THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 3 A New Frontier Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 – EPISODE 2 ENDING

The Walking Dead Game Season 3 A New Frontier Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 includes the Episode 2 Ending of the Story for PS4 Pro, Xbox One S and PC. This The Walking Dead Game Season 3 A New Frontier Gameplay Walkthrough will also include a Review, all Episodes, Clementine and the Ending.
The Walking Dead Season 3 includes Episode 1: Ties that Bind - Part 1, Episode 2: Ties that Bind - Part 2, Episode 3: Above the Law, Episode 4: Thicker Than Water and Episode 5: From the Gallows.
Season 3, retitled The Walking Dead: Season Three and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier, is an upcoming third set of episodes for Telltale Games' The Walking Dead and the successor of Season Two and Season One.
The Walking Dead Video Game is an episodic video game based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead graphic novel series. The game is under development by Telltale Games. The Walking Dead: Season Two is an upcoming episodic graphic adventure based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book series and developed by Telltale Games. Clementine, who was the player's companion during the first season, will become the player-character in Season Two, and the fate of Kenny, a non-player character that appeared to die during the last act, "will be explored", according to Telltale.
Somebody to continue the guests final . part of all the new content for the . walking dead a new frontier i was going . to do was when episode 3 comes out kind . of along the same lines kind of have it . ready on like the launch day for each. one as best as i can but i love you guys . thank you so much for everything and. hope you guys enjoyed. great what now i've got some bad news . so what's going on well we got a bunch . of cars clog in the underpass too many . to drive through gonna need to move some . of them out of the way. hey i'm coming too . i'll stay with kate and keep a lookout . yeah with us if anything happens awfully . convenient the pass is blocked like this. not convenient at all if you ask me . we move that car right there we should . be good. come on let's get to work and clear it. out all right time to get some i guess . progress right here. i don't know because put it in neutral i . guess this doesn't really have wills . could use the whatever the things called . the hangar let me see sup jesus how are . we gonna get that out of the way to see . the tow trucks . let's try to push it maybe who knows who . the hell knows been . [music]. so we're looking for a tire maybe let me . talk to him really quick how we doing . yeah conrad doesn't look too good over . there tell me about it . he's a good man javi don't have a long . time. this is just a dark day form . yeah keep an eye on him for me all right . so if i had to guess we're probably . gonna find me . we talked to hurley quick i had to feel . like something what happened to his. chick and this other girl seems like. perfect for him all the sudden you know. as keep doing she's holding on we're . almost there. let me know if anything changes i well . but the one thing that's kind of giving . something away feel like is the fact . that it's like kate will roll like . remember things you know like she's . gonna make it or whatever. we'll just have to see those might come . in handy jumpstart the car maybe who . knows jumper cables so you equipment i'm . talking back there so we were just . talking. she seems pretty cool uh-huh i have a . feel like they're gonna stretch out the . clementine story for years and years bad . magic like 10 years from now i'm still . playing these type of games still have a . youtube channel stila you know being the . red dead or whatever the hell be then . who knows a comment i'm gonna be adults . will be funny . you good man i'm not good i know let's . just get this shit over with and get the. rich me. heart we've exhausted all of our options . and this little spot so let me go over. here cannot go past wait a minute hold . on can't go any further out it seems . like now jumper cables they might help . let me talk to clementine hang on what's . up. it's complicated. usually it's just me on my own. having people is nice but it always. interpreting in the end never think . otherwise. she just needs a big hug man telling you . guys was actually a garage door over . here by this i didn't even see that so . it might be worth checking . oh hell yes oh shit . ok . always shit bed a little nervous to grab . this but i guess i will write it looks . like we have this thing knife it can . pull from there i don't not like me to . bring this out though i got jumper . cables so let's put one right there. that's two jumper cables this examinees . for the witch school with the lever is . broken off dark will use the wrench . first let me turn actually let me . connect this first pop the hood . [music]. you should better not mess up my baby . here. that'll do . [music]. here goes nothing mad now i can pull the . cable. [music]. hopefully that'll hold here goes nothing . hey there we go . i think we're set we got be ready to . move once the wreck is clear we should . be right behind you. well do . get the walkers they just come out of . nowhere in this game i noticed that . there's one down a little bit of x . factor triple tap don't know that's . actually kinda cool . eleanor now go-go-go just drive get . enrichment. you're through let's go . they call me better watch out man oh my . god. thanks . shit . we got bigger problems here the roof go . but i noticed that ladder . ok i'm not crazy and they're coming out . of the woodwork man come on move it move . it all making this shit up their game go . that our wishes stuck to its got a buddy . are you fucking kidding football pool . that was bad . yeah i just climb up mean this is like . throwing arm over there we go . god damn it i knew this place didn't . feel right. what the hell are we gonna do now we. have to come up with some kind of plan. oh what a great idea a plan who would . have thought of that we waited out a way . to these things give on they could take . days will be dead by then . great this is just fucking great what . the hell are we gonna do . calm down calm down i'm not going to . fucking calm down eleanor's out there . alone right now we wouldn't even be in . this mess everyone with you it's not . true. fuck you can all stop there's somebody. over there. what shit everybody get down . we was a solid trap . keep your heads down that could have a . rifle. whoever you are out there we don't want . any trouble okay . the hell he's gone. everyone stay here and keep behind cover. i'm gonna see what i can find out be . careful . a minute honestly seems like i thought . we're gonna find somebody from the . previous seasons up on this roof for . some reason. as far as main characters go i do like . this guy's main character i didn't know . if i would you know. where i have control but not really . that's a fake proper bit there's no way . that's the person. it's definitely not a person i'm gonna . need you to turn around for me slowly. did you hear me. that thing's not a toy drop it or you . might hurt yourself now then i'm not . gonna shoot . not unless you make i just want to talk . you got me just want to have a word . look i don't want any trouble here okay. just answer my questions and you have my . word you'll be fine you the two guys . they are the kids . the women in the car i saw you split up . i overheard that little argument just . now your friends over there are gonna . shoot me right you folks have your shit . together they're good people they've . lost a lot sure we all have . recently ah fresh wounds that makes . sense you're going to richmond that . tells me you've got something to do with . what's going on down there. question is whose side are you want look . man i don't know you. oh shit i'm glad i'm like paying . attention to the control and everything . to do you bastard . don't move. well you see one of them . hey man what do you mean by them who's . dan you know what i'm talking about the . new frontier what no i'm not with those . guys you got this backwards . bobby this guy's full of donkey shit i . don't think he's with those guys look . i'm telling you i'm on my way to . richmond just like you i lost touch with . some good people there when the new. frontier took go . i'll trust men . the new frontier they took over richmond . don't tell me you didn't know that . fuck. oh god eleanor kate they're headed right . to the middle of those assholes and lose . now we got an excuse to go after those . motherfuckers. what are we gonna do everyone just calm. down calm down calm down how the hell do . you want us to become about this they're . gonna fucking kill it if we get to them . first. there's an old train tunnel that runs. under the james river from what i hear . it should be a straight shot into rich a . train tunnel i could lead you guys there . but since a hobby here said you're good . people and all maybe you could lower . those guns first lord in my ass . we're gonna tie you what makes your . story checks out that's really not. necessary i don't know we just met this . guy we all just met our guns avi man . don't you trust me or not . thank you . ready . this way hey what do we call you . sorry forgot to introduce myself . it's paul but my friends call me jesus . huh . we can hide in here . i was more worried that it wouldn't be . more about clementine is like just a. whole new brand of people much it's . gonna be okay . seems like they definitely use her a lot . in this so i'm happy for that even . though you're not the one controlling . her. come on i think this is honestly gonna . be like the back story of what happened . to aj shh it's all right i know you're . hungry . always hold the baby always . that's it now you got home longer than . that we're gonna wait for them to go and . then we're gonna find you some dinner . hopefully find us some dinner . ok i can hear you in there hey there . hello. you can keep that thing pointed at me if. it makes you feel better but if you . shoot me you'll have to deal with them. pretty big group of them out there it'll . pass . eventually stay right where you are . don't move don't worry kill i'm not . going . already over here now . damn it . i'd say we make a pretty good team he's . like who the hell's that . yeah well point to us thanks i guess . your problem kiddo . anytime you need an oversized or stop . you know call you can't you guys living . here you seem kinda young to be a mom . what are you 13 his real parents are . god i'm all he has that he's cute and . lucky he has someone looking after how . much of that anymore . we were out there scouting nothing out . of the ordinary and then ordinary and . then chaos and shit bastards are sloping . got damaged when there's enough of them . i got separated from the others god i . hope they all made it thought we were . ready for anything. what were your scouting for gas water . any supplies we can find sure as hell . was worth it . my people are probably at the rendezvous. by now. what's left of them at least by the way . i neva my group we call ourselves a new . frontier . he's hungry why don't you come with me . my people my food blankets bottled wat
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