The IRON MAN CHALLENGE in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

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Fortnite Battle: Royale - Welcome to the IRON MAN challenge! :D
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly No Swearing!)
You can ice me i my man welcome everyone . my name's ali eight today i have a very . exciting video where we're going to be . coming as close as we possibly can . becoming an iron man with import knife . with five points of challenges i need to . try and complete in this video for the . ultimate ironman challenge within . fortnight battle royale this whole . challenge inspired the very first time i . saw the flame full effects you can now . get within fortnight's you fall towards . the ground and all i can think in my . head was iron man and how it looked . absolutely amazing since they i could be . following five challenges that i need to . complete within a single game of both . night the iron man challenge and i run. through all of those change points with. you if you guys go on to really enjoy . these kind of challenges i would love . you guys to leave your own ones down . below in the comment section they can be . inspired by anything it could be . inspired by video game characters films . books movies anything that you think . could be a really cool challenge in fort . like battle really pose comments and . i'll definitely check them out but what . is the iron man challenge and what do i . have to do so +5 points point number one . it to look like iron man no this is as . close as i feel we can get to looking . like iron man i believe a dark voyager . outfit is probably the coolest and. closest looking outfit of the iron man's . normally read but this guy looks pretty . futuristic those orange groves were over . in the awesome spacesuit i think he . looks pretty close we're gonna have no . backpack for this guy we'll keep it nice . and clean it's not like iron man has . something on his back that he needs or . storing a sandwich in there it's a no . backpack for him he's gonna be walking . the ac/dc high-voltage melee tool if he . was gonna be using anything to mele . someone he'd probably try and . electrocute them unfortunately there . isn't the go-to iron man r8 in fortnight . but i have unlocked the high octane . glider that you can only get from being . tier level 100 within fortnight and it . just gets me to say operating at maximum . horsepower this is close as you're gonna . get for an awesome vehicle for iron . mantle. in the map and then finally obviously . the flames one of the key parts inspired . this is me flying in from out the flames . out my back as i try and vi man within . four nights now that we looked like iron . man we need to go on an act like iron . man and for point number two we fast to . land into two towers we have to get a . minimum of five kills in that game into . two towers this is inspired by the fact . that tony stark iron man has his own . stark tower based in new york which is . an acutely impressive building it is. giant it is huge and just like tilted . clouds which build huge a huge buildings . i've got to stay there i've got to get . five kills i can go in and out of tilted . towers but it by the game end i must . have gotten at least five within the . towers complete point number two but. number three is tony stark's a little . bit cocky he likes to show off so i need . to get an impressive kill for this one i. set it as a long-range desert eagle . q the brand new hand cannon so i need to . find that and be nice to get a nice kill . that i would consider to be a showy offi . kind of kill with the hand cannon all . wrapped into this game as well recharge . point number four . it gets even harder and as we know i'm . and go-to weapon is the repulsive beam . which i believe is the official name . that comes out of his hand which he used . to blast away . loads of enemies and as a result i. decided that i need to get at least . three rpg kills i feel like the rpg for . the closest to his beam cannon of death. that comes out of its hand but we need . to get multiple of them i thought three . you'd be good enough it means that i . need to find the rpg pretty early and i . have to get that many if i want to . complete the challenge and finish off . the final point point number five is . just to win the game what if that needs . to happen in a single game of port . knight this is not easy this is . definitely taking me many attempts to . try to get close and actually win the . game i don't wanna give away what . happens in this but it is certainly . crazy. as i said if you've got your own. challenge ideas inspired by other video . games film or movie characters leave . them down below in the comment section . and i would absolutely love to give them . a go if you enjoy this i wanna see more . of these ones give it a thumbs up as . well and hopefully you going to really . enjoy it so without further ado you guys . the challenge rules have been set all . we're gonna do now is jump into the game . the come ironman and try and complete . the challenge so let's jump into it and . let's do this. all right tootie's towers will this be . my first victim not even a single piece . of damage sake and that's what i'm. talking about. i have this is actually being i don't . know why and i think it's the yup . but it's our element of it honestly one . of the harder challenges i've tried and . i'm not even like limited myself too . much. it's just try to do everything in one . game it's not easy and i think the fact . that i'm landing into two towers is . slowly driving me insane because to be . honest with you. recently i've been avoiding theo two . towers as much as i can because it's . just too random it's just too much going . on now go to keep an eye on my kills . like so much is gonna happen . first of all i need to find a beagle rpg . probably what happen to later but this . could be my second kill here ice looking . good okay i take that back it was . looking good . oh what did i say okay so we got the . hand cannon i just need to get one sort . of yoshi suave showing off you kill with . it which is probably not gonna happen in . like cross map someone with it oh what's . that. that is a potion in there isn't it yeah . yeah oh my god oh my oh my . see you later guys hey man is that me no . time to be showing off now . i've got no metis unfortunately i often . wait until i get means before i put . shoes on the beginning of games but not. right now. hand online but there's a lot of fights . going on over here we have drawn in . attention that's for sure rise up high . i'm man think like iron man become iron . man as long as we do that we'll be fine . definitely around here somewhere this . person because i think there's two . people here yet there's definitely two . people there i totally won into them at . the same time iron man maybe a bit cocky . but he's also sense . oh my god they are lychee bouquet when i . have nothing did i just kill him with. for damage what is that thank you thank . you all of this is mine all of this is . mine. poor damage he is gutted okay two kills . into two towels so far still over half . of the people alive in the map i can . hear someone else in this is the . official this building right here is the . official stock building by the way for . hopefully regret dropping my tactical . there in or just plumbing you're gonna . get a little surprised my friend three . kills only two more kills and then i can . get out of this . i mean i'm cooling a hellhole but to be . honest with you this is stark towers . location we're pretending is new york . city. i wish stark taos is a real place in new . york that would be absolutely amazing . absolutely amazing i believe and my . comic book knowledge is minimal i . believed and do clearly from wrong . i think stark towers is what it's called . initially and then it gets turned into . the avengers tower full of you guys out . there but no more than me to share in a . comment section down below be interested . to know and apparently i'm building . triangles for a living not what i . intended . could confuse the enemies you know i . mean see it see i'm trying to think what . that feels doing anybody know your boys . i'm man . come on break down nice they can . definitely hear more people oh my god oh . okay . oh okay i got snipe from somewhere thank . you someone knows star towels better . than i do. i think this person's coming up here to . be honest with you definitely hear them . what geez people are popping with the . crossbow it was a launch pad over there . as well for need a swift escape okay . okay so i don't have to and i'm i'm the . creator of these rules so i could move . them out a little bit i think it's fair . enough obviously any skip five kills . until two towers but i don't have to get . them all in one go i can come back and . get them but it's just risky because if . like the ring moves and the storm takes . out till two towers and and i haven't . got five q's yeah no i think failed big . fat fail okay someone needs to chill out . where is that coming from who's shooting . me there you are . that counts that definitely counts pork . using two towels you don't need one more . now oh i'm playing it kind of safe i'm . not taking people out and washing them . just because i need the kids not i mean . and we've got the hand cannon now all we . need we we need one more killing tilted . we need a crazy hand cannon kill and we . need to find an rpg and honestly we need . to find that rpg pretty damn early. because we need three kings it's it's . not i can just pick it up top two as in . cadiz no no no yes i may be leaving . stark towers but only moment momentarily . relieved cheese sally and i talk . apparently not right now this guy was . taking me on wait what wasn't he shoot . me of a crossbow put this knock i don't . even know don't even know anymore . this game has just been too weird okay . the storms coming in actually it's gonna . be on tilted but only just so this is . gonna be a little bit of a ghost one and . everyone just stop stop shooting at me i . know everyone wants to tell their mates . f
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