coming back . it's like a crab that is disgusting it's . wearing his head his name but my clothes . that's not yeah you think this is a new . dance move that all the kids are doing . look you can see my swag belongs to her . now oh okay . look we found somebody hey we found . someone alright so i just told her if . she gets lost start clicking your . flashlight so we can hear you that's . actually a really good idea this guy . head oh god that one really weight in my . face okay so we found the computer again . i wonder if these guys like maybe these . guys know what these numbers mean thanks . or thing use that brain we've always . been taught one that's really weird yeah . you probably made this game weirdo oh no . cute bunny no cute don't look don't . don't look wow there we go . is that your son what what kind of . question is that . yeah i gave birth to him he's my son do . you hate him because he isn't creepy . what do you mean yeah i gave birth to . him and he as soon as he was born his . first words were and then i kicked them. out and threw him into this forest and . that now is he is haunting us are these . trees what do you think you keep asking . the dumbest questions first you asked me . if i gave birth to that thing and now . this are you really gonna smack concern . about the trees do you inspect every . single one of them you're like my dog . when i take my dog for a walk and my . dogs dead so what does that say about . you to clarify i don't take my dead dog. on the walk i don't drag its dead body . on a leash that be very very weird . i meant my dog i never my let me explain . myself to you guys i swear underneath a . tree i saw a one . what does that mean see this is why i'm . very like i don't trust this sword guy . at all he just came up with that random . piece of information as if he created . the game is your screams doing that - . doing what . oh god okay glitching no wait what do . you mean glitching and lacking oh god i . am what we no no no no if you guys leave . i'll be alone . it's like disappearing and reappearing. steady two buddies lagging really bad . right now i'm watching yeah this is . sketchy yeah this is sketchy wow okay . he's like walking sideways in a very. specific direction this is getting a . little weird i don't know what he's . doing oh and he's dead . oh he's doing that thing again he's just . walking sideways what's wrong with you . what's happening sword oh what happened . to you it keeps making me go in one . direction where his sword did somebody . say one direction so i think what he . said he saw a number it was like under . this part of the tree alright they're . saying it's behind me so i'm just gonna . wow okay there we go so i think that's . where we're gonna call it me in the . squad today sword 4 6 9 cute bunny 9 . million i have a weird feeling about . this sword guy cute bunny over here i'm . sure she has a normal person rust might . add more stuff in the game later so . basically what he does the way rust does . this is he'll add like a bunch of things. like this computer and like that weird . weird chair like with blood under it . it's like somebody sat down on that . chair and had bloody diarrhea something . like that and then in like a week he'll . update this i just add like a scene of . like me dying like my character actually . being killed by someone like it gets . weirder and weirder every week so uh let . me know if you guys want me to keep you . guys updated on this one these are . literally like my favorite types of . videos to do because i don't know rust . like as i was saying um i don't know who . rust 0 1 0 is we do talk on the . instant messenger like i'll ask him like . hey when is the next thing playable oh . yeah like a couple weeks ago i asked him . he said someone is watching me or . something. then he says maybe yes yes . runtime error - rebooting rebooting this . has been a very weird night for me rust . it's like he keeps making these games. and he keeps making them even creepier . like he's literally working on one of . them right now but i just kind of want . some help finding out all the secrets so . it's happy by rusty r10 again i i don't . benefit from you playing this although . guys let me know what you think i'll . keep you guys updated i promise i swear . on everything boy . .
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