The Amazing World of Gumball – Anais is a demon [Clip] [HD]

[music]. enough of you you're going right back to . where you came from hey what's that no . one loves you signed gumball and darwin . yeah i would never write something like . that no one loves you well yeah that's . more like it . what is going on here it's just you know . how adopting darwin really brightened. everyone's lives don't you think it's . time we gave that gift of happiness to . another family and buy that gift of . happiness i mean a nice and by another . family i mean a pack of scavenging . hyenas look i understand you're no . longer the babies of the house and. that's a big adjustment it was difficult . for your father as well but just because . there's a new baby in the house doesn't . mean i love you any less . so you mean love multiplies no it . divides but i'll take the difference . from your dad's portion and hope our . marriage survives until you go to . college mm-hmm wait what . now let's hug. [music]. [music]. maybe mrs. mom is right and raises of . the problem we are come on let's play . with her peek-a-boo hmm let's try with . funnier faces yabu come on boom . [music]. [music]. what does she don't know her cereal mmm . it looks okay why is she doing the face . then hey there's enough sugar in here to . clog your arteries and a couple of . spoonfuls. [music]. you know what they say what does he kill . you we'll try again later we have to . counter-attack but how . she's smarter than us yeah she might be . terrifyingly intelligent for her age but . she's still her age you are trapped you . lose here are superior laughter and now. we're gonna send you his unlabeled me to . the dogfood factory . .
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