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Caption: [music]. [music]. oh i can feel the baby coming jesus . christ ever delivered a baby before why . are we on the helicopter pad can you . deliver this baby already or what look . no i do what i'm doing okay okay don't . go dude they come out of here you're . doing a terrible job . get somebody else i hate you no no . what's that sir meows a lot you think . you can deliver this baby . [music]. [music]. oh my god he's actually gonna do it no . no no. [music]. [music]. he's beautiful. thank you sir bounce-alot no no and so . as the baby grew up in the prison in . everlasting friendship between him and . sir me out a lot was fought the boy grew . up to be kind of an idiot but alas he . was the cat's best friend and his name . was dennis. [music]. growth your total loser and i hate you . get out of my face you know what sir . meows a lot today's the day i'm asking . her out mio mio mio mio i mean yeah . she'll probably say no but i mean i . might as well try hey beth oh my god . oh dennis what do you want hey i was . just wondering if maybe i don't know you . me we could water these days . go ahead a lot a lot let me stop you . right there you think that you have a . chance with me that makes me so . disgusted that i just want to rip my . head off oh there we go much better . hey good-lookin yeah names dennis was . good baby. sir that's that's a mannequin don't tell . me how to live my life okay i'm calling . the cops. what no no no everything's fine it's . okay i was just heading out it's all . good. sir i think you need some friends . friends well i got that sir sara meow's . a lot you're my friend right mm-hmm meow . see i really couldn't care less i just . need you to leave the store huh this day . couldn't get any worse oh my god she's . dead okay . now the day couldn't get any worse . wow officer poophead thank you so much . for this date i'm having a great time i . especially like that you set it up right . here in the middle of the prison oh well . i'm glad you like it yeah if she's so . happy you said yes of course i said yes . you idiots ah what girl wouldn't say yes . to a man like you oh that's very nice of . you to say thank you mm-hmm oh yeah you . were just so dreamy. oh let me tell you remember earlier . today when you dealt with that one . prisoner ah you are just such a romantic . please officer i just wanted a little . more food i'm starving shake your hole . i'll break all your limbs boy that's . right i am your god oh you know thank . you just just doing my job . hey officer you want to kiss me oh boy . do i ever okay here's the deal . give me your key card and i'll kiss you . huh huh it's just just my key card yeah . okay you'll give it back right you bet i . will. uh okay that was weird . here you go okay thanks i'll i'll be . right back i can't believe i'm about to . get kissed all right sir meow's a lot . today's the day i'm finally gonna figure . out how this thing works mio mio mio mio . mio oh it'll be fine sir meow's a lot . what's the worst that could happen okay . i think we were closer that time mio mio . daughters huh oh my god it's good . darkness you have done a terrible thing . you didn't read the manual oh my god i'm . sorry i didn't mean to please don't do . what he think i've been good i swear i . will give you one more chance my boy but . under one condition . yes god anything okay you have no choice . but to come with me wait like right now . look at all these prisoners just as . guilty as the last and oh look at that . one she's beautiful . hey how's it going name's dennis haven't . haven't seen you around here you new oh . my god you totally like me don't you . what no all right i gotta be . professional i'm just doing my job . just asking when you got here . you're pathetic you're never getting a . date with me you know you you you. officer you oh playing hard to get i see . all right and i see how it is look . you're gonna be in here for a long time . all right so you might as well just give . me a chance just one date that's all i'm . asking um let me think about it . [music]. no. [music]. oh my god. tennis i can't believe it . you're under arrest for letting a. prisoner escape. [music]. timmy ocelot what are you doing the . babysitter's almost here oh yes any . minute now did you even clean your room . oh my god she's here hey boys i'm here . hey brittany hi dennis . kyler meows or no mural that's what be . nice it's okay dennis i totally know you . like me especially with a bond like this . yeah well i mean you're you're really . nice dennis i know you like me and all . but i'm actually a villainous warlock . that specializes in the undead i've . raised thousands of corpses from their . graves sworn to kill anyone who's a . threat to their creator me they think . you're gonna hurt me dennis maybe you . are love is an exciting yet . unpredictable cultural phenomenon and. it's too risky especially with me . they're coming for you dennis run while . you still can . this channels boring honey . yes terry i'm bored you want to make me . a sandwich. no honey i'd love to but i've got to go . to work you know you could do it . yourself myself what are you nuts . yeah well honey i never thought i'd have . to do this but you're under arrest . hey sorry if i startled you honey there . was a zombie lumberjack behind you oh . okay so i'm not actually arrested am i . oh no you're still arrested you're going . away for a long time . [music]. this looks like a pretty good place to . take a hostage hey man . and you done yet wait shut up for a . second. i think i see the perfect victor what i . need to get a closer look . oh i can't hold much longer . [music]. jets this window is too high . jerry i need your help much better i can . see everything from here so much in here . globes you're so stupid . sir meow's a lot thought baby-sitters . been in that room for hours shouldn't . she be like you know babysitting us mio . mio mio mio mio sir my ocelot that is . extremely offensive boom yummy mew mew. mew mew mew mew mew no no meal meal meal . meal meal meal meal meal meal. meow meow mew mew mew mew mew mew mew. mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew. mew mew mew mew . [music]. hey sir my ocelot how did the proposal . go she doesn't like your style that's . crazy talk. look at your tie. [music]. sir meow's a lot i've got a surprise for . you sir meow's a lot i got someone that . i want you to meet no no i know i know . you don't like meeting people but trust . me come on sir meows a lot just just . give it a shot. no ma'am y'all sir meow's lot i'd like . you to meet pinchy i'm not gonna do that . prank that it's so mean . no come on hayley it'll be fun just this . once. playing daddy the prank goes too far i'm . not doing that to my friend no you look . very carefully you're gonna do this . prank and if not i'll tell everyone you . pee yourself okay okay oh my god get . away hey emily emily emily come here oh . yeah josh what is it look i'm gonna tell . everyone you did it to take that oh . no but i didn't do this please don't. really what's going on oh i can't . believe you killed that poor girl you're . going to jail for a long time . officer i swear nine-one-one i got a bit . of a hostage situation here what hostage . situation where's the captor the captor . he's uh he's right in front of me all . right just stay calm . what does he want he's asking what you . want googoo gah-gah googoo gaagaa googoo . i have no idea what he's saying i'm . gonna give him the phone hello who's . this who's on the line cuckoo cuckoo . cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo you're gonna have . to slow down there i can't understand a . word you're saying . hey does anybody here speak baby officer . baby you sure about this okay oh . googoo gaagaa googoo gah-gah googoo . gaagaa googoo gah-gah ki kaka googa . googa gaga goo goo gah uh yeah i know . that street why are we going there cooky . gah goo gah gah tell them we'll leave. the money right past the front gates you . got that. good work officer baby we led them right . to the prison no take no survivors . [music]. look sir meow's a lot no don't you two . have chores to be doing mm you know what . do you mean chores are done what about . all your dirty laundry okay well pinche . here at least you sweep the floors . i'm gonna go record some videos i've . done my video you guys do your chores . yet hello-o pinche sir meows vlad have . you seen pinchy . [music]. no no no the backyard what is he doing . in the backyard he's supposed to be . doing chores no i'm gonna give him a . piece of my mind . pinchy. that's it grounded both of you dearly . beloved we are gathered here today so . that's what of you marries as the other . will you do it yes i absolutely will me . too. i love you tawny with all of my heart . [music]. very good in that case you may kiss all . right one sec what's this . oh hello jenny your time's up you're . free to go oh my god are you serious my . prison time's up oh boy . [music]. [music]. you are sir meow's a lot fried eggs . straight from the bird's nest in the . backyard yeah i even made the mother . watch yeah no no no no no undercooked oh . come on sir meows a lot i tried really. hard with this one. [music]. mill mill mill we got a noise complaint . of a deranged cat oh hi officer yeah . sorry that was just sir meows a lot he's . a little grumpy right now you won't . happen again okay while i'm here what'd . you happen to know anything about a crab . it's apparently been causing a lot of . ruckus in the neighborhood . [music]. crap no no uh no crabs here it's just me . and my good old good old certainly a lot . yeah that's okay i didn't really expect . you to have a wait did you say sir . meow's a lot . meow meow oh my god it really is you . you're under arrest for literally every . crime that exists . you've been wanted for years what no no . no no no no officer there must be some. sort of misunderstanding what was that . oh my god it's him . oh . oh did you hear the big news . [music]. meow doll there's a new jailbreak update . meeting we got to find a way to get . arrested. mm arrow by pinchy we'll be back soon . take care of the house while we're gone . okay sir meow's a lot we got to come up . with a way to get arrested . no no be mean to people i like it okay . there's someone there right now hey you . you got big nose . [music]. [music]. [music]. what are we gonna do sir meows a lot . excuse me you guys really shouldn't be . sitting on the fence like that and it's . dangerous. [music]. um what look you big stupid snowman get . out of here - idiot well i have never . now even though i may have cold skin i . do have a warm heart and you sir are big . very rude right now oh yeah what do you . do about it i got a lot of things hiding . in the snow trust me you don't want to . know yeah i want to know show me . everything okay buddy boy you asked for . it i guess you could say i'm having a . meltdown. [applause]. oh man just look at her she's perfect . i am so bored come on man just tell her . how you really feel . girls love guys with confidence well . christmas is coming up i could get her a . gift hmm . hey brittany what you doing . just trying to get away from all the . drama oh well i i brought you something . here oh you got a key card just for me . uh yeah i guess i did . oh talk about coming off way too eager . word of advice honey don't seem too . desperate girls hate it i'll take that . key card though in istanbul the cat is . king where dogs are banned kittens roam . free they've become part of the fabric . of everyday life y'all i have decided . that i'm now gonna be a vlog channel hmm . no oh come on sir meow's a lot you never . support me with these things oh don't be . silly sir meow's law and i'm not gonna . lose touch with reality and then forget . about you guys what's going on finn . today we're gonna blow up this . lamborghini four views . [music]. [music]. [music]. all right joseph this time what no it . can't be. dartz we got a code red in sector four i . repeat. with your hands up we don't want to hurt . you. [music]. memmio . uh no i'm not hungry sir me i was a lot . it's just well i get lonely sometimes as. all know meow meow meow . you know what you're right sir me i was. a lot you have each other that's all we . would ever need. stop right there. [music]. she's beautiful you need a permit to be . on this dock you're going to jail right . now. what man i just had to escape prison on . halloween with all these people outside . i'm surely gonna get caught that's a . sweet prison or coster weren't you cut . it you know you just like the escaped . prisoner i'm trying to find oh really . a weird coincidence to him yeah totally . well if you see anyone suspicious just . let me know well actually that guy over. there seems pretty suspicious huh . [music]. well rosaline as you know the day's . finally here i'm getting transferred oh . my god it's already today and it can't . be no i'm gonna miss you so much how . could i miss you too rosaline . but just well i just want to say one . thing anything johnny plum bottom give . it to me. rosaline i love you oh my god you do oh . my god oh my god very it's ok rosalie . i'll come visit you trust me i'll come . as much as i can before you go johnny i . also have something to tell you yes . rosaline i . i also all right sir my ocelot there we . are. look at all these nasty criminals i . can't wait to show them justice. yeah you said it sir meows a lot all . right dinners served . mule mule . [music]. what i can't understand a word you guys . are saying just give brittany her purse . back that's all we're asking for . well i don't know about you guys what i . don't want to kill him no rose that is . so messed up we just want the purse hey . what's all the commotion over here what . were you doing yeah what was this . officer they could this your here okay . it's not what it looks like he stole i . can't be having you ladies terrorized . their school grounds i guess i'm gonna . have to arrest you . oh thanks officer . never thought i was gonna get out of . that one hit no problem anytime . hey cool purse by the way okay thanks . say officer you want to go out . [music]. .

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