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[applause]. [music]. [applause]. what's up dudes it's pat and welcome . back to another video . yeah so today we are playing roblox once . again the weekly series where we play a . different game is back in guys i want to . thank you so much for episode one of . roblox's support on it was absolutely . stunning yes we love you oh oh we sought . a fan so basically do today we are . playing a game so many people requested . this what we're doing is we're playing . the normal elevator apparently we get . into an elevator and i don't know what . happens it said it was completely normal . but i really don't believe it alright so . i've actually i want you guys to know i . sometimes have nightmares when i get . like my arm corner elephant atar . so like really scared oh you love roblox . be sure to smash then subscribe but also . leave a comment down below right down . here this seems weirder in roblox when i . do this i'm gonna be replying to a bunch . you guys cuz we appreciate your amazing . support and once again we're gonna try . this out let us know what you think we . have all these cool people over here in . g i'm just gonna type it in all right . before i get started cramsey typing yep . okay so basically i'm not good at . talking about comedy i just want . everyone this year to know that i love . you all love you and i love you and i . even i love you are you is that a person . i think you see i don't know but i love . you i like this person over here so . we're going to the elevator right now i . don't want to go without you let's go . alright so oh my god we ran together . is there gonna be like creepy elevator . music . oh my gosh i really really don't know . all right so you see how that there's a . countdown right there and i think we're . on mega floor we're going down maybe . okay i think i'm okay what just happened . i was flying like down by the belly all . right should i jump out right now i . don't know what to do is the objective . to live because i might actually jump . out do a jet for both of us no i can't . do it okay geronimo oh you can't . actually leave okay so maybe there's . like a cool effect that happens when you . open the elevator each time okay all . right that one was absolutely terrifying . i think was area 51 oh okay so the . music's gonna change every time a thing . yes are we gonna get copyrighted because. all the music probably that's all right . all right so wait we're gonna be jumping . in get ready for supportable typing from . jen oh train track was a little dude i . just want to jump out oh my god the . train's coming. what jen right in the corner all right . hide the corner oh okay i got the right . in the middle oh my god everyone died . but eyes oh my god look at their bodies . you guys you probably should have moved . no yes. all right news we are back jen actually . disconnected from the server so we're . going back in the elevator all right so . we have it to ourselves this time oh . hello fancy seeing you guys here there's . a guy like in the corner staring at the . wall good all right think it's about to . open. [music]. oh my god you are so beautiful smells . i'm the only one still alive how oh no . oh no oh no no no oh no no help please . this is for weird . elevators are bad i'm dead . oh come back an elevator oh no ham come . back in okay i literally died it's tough . to go back in time with this dude like . dude red bull 7 fault . - alright so do we have some cool people . in here look at he's got a sweet really . cool looking people here . creepy oh yes i wait to see what we get . next alright let's open it it doesn't . actually kill us it's like the price is . right . oh yeah i'm scared goodies tricks and . treats do you think we can go in i don't . think so i really want to see the things . spin but it looks like it would kill . somebody. okay spinning please me something good . diamonds and emeralds diamonds in . excellent opens its 16 seconds you have . time don't worry oh man you have some . serious hair oh people told me you can . actually dance oh how do you do okay so . i believe it is /e and then space dance . oh my god damn wait it's black and white . i just said ii dance really you forgot . to do the slash fire . oh oh now we have to really dance okay . actually try dancing this time okay . now could see you dance now they're from . you yes you're the weird dancer don't ya . over is it about ten seconds okay okay . you smell like dry she looks like she's . gonna puke from you grinding on it's . really bad this is really disgusting . floating i'm wearing it all over my body . i'm like a christmas tree this is the . star on top which is my saying hey okay . so we didn't die to that and you notice . that we get a coin every time we . actually survived the elevator in the. bottom right yes cuz i noticed there is . a shop we can like buy items like we can . buy food if we get to ten . oh look i think i'm gonna buy a cookie . when i reached had okay all right we're . at five seconds i'm not getting in the . way anymore i'm gonna be on the side of . elevator alright i'm ready i think we . just lost power this is like my . nightmare now the door opens i stick my . hand out and it closes and it starts . working again please remain calm . stay away from the back wall oh okay . okay love usual so scared oh my gosh . [music]. should i just try dance just to lighten. the mood right now oh yeah do a little . dance if you there's something coming . out of the wall there's nothing i'm way . out of the wall i didn't grab someone oh . my god it's still somebody don't weigh . the guy that made fun of you just guys . take it away even with words about candy . you better just long off oh it's coming . i need to get on a different elevator oh . wait the lady just went to 10th i don't . want to be in front of the door anymore . horrible is gonna happen . [music]. wait oh my god this is jason oh you know . what's really funny you see that blood . that's the exact blood i use from google . on that thumbnail oh you killed that . dream i told you don't be afraid of the . elevator i dare you to come at me jason. yep . little j that's what i'm calling y'all . oh yeah. too bad about that guy that we had here . whoa this is so cool how there's so many . different like elevator like themes that. can happen when you open this dance . moves over here okay oh wait . [music]. wait i think i said something but . nothing popped up use that only a gen . can do that really . yes hi this connecting no i got . disconnected arnaz we are back you know . it's looking at this sign you know this . is the person who's been on the elevator . the most be seventeen thousand four . hundred and fifty times what smelly . crazy that is very impressed twelve . floors. it's kind of cool we've had some. disconnection issues because we have to. be with different fans every single time . let's do this we've got a turkey person. i don't want to go in there i don't. think so he just says big ok i see . skeletons inside he was trying to be . with his people . alright so this one looks pretty calm . okay okay is that a cat looking at the . wall right there it's like a really . creepy looking please people on this . elevator i'm just you know i'm so . different you jen jen said you all look . very different . da da da all right so we're going in . five seconds the next one is about to . open remember don't do the e dance thing. this time you're gonna look like a . professional in front of everyone okay . oh we got this one again i'm gonna go. play the piano oh my god chan is the one . playing the piano . there's something wrong with his arms if . you think they're like way too big . this is like the best piano player i've . ever heard . oh my god you're actually playing it . like you get to choose how to play it . yes oh get off let me see by your . playing okay i wanna know how do oh no . it's over i was kind of hoping to play . the piano but guys let me tell you i'm . no piano player do i look like water we . have a lot of time to spare before the . next elevator i mean the next you know . we're on bellamy that's blue so you're . gonna stare at the wall over here look . at this guy this is like the most unique . looking person i've seen in roblox so . far all right three two tornado oh my . god why is he on land it's a land shark . oh it's fine he's coming he's coming . we keep he seems to be chilling oh my . god there's lots of sharks jen they're . getting thrown all over the place we . just have to rock these are like the . weirdest things ever when it said normal . of it i knew it wasn't gonna be normal . but i wasn't expecting this you see them . there's like a hundred okay what happens . if you go near them with it you i don't . want to see what happens . um i think it may fall ok romantic oh . man oh that's was about to over it no . okay that was over i'm gonna slash dance . without messing it up okay it look like . a professional in front of the penguin . okay please don't say you dan someone . said i penguin so i'm gonna say wait i . pad okay okay okay what's going on oh . it's doing i don't i don't want to be . near it i'm afraid of the door . okay so what we need to do is to stay . away from the middle okay okay cuz . you're kind of in the middle right now . i'll go over here it's never good to be . in the meter . oh my god do i look okay i look very . terrified. oh no all right so these we're all live . the steppers have a huge butt right next . to me oh oh yeah the bull you should the . bar both sides no those are the cheeks . that's a very impressive full body . you've got there my friend . all right the next one's about to open . completely with the slide look at this . this is amazing oh my god i love it i'm . going down i don't care who needs hair . okay then i think you've laughs the . world die that was me the chocolate . chocolate i'm going for it again . this is seriously one of my favorite . ones man this is cool oh jen you know we . can do it we're waiting for the next one . let's buy something at the store we have . enough money now all right i'm just . falling down into the abyss i wanna go . shopping all right so i think we'd have . like what is it like 25 seconds in . between yes right so hit shop we go to . items i'm gonna buy a cookie okay i'm . going to buy i would like to buy yes let . me see all right so i've got a cookie . how do i get out of this okay i would . like to purchase the krabby patty but do . i have the cookie right how do i eat it . look those two cookies in my hand . i'm having difficulties oh no i got . really fat when i ate it . do you see how fat i got what i ate the . cookie i don't know everyone's made of. chocolate at this point which ones even . you oh okay i see . do i look bigger than usual yes you do . it was a delicious school look i have to . but you who you do and herballs oakland. all was ridiculous at this point . oh anyone in the elevator looks normal . anymore we went straight to my hips it . all went to my hole everything okay next . was opening in five tonnes bob spongebob . did we go the wrong way we doing this. way okay alright maybe if we make it . through like that horrible scary maze we . won't die you know just keep going it's . fine there's some beds over here we go . with the i'm not go under that have no . idea what you did oh no what slenderman . oh alright bye spider-man . love you oh alright four more seconds . jen darkness i don't think i want to go . out there alright okay i just go up to . the fence just touch it it's fine . someone said they're gonna dine maybe . cuz they're standing it fraud oh look at . him. do you want to go that maybe we can . roast him on that electrical thing oh my . god. so we got her that was the girl who said . she was gonna die she predicted her own . death . she predicted the future i really want . some roasted s'mores all right now is . about that oh want me to get a chocolate . bar sure myself in the shawl and then . you can see some more me yes i'll just . put my body on this dude like i am right . now. don't do this we ride them i really. wanna ride you oh you can move on but . you can push them around and step where . are we gonna get the mountains oh my god . oh chop off le jumping over the fence i . didn't think it was gonna happen i . didn't know and then it's kind of said . what's wrong with your eyes they look . like really upset you okay little buddy . damn look don't do this at home . everybody okay those poor cows okay they . probably starve to death up there on top . of that mountain . you got a cruel person put dem cows up . man all right okay you're lookin really . good . yes oh look it's the big cheese coming . he looks like a nice guy though right . i want to see what happens oh he's . coming out elevator we thought oh i . think we saw him on the elevator earlier . we did on one of the all their servers i . thought it was a person but i guess he . could just come on the elevator in spain . yeah i want some cheese i love your . cheesy goodness yeah i think he stays on . it till he does he move oh my god it's a . real person he's real i love you so much . you taste so cheesy and delicious what . am i doing to my mr. cheese . all right things about open oh this is . the freddie one again or the . i'm not watching wait who's on the . ground girl on the grass oh why would i . look only people who died on it chad . cause he's like look at that person than . a knife got thrown at us i i will never . know now i don't worry guys we are back . i got it let everyone out . it was jen's fault i died mr. cheese all . right get on my head . i'm gonna wear you like a hat here we go . happy these are evil have you noticed it . oh no the door it's like my dreams oh my . god it's like my dreams. this is horrible let's just say in the . middle mr. cheese he's too big wait the . big cheese is too big for the shed i . really don't like this oh mister she . survived you don't see him no we did . know mr. cheese is gone he was a big man . he turned into swiss seen your videos . that want some humor awesome i like your . colors your colors and i like your shiny . teeth too oh my got a black hole . it's yummy and like a magnet oh no i . think he's gonna bring us to a new . dimension. oh my god and they're gonna end the . episode here this was so cool getting . some repeats now so i think we've done . like pretty much all the cool levels i . hope you guys are yeah puppy . bye bye okay this is horrible . don't worry i won't have and the video . because it's copyright from that well . dude. definitely subscribe to our youtube . channel that would be amazing medicine . oh if you want to see more roblox . guys also leave a comment down below . write down here i'll be replying to a . bunch you guys thank you so much for . watching and we'll see you dudes next . time. [music]. you. .

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