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Hey i'm jay from the cub scouts welcome . back to another episode of free random . games a series where i find some of the . most random games out there on the . internet and i play them for you guys . right here in this video i can't promise . you guys how they're gonna be any good . but i can promise you guys that we're . gonna have some fun so if you guys cool . with that you down with that everybody . sit down buckle the fuck up cuz here we . go this first game is called dead man's . day you play as a cowboy who dies inside . of a saloon and you need to relive each . and every day and you need to manipulate . the environment so that he ends up not . dying i think that's what i have to do . so let's end to the game and let's see . for ourselves. alright so we're playing dead man's hand . i don't know how to play that game set . on all those cards are good or if . they're shits and his cowboy or cowgirl . she gets mad and his life ooh . really and then i get shots that guy . misses all his shots she turns around . bam one shot to his dome and now i'm . dead animation styles pretty cool i'm . not gonna lie wasd to move and the mouse . to move around okay cool so yeah the . game says that you die and then you have . to relive that same day over and over . again you have to manipulate the . environment so that you end up not dying . so let's see what we gotta do . what's that dougie i gotta give him his . bone there you go dougie can't get your . bone get your bone . yes it good boy all right here we go . so what do i do can i talk to her this . is the girl that kills a dick in the . wild west. but anyway whoa okay told dick girls in . the wild west what the fuck do i do . buddy how the hell do we get out of here . oh no times up oh shit y'all know how . this ends like nothing i do will stop . this person from coming here going blam . blam blam this big old bitch right here . pulls out his gun blam blam blam all his . shots and then she does a 180 and she's . like oh yeah i forgot to kill you oh oh . you wants a drink . okay let me get him this drink and then . let's put it right here there you go . he's a little tipsy . give me that no okay maybe i got to give . him something a little bit stronger . he got up yes give me that what do i put . this how do i use this i mean here let . me the fuck in here i want to make a . call it's a crazy ass gonna kill me soon . okay we just gotta hide this thing oh . gee dickie fuck drop that give me that . key okay move boo bitch fuck poop with . those chairs there open this up i don't . have much time open that . what the hell is this okay cupcake . titties no okay let's see what happens . there's no more debt book on the table . so let's see what happens i'm pretty . sure i'm still gonna end up getting shot . a bullet right to the skull it's gone he . doesn't know where it is . he dies don't pull out the gun sheriff . don't you get don't you fuck is there if . you don't know how to show that don't . pull out your gun there's nothing really . in here there's something in here what's . that what is that that's nothing that . ain't jack shit glasses glasses who's . looking for glasses you know me glasses . sir yes . he found his glasses that's why he can't . shoots because he's blind his shits you . still missed you're a piece of dogshit . well this what does that do are you guys . going okay okay these guys are trying to . get some so now that they're distracted . what does that do for me i am still . unclear on this but uh-huh okay so now . they're talking to these guys this guy . seems like he's in good spirits maybe he . won't kill anybody because he's so happy . [music]. wait what was that. [music]. the person sat down what what is going . on here wait hell yeah yo win that's . what i'm talking about this game is . called under the bed i believe it's a . game about the fear of the dark you use . left and right to move and then p to . pause and then spacebar for interaction . so let's go something is wrong i don't . know why but i can't sleep i don't . recognize my own bedroom . what bedroom it's dark and scary like . when i look under my bed but i don't . have to be scared if i close my eyes i . can imagine what is around me what's . that the door is locked okay pete oh . there you go . oh that's cool so peace to pause to . close your eyes and then it shows what's . around my room but then in reality it's . dark that is very clever okay so my . doors right there but it's locked so . what do i do what do i go okay i see the . key up top right there but then what do . i move hold on let me see something . so every time i go to the left i think i . move that little stool to the left okay . so pause it again and then it's almost . there almost there okay one more there . you go no step on top of it how do you . step on top . i'm on top of it now i got the key okay . now we just go to the door . and now where are we . we're in the next room this is very . clever what the fuck is that what is . that oh it's the plants oh that's pretty . cool . where am i huh do i not get eaten by the . plant monster he's gone okay so i have . to see what it actually is and then the . imagination of the monster is gone . that's pretty cool whoa he grabbed my . titties begone thoughts he's gone and . then you're gone you're not gone yet now . you're gone how do i make him gone my . parents room i don't want to bother them . yeah because they're getting their . fucky-fucky on so what do i do right . here oh i hide in the closets . okay they're closed my eyes and now he's . gone that's pretty cool i like that . let's go down the stairs who the fuck is . that it's so far . really go away there it's just a sofa . now he's gone and then i think another . closets coming up so let's go hide in . here again or maybe i have to make it . present itself and then i go back inside . so let's see right . no yes no okay go side come on show . yourself show thyself i don't want to go . outside then what the fuck is that thing . that's up in the air is that oh what so . i gotta move the stool all the way to. the other monster . okay so then son right there the one you . guys are hearing right now . that's me pushing the little stool so . how do i stand on it do i stand on it . right here there you go . oh there you go nice what did i have to . stand on that that makes no sense now . i'm in the kitchen what we doing over . here and has this house ever heard of . lights i'm thirsty a glass of water . could help me sleep there we go . something got inside it's standing right . in front of the window i'm too scared to . close my eyes quick i must hide oh shit . i can't poss oh there you go why am i . hiding doggystyle . fuck does he live where all these . monsters can just like roam around . okay i think the coast is clear we're . good. the thing is still here better be. careful okay oh shit that scared me . what's the thing you still here better . be careful yes i am careful okay where . do i hide though okay i'm confused now . let me just like take baby steps i'm . just gonna keep inching my way in the. darkness oh we heard me fuck . so i have to stand on the thing and then . go over it i can't make that woo sound . okay so one two three four five okay . we're almost there one two three four. five six. almost there one two shit i moved it . okay so i can't make any noise i'm happy . shh. okay i'm right in front of it i'll stand . on top go down there you go okay i'm . good i'm good i'm good just gonna keep . inching my way i hear it what do i do . just go what how the fuck was i supposed . to know that i was right there go go go . go hide there you go i think i did it . yes. it moved past me. almost gone no he's patrolling okay i'm . gonna let it pass me and get the fuck . out here go go go go go go go go go go . go come on move like you've never moved . before how long is this hallway where . the fuck is my room my bed yes i know . it's still there it's lurking under the . bed fuck no every night it crawls out . and if i get up it comes back to get me . not for this time i made it to my bed . i'm safe i can sleep now i think we all . had this when we were kids i mean some . of you guys watching this are still kids . it might be going through this oh yeah . we all have like very wild imaginations . when we're going to sleep in its dark . you think that there's a monster under . the bed you think a monster could come . inside the window or the door or from . the ceiling but it's on your head guys . nothing's ever gonna come for you my. imagination would also run wild and i . fell like if i hid under the covers then . it would protect me and even till this . day i feel like the silence makes me . think a lot there's a lot of things . running through my mind that's why i . have the tv on so i don't have to think . so much but i feel like this was a . pretty clever little game about the . imagination of a kid when they're . sleeping at nighttime . [music]. this last game is called dora is not . dead. it's from the same developer of 3 a. m. at the krusty krab that i played in a . previous free random games episode so . maybe this is gonna be cool maybe it's. not we're gonna check it out right now . and we're gonna cross our fingers and . hopefully it's at least decent right no . objective find a way out no shits ok . looks like this is my way out yes please . let me out. mmm it's locked i need to find the key . fuck of course you do . i just gotta find that damn key and in a . weird twist of fate i'm the explorer . because i'm the one trying to find shit . so i'm just gonna hug the perimeter what. is that what the fuck is that . is that dora what the ho no fucking way . that's dora hell out of here ok let's . try to find a key that it's not even . scary. that is ridiculous oh no that sounds . like dora oh fuck yes what is this the . bitch killed what the bitch killed me. now your neck swiper . i'm swiper oh shit ok i gotta find a key . oh fuck . why is dora crawling like that who. woulda fuck is you rap oh shit oh shit . okay game over your legs are mine who . the hell knew that dora had such a. thirst for blood this really is a random . game a super random game . whoa hell is this oh fuck. why the fuck is that a big ass dora oh . shit okay i'm a little bit spooked i'm a . little bit spooked i'm not even gonna . lie to you guys i am a teensy-weensy bit . spooked with a fucking story where the . hook easter dora . not yet a midnight yes yes yes pull . doors right there doors right there why . is that freaking me out . it's not even scary look at this shit i . swear that's a dog that is a dog that's . a pooch it's too little dude what is . that a hammer this will come in handy . yes . so i can break the boards eureka okay . this guy had a note they said you killed . me ran me what oh fuck oh shit oh shit . oh shit oh shit oh shit okay i was . trying to read but apparently i ain't . got time for that shit where did i go . everything looks the same got a switch . no it's a hand. oh shit me says i'm gonna tear your guts . out and devour them like a savage both . dora you ain't no savage you ain't no. savage what's this this is key inside . yeah right yeah frickin rights i don't . believe that i don't trust that i don't . trust these holes to camera on the place . get it whoa okay well that was easy time . to get out of here yes go go go go go . come on jay you've got this bob dornan . her exploring ways jay really an . explorer she ain't christopher columbus . i knew she was a two-time in huh see . here we go big door yes. all right come on come on oh fuck get . out of here get out of here wait what . the key doesn't fit you got to be . kidding the real gate key must be around . here somewhere . that's fucked up that's so fucked up . okay i don't know hold a couple . [music]. wait is open now yes got a bitch finally . i got the real gay key i hope okay . forecast dora shit she was right there . the whole time you gotta be kidding me . okay so i know boots is gonna come out . here like this right . look fuck you you stupid bitch okay . let's go at the door and that should be . it right come on edge i am on edge okay . come on come on get out of here yes you . escaped and i had that dumbass swiper . run okay. alright guys but that's gonna do it for . this episode of free random games if you . guys would like to see more episodes . like this make sure you give this video . one big fat like and tell a friend today . that j from the cub scouts is bad dude . .
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