THE WHEEL OF FUTUNE! – S3E15 – Fifa 17 Ultimate Team

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I have to get from Div 10 to Div 1 of Fifa 17 Ultimate Team but my fate lies in the hands of the spinning Wheel Of Futune! The wheel decides what players I use. The wheel sets me challenges to complete and rewards me with packs when I do well, but can punish me with bankruptcy too!
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Alright mate how you doing welcome back to another episode of the winner foot to is series 3 episode 15 i carry the foot hauser and the cash is gone yes movember is over a lot of money for movember think they want to donate to the charity streams but i shaved my face i look young again our i'm happy i'm happy i like the cash but it was time to go anyway before we crack on this episode make sure you drop a like on the video if you enjoy in this series and before we play our first game we have to spin the wheel so let's do it 123 bosh we've got a hundred and thirty eight coins that's it just a hundred and thirty-eight not a lot so we don't really want by your player we can't get anyone good we don't buy an informer by special item we can't get anything good we want some packs really dumb you want some packs was going to give us their where is it gonna be it's funny player i mean i don't like there's a role if you can't do what the wheel told you to do you have to spin again i don't think is possible to buy a player 438 coins so we could have to spin again right bank we're going again ok so we can get by any player we do what you can to keep spinning is going to go on forever really packs and challenges we could get bankrupt with this little coin squad building challenge we could get one of them to be there wasn't gonna be there where is the wheel gonna finish our i mean that's just taking the mick help me it was the best time to get bankrupt you've got a hundred thirty eight coins but i am bankrupt again before we go ahead and actually make ourselves bankrupt us a quick shout-out to eta for making these kids and badges available obviously from the club shepherd comments are probably saying it wrong base-t brazilian team sadly lost a lot of their players in that tragic plane crash in colombia so we are actually going to use the badge of course we're going to put that in as a new window function batch and we're going to get the kids involved as well i'm sure will encounter some other teams using the kids as well cos it's really brought the football community together this and hopefully it doesn't happen to any other clubs in the future tragic tragic loss in the main song we have to go to the transfer market and just find anything i mean can we even buy anything 438 coin don't think is possible is it is nothing but 200 coins so i basically that skin doesn't do anything eva like i just a bankrupt i guess the technic aight if i call myself bankrupt let me the card that will tell me to do so i need to spin again so i'm gonna spin again ok let's do it thank we're going to keep spinning until we get something that can actually be done before the next match okay can be bankrupt before any player by informing it could be challenged time any of the packs or squad building challenge or i will take any one of them now we just need something is the situation will be left in from so many bankruptcy is gonna be challenged time blue ok this is going to be difficult is a play for challenges still waiting for the non fee for challenges this is a favorite challenges get the pop bang we got favorite challenge we've done a lot of these already mostly we've been pretty successful at them what is this favor challenge going to be an under 50 chemistry challenges was sent in by been priced at been p 1 2 325 the under 50k interface i've got making with less than 50 chemistry if i win the match by three goals or more i get five packs and win the match by less than three goals i get 3 packs if i draw the match i get one pack if i lose the game i lose my lowest rated player from the performance of this match so let's take a look at what support we can make okay this is the team using for under 50 chemistry change with a 46 chemistry was my rated players they're all players which i don't mind if we lose them but also don't honestly have any chemistry of each other's we've got patricia in go 84 red what ya gonna be one skirt or centre-back we've got a grill er from the mexican league right back leighton baines at left-back will call valeo cdma for rated hand days and obama is set amid twice on in cam4. com go up front is rapid and van persie you've got a hat trick last episode in his debut he's going out front to become another game like that he can lead us to victory on the bench who got some bronzes and we got paso rafa premieres and fred ok so if we lose the game we lose the lowest rate before but i don't plan on losing even with 46 chemistry let's go ok my opponent is bummed the united he has got to santos got a couple of silver's from the mls to mls player that's including stevie geez now retired of course color ballet partland for brazilian syria their premier league bear mls ok let's do this boys the under 50 chemistry challenge is off well in a girl are nice because it's in a bomber the bomber find someone yes my son looking for companies fast he's gonna get fruit pretty bad too thick to vent off the post i'm good but combo are we rushed that for example she was gonna get another goal then paulo the bomber into twice on keep the ball cardio dance bang van persie our lovely footwork from percy could save from butland become blue goes back to know bella novella still got it the bar up to hernandez hernandez the khumbu a couple we've got is wide but what a start for the no camp boys careful here going to be careful here that's come on friend for me girl know why do you do that why did he do that the ball was going through to the keeper i was happy to leave it instead it makes me think it's touching school and that such plays in his striker he's not been in the game and that is a gift of a girl now we're in danger of losing a player more importantly losing a game in division five we can't afford 200 could be turning down here and we're actually got lucky there let's get lucky again thank you okay right that was bear from him ok as you can see we are lucky to be down with a much more possession a few more chances i don't want to lose this game out any patents absolutely left my right back for dead oh nice table inside now i can get another one here oh wow we were to know down here out a chance of promotion to division four is it risky i'm not going to lie i make some changes on the change information to the 4 12 12 wide i'm gonna get hernandez off for rafa i'm gonna get promise on for no paula i'm actually gonna get them percy off or pattern on a triple substitution we want to win this game come on out of the light no i'll come on here's a few lucky breaks this game is a fully deserves it but i mean most guys on the line he wins the head and he just hit his own goal was even going on target it wasn't going on target ridiculous so don't go for khumbu not only decent play this game is played two promises on herself promise it's nice when promise you can get us to go our promise that's a lovely go off the bench a shame we can see that third dogs now would be 21 otherwise would be in it but probably too little too late but nice go there with the swift reply don't forget to hashtag it oh my god i mean the chemistry's killed out there is the key for the defense of what they no one can put attacking it seems it's a goal from kickoff for the other guy now he slipped replied me gerald with the strikers are good here but how is he allowed to do it there's a fire whistle boys so forth to feel of the series second one in two episodes that was starting to decline a little bit of form is dropping turns out the under 50 chemistry challenging quite hard goal for promised an assist for become but we lose our lowest rated player and that was our goalkeeper patricia 6. 3 they can seat four goals to be fair so he is out of there we had a lot more shots more possession he scored before of his six shots on-target so you can see why the keeper god low rating more importantly running about 10 points before games remaining the title was still possible we just got 130 many four games before we spin the wheel that we do have to say goodbye to read petruchio bye bye mate you got okay that's been the will get back 1458 coins in the bank now which is enough to get by any player is enough to get made bankrupt properly hopefully getting better now after we get open 10 packs one looking for this stage maybe the yellow challenged always been a long time that we got that it's gonna be another challenges with one pack challenger is gonna be hard which is gonna make winning the division 5 title difficult we have to win the one pack challenge now ok i'm not sure the council's good news or not but the premier gold plays packs are out which is nothing but players to everything in the pack will be players which means we've got use all of them in the squad which is gonna make it hard for chemistry again but also gives us maybe more chance against some good players in there i'm gonna gamble hope we get some good ones let's see who are using in the one pack challenge everyone in this pack we have to use is it about these in there sent from brazil i think we've got em already hey fred in fact he was on the bench for last game who also we got along with fred goes i'll as barry rabiot not a lot of big-name players guys mark easy a couple of goalkeepers ver ass record veena khone mccauley garcia and the guards are these two duplicates we need to get many of these guys in the starting lineup but there is 12 of them anyway can't see a striker in there so we got to play someone out position ok guys here is my one pack change team is not much better than the under 50 km challenge you're going to 63 chemistry at 12 players in total i'm going to solve a goalkeeper every 30 minutes sage goalkeepers you do 30 minutes of the game eh and that way i want to use all the guys from the one pack challenge you have otherwise been brought in as an extra and he had good chemistry of berry and recording recording span left-back logan's i'll is centre-back a cone a centre-back marchisio and the goalkeepers
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