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i had nothing to play Trollface Quest on.. so i took Jem's iPad..
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Guys i've had to do something i've had . to steal an ipad this is gemma's it's . shiny and gold but yeah my device is an . android and it has no charge because i . haven't used it for ages supposed to . steal this don't ella please yeah . welcome back your two trophies quest . internet memes where last time we played . the pc version which only has 10 levels . and i mentioned in that video if you . loved it then let me know and i will . play at the rest because on the ios or . android version you get 36 levels which . means 26 brands new internet memes to . discover so there will be some that are . the same but this is hit play this one . is exactly the same okay so i have to . tap this and then i have to tap this . anyway go on tap there we go so some of . them we will know i'll wait i farted . pope yeah some of them will be the same . but we know the solution so we'll just . pump off to the next level what is this . this is a lizards in a toga great ok . let's see what happens when we tap him . something about the beach you want to go . to the beach you're not allowed you're . not allowed to go to the beach i'm sorry . ok so oh oh ok did not think that was . gonna happen since when is a mean . smacking a lizard with a sign that's . weird. also i'm sorry that you can't see when . i'm tapping on the screen because . obviously with the pc version you can . i'm gonna plug that you are not gonna . have any friends punk gone gone cry yeah . you can't see where i'm tapping . unfortunate i'll try my best to tell you . what i'm doing oh we've got a new one . this is it's a city not sure what meme . this could be but let's tap and find out . it's godzilla hey godzilla how's it . going buddy what do you want what do you . want oh ok stop that stop that stop that . right now why are you crushing now what . what meme has godzilla in it i don't . even know i thought my meme knowledge . was good but apparently apparently it's . not can i oh wait a second . i have to swipe downwards and i've got . myself a giant cat instead there we go . or is it a doge . i don't really know it's like a doge . slash godzilla look at this guy absolute . savage aren't you doing pretty well . today guys that's done i'll be careful . okay no no you're actually doing pretty . well i know this one we have to swipe . off his trousers swipe off his head . swipe off this there we go we've created . a monster. level six already this actually looks . slightly different for some reason but . let's tap this guy then we flip the . table right onto the doge we're getting . mad amounts of score and this one guy's . next level oh they're hugging look how . cute it's a wrestling meme oh wait i can . think of a wrestling me i can think of . loads of wrestling memes as this one and . this one and this one but i need to . figure out which one this is they're . just gonna it's gonna rub them on the . back you know with such a weird noise . okay they're just gonna hug each other . can i pick my finger up oh yes. that's what i'm talking about that's the . level that wasn't even a meme that i'm . confused . right okay we know this one this is the . matrix sandwich quick dodge it georgette . why didn't you dodge it do you see dude . are you gonna dodge the sandwich there . we go haha nice i don't know why you'd . ever want to dodge a sandwich though if . there's a sandwich flying in my face i'm . gonna eat it oh it's not that long to a . christmas right what have they got . inside the presents absolutely nothing . it's a golden poop i see it i need to be . looking out for these poops but there's . a lot of levels to find them on so i'm . not too worried is this the mean where . they kind of unwrapped nothing for . christmas yet the unwrapped poops can i . collect these okay what could i do to . make them get something other than poop . for christmas santa you're around buddy . you're out to help us out no no it's . gonna be poop oh wait wait . her head moved i managed to track her . head wait oh there we go what is . happening they've lost their minds what . are you doing. child child stop stop it stop it right . now oh my goodness what means that hold . on a second shush shush christmas 64 . meme nintendo 64 of course that's the . one that's the one that was me that was . me. 1998 nintendo 64 is amazing should have . known that one okay this guy's sleeping . nicely i like it what meme could this be . oh oh that's one way to stop your alarm . clock jeez okay i can't open the drawers . can we do something to this no i would . have saved the alarm clock and trying to . like click and drag absolutely . everything i can't take off his covers. i can't bring down this poster there . must be something that can oh wait a . second. oh jeez okay so the tides of turns . haven't they sir are you ready this . finger is gonna end your life boom take . that bug okay we've done this one we . need to get to the scary bit and then we . need to scare them with the cat right . here we go boom but cat say something . there we go oh hello sir madam madam . anna poop i see you it's got blue nice . this will see a snake charmer that's a . very weird snake can't you charm this . snake let's find out no not like that . you're not gonna be able to do like that . are you i don't know this meme though i . always check the backgrounds just in . case there's something instrument and. snack no that doesn't work what if i . this guy just pops in and out she just . plays her instrument can i click and . hold need to get better your instrument . sir madam teeth i know if you can see . but i'm just like waving my finger . around hoping it's gonna do something. they're literally doing nothing though . come on oh oh oh oh okay did not think . that was gonna happen level failed oh my . goodness let me restart that so what i. did is i did the snake charming while it . was in the pots and keep on going and . look the worst animation i've ever seen . so how many times we need to do this . before she gets attacked no no no no . nope stop so if she charms him while . he's out he doesn't do anything but she . charms him while he's inside she just . gets bitten and killed oh no no no no . that is not a good idea i was gonna say . i've tried it before but i definitely . haven't let's see what happens now okay . really you're gonna fall on the snake . that's so mean this thing is dead okay . we have definitely done this one before . remember what he does doesn't he fart on . them he definitely parts on them but i . don't know what i i don't know what to . do why can't i why can't i do this why i . pressing him so many times. come on buddy just fart on them just do . it just fart on them let's do it they're . your friends they'll forgive you i'm . gonna watch my other video and see what . i did i didn't even i don't even know . what i did it definitely was with no . wood on it so let's just click and hold . there we go click and hold the classic . oh interrogation is that donald trump . when he's not wearing his wig and that . one on the right is donald trump without . his human zoo on ok the alien is talking . the other guy is talking whoa that . wasn't expected so they both talk it out . but the alien will always win because he . has laser eyes that will turn him to . dust so that alien is just spoken there . must be something to do with his . character surely so what cactus cactus . no good the cat does not jump in and . save him okay so he's talking first this . time and then i'm gonna get him stuck . next he's just sad i would this guy be . talking to aliens click and hold the . cactus. if in doubt click and hold the cactus it . works okay where do i need to put this . on his heads nope okay definitely not . there where else can i put this on him . oh oh that is a bit freaky what me with . this since when so when we meet aliens . we just need to show a cactus in their . face i think that's gonna make them very . happy oh my goodness okay . he is robbing her well he's trying to if. you're gonna rob someone just do it he's . just it's just holding he's holding the . knife up and down he's waiting to be . taken down by a superhero okay oh my . goodness not gonna do that no i got away . that kind of happened so he can threaten . her she can also get to give him the . purse to straight up which isn't goods . we need a superhero we definitely do . super oh no to barrow super oh please . what meme is there involving a robber. there's not really that much in the . background either there's a like a . dustbin or a trashcan no no no i didn't . want to do that i was tapping the . lamppost through this and then saying to . do with the trashcan . trashcan swallow me up swallow it up . though though can id mask him no i . definitely can't do mask him why doesn't . she just run the other way i mean he's . just throwing his knife around anyway . he's not really doing much about it i'm . gonna use a hint what i forgot you could . do that oh geez okay she has many legs . there is no way i was gonna be able to . figure that out get him get him the meme . of the woman with many legs i seriously . thought i was well well researched in my . memes but now i've realized i'm . absolutely not that at all guys i don't . trust horses like not just in video. games i don't trust all his full stop . there's definitely a secret agenda to . horses they're planning to take over the . world and look at this guy's face he's . definitely planning something . oh he's gonna talk to her okay this . horse talks what did you say to her did . you tell her your plans to take over the . world let's try and touch okay whatever . we touch it means that the horse talk . sturm makes us sad i'm gonna try the . pinch keep pinching keep pinching . because that always is my last thing . that i think of and last time it made . that woman kick that guy's butt with . many legs so you know what it could . happen and this one though definitely . not to the internet girl and horse meme . i literally can't find anything apart . from them hugging horses nope nope even . the internet has failed me come on it . must be here somewhere. hey wait a second there's a poop there . haha oh okay . yeah i've not seen this one before look . at that's so freaky ah this must be . their plan to take over the world i told . you that it's gonna switch heads of . humans that's i still failed. what okay switch this switch switch . heads how did i do that there we go they . switch that we switch bodies no they're . just oh look how as small as that is why . is why is that funny okay they're doing . a musical version of frozen that's cool . let's see what happens . weird okay what kind of sets can move . here what new characters can we bring in . let's see absolutely none the good ol . clicking hold maybe a pinch no pinch or . any hidden poos here then think so oh . yes i knew there'd be a new character . where did you come from and i can . probably see why you got cut by the. ballet team yeah okay let's see your . moves that's exactly how my ballet works . as far as my ballet knowledge goes we're . done here okay level 18 i'm pretty sure . that means we're halfway through let me . just quickly check how many there are . there's only 32 oh we also need to find . 10 poops and losing every level to . unlock ok so let's do this one and then . i'm gonna save the rest throw another . time but first me too by mindcraft . do you know how many people sweet me . usually older people who tweet me . minecraft as minecraft it's crazy troll . faced card quest is that actually a qr . code . i'm currently downloading a qr reader . for iphone to see if this is actually a . qr code cuz norine the troll face quest . peeps this this is definitely one i'll . be severely disappointed if it isn't . there we go is it a qr code is it a qr . code i don't think it is no i'm . disappointed hey there's a poop okay . let's just see what happens when we tap . there 60 troll dollars not bad half life . 3 doesn't actually exist and it's $1,000 . okay what could i do to make this guy . you know that i am not pleased with his . prices huh swipe to watch him okay maybe . not can i take your hat i want your hat . my head is cold i'm really stuck on this . one really stuck what do i do . i can't do anything apart from let him . scan my products and get me to spend . money come over halfway i think i'm . gonna use a hint and oh when you do this . yeah we can scan this okay we can scan . the qr codes there's another guy that we . created earlier. no it looks the same just a little bit . more buff can i buy minecraft now so . guys you know what that is almost up and . to the end we've got six now eight nine . ten . including the bonus ones that we've done. 18 today i think that's pretty good . progress wait there's another one too . lot on the bottom right reach 300,000 . score i don't know if i gonna be able to . do that but our score is over . already so we might be able to scratch . for now that is going to end this video . if you enjoyed it would like to see some . more than pleased a big fat thumbs up . that'd be greatly appreciated so i can . finish off this game apart from that if . you enjoyed watching it would like to . see more videos by me every single day . then why don't you hit that subscribe . button to join team tdm today apart from . that guys thanks for hanging out with me . today discovering some brand new . internet memes and i will see you in the . next one have a good day good life . 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