This Easy Bake Oven does wonders!
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What's up YouTube! Welcome to Guava Juice, You may know me from Wassabi Productions. This is my new gaming channel where I will be putting out all my content going forward. I post two videos a day at 12PM and 3PM PST!
On here you’ll find lots of ridiculous fun games from Happy Wheels, Roblox and Yandere Simulator to random games you’ve never heard of! You’ll also find INSANE challenges, sketch comedy, and random shenanigans that you'll love! Subscribe and become a GUAV!
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Category: Gaming
Caption: And uh what's up you today we're going to be cooking using the easy-bake oven as the links ok so this whole time i thought the easy-bake oven is actually an oven-like you can open it but you can't open it at all this is how it works you have this pan you put it here i'll bake whatever inside in the middle and eventually come out on the other side to this this is the worst of it never easy bake oven comes with a packet of brownies so let's start that let's do that first what you want to do is a poor the brownie solution into a bowl just like waa then just add like like a teaspoon of water so i don't like these who's gonna have to water that now we just mix it all up yeah next mix mix mix mix mix mix mix it with my hands now for any here i'm using my hands because it's easier it's not i wash my hands don't worry it and now we turn it on now you get your giant spoon gave you a giant spoon to put your little can hear just push your ride it shit right now wait 12 minutes you guys minutes icic it here we go let me just grab it with my handy-dandy giant spoon i see it i see it because it brought it up brown day it's ice intently her date with this thing but look at that looks like a pool brownie does it taste good though wow look at that oh that slip that is so let brought em now we're gonna see if this easy bake oven keep easy-bake this bagel bites here we go let's put it in here oh what thought it won't even fit all right you know what that means we gotta switch it just a little bit that way you can fit inside yeah yeah alright hopefully can go inside now come on come on come on there you go just put in here and i'll see you guys in 12 minutes alright 12 minutes are up what would be serious but it's a little bit steamy i mean turn this off a little bit alright let's all let's push this all the way in alright and then let's get it from the other side here we go mr. bagel bites where are you oh my gosh it ain't getting out come on come on come on mr. big bike lifted what wow and tight turn into a giant bagel bite what what what what does it taste the same oh that's delicious oh my goodness ok easy makeup and business this is magic is about cool you becoming wow you believe that i was just so good alright let's cook some more let's see what else this thing can do right now i have a corn dog let's see what this easy bake oven can do with this corn dog alright i first got to figure out how to fit inside this hole here there you go i guess it's gonna go there without it here we go i just push it in all right i'll see you guys in 12 minutes alright everybody after 12 minutes let's check up on this corn dog so let's push on me out turn this thing off first and now oh yeah yet what what what what what you guys see this yeah are you guys kidding me right now are you guys kidding me right out it's spaghetti how does forgetting you what how what can i use it because it is this man welcome good spaghetti evening yeah that spaghetti it tastes like corn dogs oh wow at this point i'm just very confused and no matter what i put in here right now it's just gonna be probably very random are you guys let's try one last thing i have here some chicken wings let's see what happens when i put some chicken wings in here but can't even fit in there okay i'm not put just a tiny piece right there ah chicken wings put this in here with my handy-dandy spoon go let's turn this machine on there you go and i'll see you guys in 12 minutes alright guys after 12 minutes let's see what is up so let's push this all the way here and i cannot believe i'm see right out the thing is it's stuck come on dude come on come on come here alright alright i'm gonna have to break this open all right almost there okay you will not believe what's in here here we go rotisserie chicken come on come on come on my come on i got my gosh dinners gonna be so good today oh my goodness freshly cooked rotisserie chicken is even not good you're going on but i was delicious god delicious easy bake oven i give you a 10 out of 10 actually 11 out of 10 i don't know how you're doing all this but it's amazing this is so amazing i hope you guys enjoy it today's easy-bake oven video um yeah they do sit where

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