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We play a board game called Treasure Island in Roblox!
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[music]. [applause]. today we are playing a game board which . is really cool called treasure island it. is in beta and it's for roblox yes . that's right so the crew is rolling dice . and this game it's kind of like mario . party looks so fine i love mario party . except the different parties you need to. win minigames and earn tons of money and . reach the end of the map so let's do . this draft go roll the dice i rolled it. what did you get don't go cause i oh . [music]. let's not skip the minigame i always . skip the minigame oh i love these oh . dude it's like wipeout welcome to bunny. hop jump over the twister alright so . kinda just like a pole dude i can't . really see myself oh there it is . bye you deserved it you try to buy them . guys coins no dude i really need to win . this game because i want to and if you . achieve anything yeah this is great . i was randomly smashing my spacebar okay . i would tell you my secret i'll tell . youtube my secret i at the end i was . just holding down spacebar in a totally . i rolled my gold dice yeah 10 however . old ooh what is that . no i will not let a negative floor lunar . rolled and eight using a standard dice . wow luna is so lucky wow destroy me if . you go into the triple bar menu and you . press the shopping bag you can open a. crate or you you know what i think i'm . gonna buy one crate what's in the crate . oh it's a torch let's see skip this . orange staff cool beans let's put it on. wait the orange staff isn't rare as the . beta tester staff you know what i'm . keeping on the beta tester jackal this . is my spot get up no rainbows going . across from us it's time for me to roll . i rolled as six i'm going across the . bridge and we are landing on many golds . landed on a pink minigame yes i'm ready . welcome to electro one random pad will . inflict an electric shock ooh oh blue . you always got to go blue blues my color . [music]. yeah this is my pet spiky blue on red . it's either rainbow or dragged off yay . drago wanda that was way too easy for . drago good job guys i'm gonna roll my . gold dice not 12 otto don't land on the . minus 4 please please please oh oh . you're landing on another minigame . this is called marvin says listen to . marvin carefully you heard that guys put . your ears on fire wait wait lunar go i . asked the valley's press tip marvin says . go to the gray circle jack oh that's . cheap. that was city if the moon in the pets . menu we could buy ourselves a little . some little pets and i'm gonna buy honey . what oh it's my turn i'm sorry no it . rolled me it rolled me nothing do you. want me a 1 that was rude hey i thought . you're gonna line on the plus 5 i was . like thank you . this is called the maze bye oh no yes . find out figure out the base like a boom . boom this should be sold oh i can't . scroll out i can't she a catchy i really . wanted to cheat don't follow me i'm . gonna figure myself out of this maze . over here go get out of here . there's no easy way out oh are we trying . to get to the center of the maze and . we're just trying to get out of the maze . gold i'm following you now no don't . follow me . clearly you and a loop so we're not . going that way we're gonna go straight . up boom oh yeah go funny gopher nice if . we get a powerup to destroy someone i'm . gonna roll sorry gold dies oh drag who's . almost gonna beat the game he's in the . lava zone let's roll our gold dice ends . it's a 10 gold dice rolls 10 every time . bye guys i'm gonna go win goodbye . excuse me dracco when they're coming in . when you're coming to i really like . lunar shirt it's like me well i'm gonna . miss since you don't feel like winning . lunar you don't have to win cuz you feel . marvins boot camp oates and avi first . arriving to the end wins . maybe he's marvin the creator alright . first one to the end . movemove i wonder if i could go around . this fight i don't want to waste time . cool just going way faster okay jump . jump jump . oh no buddy get your booty behind me no . no no no dude i'm totally gonna win this . no go garni everyone is blaming a funny . look look what's that a squirrel not . talking to you dude that's hockey dude . what oh these are weird jumps okay you. got to go out you gotta go out no . [laughter]. someone land on that negative four . please lucky dice lucky dice give me . something nice big whooping megiddo is a . grouse ride negative for rhyming rainbow . got a six . i swear i'm so unlucky i don't know how . you guys are rolling such high numbers . the polar bug . alright roll at polar puck look at his . walk guys we should have put on an . animated walk i think it's lame any game . let's do this it's this wonderful game . again yeah you're welcome gold . well let's everybody remember funny . strategy when it gets my fast hold space . well now let's see who lasts the longest. because i'm pretty sure the teacher . knows it all gold sensei. yeah i'm this saturday so you know you. can't beat me you do not know the way . i'm clear i'm the best at this all right . let's roll this standard and i got four . see i'm cursed and a deluxe even with . real game boards guys i'm so bad at. rolling dice it's not my forte minigame . minigame eh . hey funny we should all stand on the . same pad you know let's all go blue we. stand together love a new goalie sad sad . together goals all right you guys just . stay on blue forever okay no guna just . come on okay i want to tell you. something i was gonna do something . really slimy i was gonna go run on red . so at least i put it out there i feel . less bad now i thought you didn't get . five gold oh you can get negative dude . you got kicked back for yeah it's time . for redemption . my favorite ass okay this time since all . of us know how to play the game this is . gonna be easy okay marvin tell us the . colors murmur says go on marvin says go . on blue . you guys remember if marvin doesn't says . say it don't go on it oh you guys marvin . says it we do it we listen to marvin . pink circle. oh i thought you were freezing in air . yeah i thought you're gonna die for a . second. marvis is down the yellow circle. i don't think marvin ever stop saying . says i feel like it's just a fact it . just gets faster that was your fault . rainbow you jumped off and he didn't . even say stop yet oh . drock whoo i think we're almost at the . end of the map where you are and what . happens if we die . oh it's alright that was a nice i am . trapped in a coin right now we're in the . maze again . and i know the way out don't follow me. wait do you think that maze is the same . every time or is it probably no it looks. different actually oh no this is not . good we going honey why are you making . circles well why are you following me . maybe i don't want to be followed . maybe i don't want to be followed hey . get out of here i know the secret okay . fine. wait i think it did change it looks . quite different . yeah it's a lot more different you . better not fall oh no it's the same over . here didn't ya it's still the same guys . it didn't change at all i'm not gonna . okay fine i'll tell it for you tube the . secret well actually they're watching it . but the secret is though right right . right right right. and then go through the roof and then go . through the weird squares that you see . i'm just telling you all the scene on . that plus five save my butt silver dice . so it's silver dice is nice what's . silver gold ooh . [laughter]. rainbow got a nine using standardized . pusher in the lava don't go for size of . my destroy oh time to redeem myself . this is unredeemable right we can't do . that part it's so hard. everything oh you have gems you can buy . higher job. oh no that's cheating i want to play . this in the most legit way possible i . feel like these two dudes know what . they're doing and we got to feed them . jump jump come on jack oh you did it in . minecraft before you did that parkour so . now just do it in roblox i don't know . you did we played that uh that cauldron . and you know why i don't care let's just . do this jump oh good my friend look at . me like what's up people know you guys . look at this don't move they're . levitating i rolled a good number and . i'm going to lose oh what's that ufo oh . yes what 16 16 spaces everyone is trying . to get on this lucky spot for . teleportation bye drock oh you're just . doing really bad i'm so sorry. okay you got to catch up to us so i'm . starting to think that this map only has . three minigames so far three very great . minigames okay guys three really great . it's getting a little tedious so we . might just play until no i got a job . jump but i will train to become the best . jumper dude don't you just know i've . trained too hard and long you guys . follow my tactic i never got hit by the . stick whiner a plan no my dad think is . the best tactic see i'm just looking in . the right corner to always jump never . miss a beat. just jump i mean you're just gonna . jinks don't jinx me i'm ready for this . oh hi golds hi how's the weather . quiet bunny bunny whoo but he's being . annoying to knock everyone off this leg . hey girls what's up how's the weather i . was this dude look a levitating look . he's any day now donuts come on you . landed up six paces come on any day now . i'm going to roll my gold dice because i . want to go very far i can see the end . ooh . oh no that looks very far i decided to . change my animations because i envied . everyone's animation oh my god i'm gonna. go change them all right brb i'm gonna . go change my animations the werewolf wow . well if you walk like that just wait . until you see mine mine is gonna be . amazing and rainbow is using the normal . walk i have the elder walk on and look . at me oh hey hello hey stop yelling in . my ear you're being too loud okay what . are we going oh let me go slow up now . i'm just kidding. i'm also going to change my walks i have . a bunch of animations and i think it's. finally the best time to use them on the . back my back where blue circle boom hey . does this do the stands look nicely or . just look like my back's broken yeah . oh i hope you're not lying to me though . you made circle i think i can beat drago . though jackal wasa like a zombie i'm a . werewolf it doesn't really look like a . werewolf dude you look more like that . angry zombie we want we all want that . was too easy. alright it's time for me to roll dice . old funny . please get me you lucky dice nice i'm . gonna go to the top guys watch me walk. no oh okay i'm gonna keep going go back . in the maze of secrets i didn't even . listen to me it's right right right yeah . the pug knows what's good for you gold . alright roll the dice so let's keep it . going it's almost the end and i am in . first place hee hee . it's the final stretch i can finally win . i'm gonna use my gold dice for 10 yes . [applause]. that was really good it's not that is . that all wait no no i'm good i'm good . that took like 35 minutes so you guys if . you did enjoy this roblox video make . sure to smash the like button down below . don't forget to subscribe to join the . crew and thank you so much for watching . and we will see you guys all in the next . one. bye guys . [music]. [music]. .
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