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What's up guys and welcome back to . another episode of a super cooper sunday . oh my goodness so this is gonna be . buster apart - what's up buster how you . doing little dude look at this boy over . here he hurt me he hurt his calling oh . my goodness anyway buster you're still a. secret don't give up the secret yet okay . we have been on an 18-hour journey to. pick this little guy up he's gonna be a . surprise for my mom later on tomorrow . later on in this video so make sure you . guys stay tuned for that but we just got . back from an 18-hour trip to south . carolina to pick this guy up drove back . down and he is about to meet our boys . for the very very first time so if you . guys didn't see our first section to . this whole adventure makes you guys . check it out it's gonna be linked down . the description but right now what i'm . gonna do is if chelse gives me the house. key i'm gonna go inside and i'm gonna . take the boys potty because they have . been in here for quite a while and . obviously they're gonna need to go potty . so we're gonna take them potty we're . gonna get them situated and then we're . gonna bring buster in let's get this . house alarm boom kota what's up dude . let's go ahead and turn the lights on . here we go yes yes yes we're home we're . home i'm so sorry i know you got to go . potty so bad come on boys let's go let's . go let's go let's go we got to go potty . we got to go in a really really bad way . and we're not gonna go inside right . we're not gonna go potty in side go go . go go go go go go go go good boys what . do you say we put buster down outside . the glass and just see what they what . they think here we go this is gonna be . so many good boys oh oh they see him . what is this boys kota what do you think . it is. oh these little tails why again buddy . yes i love you too this is even more . exciting now look . what do you think dude can we talk about . this kotas upset because i smell like . another dog has no idea that there's a . dog in your hand go tot look look up . here oh that's what it is he's yeah a . good boy buster this is such a big world . look at these huge boxes what do you . think oh you found the teddy bears the . valentines teddy bears he's a little . little scared doesn't really know what . today checking them all right now . don't don't be so scared . [music]. you like toys no interest in toys yet . just cuddles no just doesn't do it for . you well maybe a little bit this is one . of the most cuddly dogs i think i've . ever met . oh my gosh the the puppy breath is so . crazy right now you're a good boy . i'm trying to get you to like play with . the other dogs and stuff but all you . want is me here we have the puppy jaws . can. do you ever just feel like somebody's . following you i'm trying to get him . invested with the dogs and all he does . is follow me literally everywhere i go . he's just right right underneath my feet . look cooper's trying to chase them. cooper wants to meet him but he's just . following me everywhere i go . buster this just isn't gonna work dude . like what how are we supposed to . toto's coda's trying to get to them to . like oh there we go there we go yeah . where could it go now he's so patient . same with a cat episode coupe is just so . patient with all these little animals it . makes me so happy oh there's his tail . okay now we've got some interaction . going on couple but sniffs here a couple . face looks there all of a sudden we're . gonna be best friends god will not let . him out of anxiety and so sketched out . right now go boy. [music]. good boy that's where we go potty we . made a little air drop on our way out . but overall we got like 95% of it in the . backyards can you make it up that step . buddy. oh not quite not quite you need a little . bit of help yeah you need some help here . here we go . oh there you go dude and we were talking . about it i want you guys to leave . comments down below what kinds of videos . would you guys like to see with buster . so obviously he can't be here every. single week but we would like to keep . updates with you guys on him as he grows . up as he gets bigger that sort of thing . we were definitely thinking puppy's . first time swimming cooper can teach him . how because cooper's a master swimmer so . we could definitely do that here in the . pool there's any other ideas you guys . have we were thinking maybe like puppies . first a beach day and we have a couple . other ideas but let us know what you . guys would like to see for for like . puppies first time doing whatever or . teaching in whatever or that sort of . thing so that should be kind of fun . coming family time over here with coop . in the pop i'll give you guys one guess . as to where coda is all the way over . there looking but not wanting us to know . he's looking come on coda come here bud . come on over good boy what do you think . of this crazy new puppy dude what do you . what do you think is he really small but . also really scary at the same time boy . coda you're laying next to the scary . puppy oh my goodness this is so brave of . you know now let's talk about what this . sleeping situation is gonna be like . tonight chelsea you ready for this . brand-new puppy at home sometimes it's . great and super easy like cooper was . sometimes not so much so we'll have to . wait and see what happens but some i am . a firm believer in crate training i . think it works absolute wonders cooper . was crate trained when he was a puppy he . doesn't actually go in a crate anymore . but the things he learned about like . potty training and stuff like that was . invaluable kota obviously still goes in . the crate at night he absolutely loves . it and that's his home we see we see a . lot of people commenting and i feel like . sometimes it's people who don't really . know much about raising dogs why do you . put him in a cage that's inhumane that's . not right he shouldn't have to do that . these places are these guys homes like . they they love it and obviously crockett . doodles who started crate training with . this little guy here and we want to keep . that up so i think what we're gonna do . tonight just because it's more . manageable as we are gonna use this . thing here is a crate this is . technically a dog carrier for an. airplane but we got it so that you could . easily transport them in a car like. anything else that my mom needs so we're . gonna give this to her tomorrow we also . have a full-blown like a metal crate . that should fit him even when he's an. adult so we're gonna give her that . tomorrow but we don't want to like take . it out and set it up and then it's just . not as nice to give us a gift so we're . going to be using this i think we'll . probably put it on our bedside table . just so he's not too far away from us . because sometimes they can get a little . bit of separation anxiety you don't want . to just go put him in a dark corner by . themselves right off the bat but then he . separated from cooper cooper can't . really mess with them hopefully he . doesn't cry too much and and we'll see . what happens but i think we're just . about ready to go to bed he's been . playing with toys and mess around and . stuff his personality is starting to. come out a little bit like i said last . time especially with the kittens they . started off timid but by the second day . they were crazy so tomorrow should be a . lot of fun but to us what do you think . you want to go upstairs i think we're . all tired too all right let's head up . now before we go upstairs before we go . to bed can anybody here tell me what we . have to do cooper kota what about dinner . you guys want dinner yeah you do i know. you do and we're gonna feed the little . guy too so this should be interesting . but here we go boys we're gonna eat . dinner he was interested in starbucks he . was interested and when we picked up kfc . and stuff like that he's very food . motivated which is good because that. means he's probably to be pretty easy to . train. so we'll wait and see what happens labs . are supposed to be really smart poodles . are very very smart as well so i've got. a feeling especially with my mom being . retired and having a lot of time to be . able to spend with him he's gonna be a . pretty smart guy . now it's a preview to my mom's gift . tomorrow we did get her quite a few . other things obviously surprise here . with the puppy is the biggest deal and. we have a cool plan for that but i got. her a lot of stuff like good training . treats like healthy training treats got . three bags of those the art of raising a . puppy got her a brand new book she can . read along with with the stuff that . crockett provided us we've got this pet . vet here that goes in his big crate . we've got the little crate obviously i . don't know if he necessarily needs this . yet but this is one of those slow feeder . bowls that really helps with our dogs so . i don't know like when he gets a little . bit older that might be good for him we . got him a little baby kong we got him a . couple of collars and a leash and so . she's gonna get kind of like a full . starting puppy kit she's not gonna have. to worry about anything it's all gonna . be delivered right to her which is . awesome how's this little guy doing . it's now been how many minutes i don't . think that slow feeder roll is gonna be . a necessity i i think he's i think he's . a pretty slow eater by himself . i found a rope tie here so he's starting . to get more involved with toys although . we did run around outside with him for . like i don't know eight laps of the yard . or something like that almost to the . point that he couldn't even stand up . anymore because he was so tired so he . should be nice and tired for tonight . sleep that's a very good spot for you . little buddy i know you're not gonna . like it but we're gonna have to try our . best to ignore your crying at
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