Some highlights from game awards 2017
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The game awards what generally has been . referred to as the cringe awards i don't . really get why not everything is cringe. okay . as to the front of the stage rework hide . robot okay . oh this year 2017 game awards a . disappointing amount of cringe. i'm letdown what happened what went . wrong this year just felt more like the . ad awards 2017 cuz my god there was more . ads than a pretty pipe ten minute video . that's a lot of ads boy alright the . sales going on tonight already give you . special discounts on the best games but . this year we're going next level by . partnering with ebay 50% off a hyperx . headset but now it's time for the final . offer a brand new 34 inch lg widescreen . monitor for almost half off but let's. review this year as people online i was . like well you didn't present every award . and it's like i don't think we ever . really want to present like every . individual genre war but we want to. create different kinds of awards elevate . the genre by coming up with new awards . such great new award titles as most . anticipated game presented by mecha cafe . truly an award to be proud of what did . you win most anticipated game by mac . cafe exit we'll be right back after this . mcdonald's congratulate all the nominees . jesus christ can you imagine the oscars . having most anticipated movie award what. a great idea hey hey i'm sorry i was . just kidding . it was a joke it was a joke and this . shows that the gaming industry built so . much on just hype in my opinion how many . times have you been let down by the . release of the game come on we're on . every platform out there tonight we're . on facebook or on youtube and 4k . playstation steam gamespot ign xbox and . we're also streaming on mountain dew hey . look it's another zombie game everybody . oh wow that's that's really fun original . and exciting i really enjoy myself a . good old zombie game what zombie game . are they gonna make next i always ask . myself when i wake up if the game . doesn't have zombies then why bother the . game is zombies if it's not zombies . why bother and right now it's my honor . to announce the first award winner of . the night for trending gamer moonlight . best picture trending gamer is dr. disrespect congratulations . oh that's awesome are you the doctor . what doing it to see you could die to . see you was he just hiding behind the . camera my god he must have a futuristic . mission through the glasses it's almost . like he knew he were just gonna win the . award. that's incredible this is your trophy so . congratulations cut me it's very heavy . [applause]. [music]. okay okay that game was cool i . definitely want to play it good job . wow the announcement so far has been . pretty lackluster and uninteresting i'm . actually quite disappointed oh my god . blood-borne - that's all you get a . little tease of the next project a gif . from from software thank you very much . guys for that little tease of what . they're working on next edward try back . the composer of star wars the old . republic he's put together an amazing . tribute to the music a game so you guys . ready to do this yes the music is always . the best part of get yours . always . [music]. the streamers and the communities on . twitch tonight are able to predict what . they think is gonna win each category so . if you're on twitter's a twitch . extension you can predict as you're . watching this show live to see who you . thinks gonna win the best action game . category right now fans on twitch are . predicting that cup hat is going come on . i need some video game announcements . give me a game that i can truly play for . my channel something that i actually . care about but right now let's move on . to world premieres tonight yes here we . go an honor that some of the top game . developers in the world chose in the . game awards the place to reveal the . first news on their next projects oh wow . that was pretty good . [music]. [music]. and the game award goes oh man i have to . pay a micro transaction to unlock that's . so stupid that this has to hold on i got . this guy's everything that's not true . you didn't actually have to be michael . ei sucks . and we right pound it pound pound the . screen if you hate ei sure i'm getting a . bag i'm fucked this mess deliver right . [applause]. [music]. wow that the graphics in this game look . amazing it stands out for anything else . we've seen it's almost like they're . showing a movie trailer at the game . awards i wonder if they do that at the . oscars they show a a game trailer at the. oscars you keep coming me stop can you . just stop okay just stop i'm trying to . help you guys do you not understand how . many times do i gotta tell you never . never brofist onstage never handshake . onstage if you're live don't do anything . no human interactions with other people . on live television okay you don't want . to end up like adam sandler touching. annie goes i got nominated for a golden . globe too so i took my parents just do . us all a favor okay from the people that . have already suffered i don't want you . all to suffer anymore no brofist no . handshakes and no knee touching. the wait is over let's begin wow . so caliber looks really good yep it . looks like it's gonna be a good game . definitely somewhat of a decent game . [music]. was that a is that a baby inside norman . reedus 10 out of 10 best game this one . wins. honestly that trailer was really cool i . almost want kojima just to make movies. at this point it's clear that that's . where he's passionate i'm so passionate . to be here i'm so excited to be and . meeting this industry we're here. services look the oscars should fuck . themselves up this is the shit i'm . telling you this is this is the real . shit . okay can you swear here okay fuck the . oscars you know the gaming industry it's . an interactive lot of films and now . you're in games yeah that's right you . know i've done six features about yeah . but okay we're here to talk about our . way out let's do it guys yeah let's get . into your game jet lag also known as . cocaine okay here we gonna finally . announce a game of the error game of the . years persona 51 global media outlets . and the fans and this year the game of . the war game of the year goes to . moonlight best picture . .
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