THIS PRANK GOT HER ARRESTED! – Roblox Jailbreak Roleplay

In today's video, Denis watches as a girl plays a crazy prank which gets her arrested by the police in Roblox Jailbreak!
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THIS PRANK GOT HER ARRESTED! - Roblox Jailbreak Roleplay - Thanks for watching!
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Caption: Get the brand new pals holiday package . now available at dennis daily. com billy. i'm not gonna do that prank that it's so . mean. oh come on hailey it'll be fun please . just this once playing daddy the prank . goes too far i'm not doing that to my . friend no you look very carefully you're . gonna do this prank and if not i'll tell . everyone you be yourself okay okay oh my . god you can't get away hey emily emily . emily come here oh yeah josh what is it . look i need to call my mom . okay i'm gonna tell everyone you did it . to take that whoa oh what no but i . didn't do this. please don't really what's going on oh i . can't believe you killed that poor girl . you're going to jail for a long time . the crime rate in this city is getting . out of hand just the other day i heard . that a kid got arrested well i'm wearing . this badge for a reason and that's to . bring justice to this city so i'm gonna . grab this here shotgun into i'm gonna do . some things done okay so first things . first first day on the job is a cap . let's check out the prison and make sure . everyone's in line make sure . everything's going nice and smooth . according to plan any new people on the . bounty board let's see well oh my. goodness that person has 1,800 belt whoa . all right i've got to keep an eye out . for ryebeck and and bob bobby dog lego . crashers hundred bounty i mean naff . that's whatever. nobody cares about lego crashers i'm . just kidding. but anyways though another big thing we . need to worry about is the actual prison . itself look at all these people probably . trying to escape well what is going on . here. well we see some shots that mean can i . hear anything am i deaf right now hold . on you know thinking alex was on my. setup again keeps messing around with my. options and then doesn't put him back . okay anyways though let's see who needs . some who needs some arrests and some . some straightening out to do huh . mmm let's go in here this year police . station so we can wear our very . honorable gear well i see we could be a. just normal good old police officer but . we could put on the whole sawant getup . that would definitely help in our quest . of putting an end to crime here we go . why not let's going ahead and get fully . geared up perfect all right i think i'm . ready to hit the city and put it put a . stop to crime i accidentally fell out of. the building let's try that again all . done okay here we go . and then this time i'm not going to run . off the edge perfect oh oh what's that . is that a prisoner abducting a . helicopter no oh that's it we got to . chase them all right here we go hit . [music]. okay i'm gonna get you wherever you try . landing i'll be right behind you and i'm . gonna arrest you real good . all right get back here you you think i . don't see you landing there huh trying . to grab a gun are you well we'll see . about that . tase you down oh oh the helicopters . blocking me and then arrested you just . just like that just just like okay what . i'm going to taste . oh no he's shooting at me come on no . it's not working hold on i can arrest . you i can do this tase hey did that . taste them yes it did . okay perfect and then i arrest you and . there we go perfect that's right no one . escapes the prison with me around okay . okay let's put on this here cool look. all right . and now okay that was another fellow cop . we're not too worried about that we're . trying to trying to get all the escaped . prisoners then escaped prisoner right. there oh so it is so it is i'm just . gonna be hovering over you seeing . whenever i get a chance to arrest you he . seems to be stuck could this be my . chance perfect okay you there yeah then . i arrest you perfect okay well you can . now you now go back to the prison and . learn from your mistakes i got to go off . to the city now i got some more . criminals to catch playing jailbreaks . pretty fun as the cop actually i've . never really done it i've always tried . to go prisoner you guys need to let me . know in the comments actually what you'd . like to see more of do you want to see. more prisoners that what you enjoy more . or do you actually want to see some more . uh some more police action because this . is pretty fun too like for example this . person right here can we get them out it . and want to arrest you okay checked and . arrest hey there we go hey hey that was . pretty easy huh what could be going on . next it's really nice that we have this . here helicopter actually very helpful oh . oh i hear someone's breaking in is . someone breaking in to the jewelry store . i think so oh okay i know what we have . to do so they're busy right now okay i . know i know i know what we gotta do . they're busy right now trying to try to . steal all them jewels right but then . logically where do they go next . they're gonna be going up to the roof to . escape and i'll be there waiting with my . handcuffs. they'll have no idea what hit them let's . see if we can actually see them progress. through this because eventually when . they're done smashing all the glass. they'll have to get through this here . laser room and then we'll be able to . hopefully see oh there's a teeny tiny . little crack right there so we can maybe . see which door they try coming through i . don't know this could be difficult . because i want to make sure that i'm . right there as they go through the door . my best guess is they're gonna be going . through the middle because that's the . door that you're most kind of lead . towards whenever you're escaping the . jewelry store so i'm gonna be waiting on . the other side of this door here and . then hopefully when they escape that . will be nighttime so we can see right . there he's going through the lasers he's . making his way through and i'm gonna be . ready to arrest he'll have no idea what . hit him. okay so he's making his way through the . lasers and then as soon as he makes his . way past that's whenever i go okay okay . king now's my time i need to be ready to . arrest there we go . come through this door he's . oh no came through that one there and . then arrests yes that's right . you thought you escaped well i was . waiting this whole time . very good and so the cash not the cash . the jewelry store is safe once again and . that criminals locked away real good. perfect and then we can jump on back . down here and catch some more criminals. who else do we got. maybe someone over here oh he's not a . criminal down there it is how dare you . escape he's also playing copy written . music so i especially have to get rid of . him so where exactly could he be trying . to land here so he's over there i'm just . gonna have to hover above and follow him . until i have an opening because i don't . want to necessarily get out and allow. him to just drive away unless i do a . proper police chase in a car if i get. the veyron going there's no way that . they'll be able to that they'll stand . any chance there's a swat vehicle right . there wait a second is that a it's not a . police officer in that there swat . vehicle it is ok good stuff i was told . in the comments that the swat vehicles . faster than the veyron is that true for . some reason i don't really believe that . ok and then this person here actually . seems to be stuck well not necessarily . stuck ok hold on he's driving this way . for some reason where does he think he's . going he's making a quick stop here i . think he's trying to run away from the . police i'm not too sure i got to follow . him though i'm following nice and close . wherever he ends up trying to go i'll be . there i'll be able to drop right on down . i can try doing a little roadblock oh . what's he doing he got out of the car . why'd he get out of the car oh there's a . fellow police officer over there ok land . down right on top and then ready with . the cuffs oh you ready got him ok sweets . good stuff dude good teamwork even . though you uh you technically got him oh . excuse me wow almost hit me there . goodness ok let's get out of here well . that's another success right there maybe . it's a good idea to get the motorcycle . as well that'll allow us to quickly . what if we set up like a little system . in the city here i can actually bring . the the volume back here if i grab the . motorcycle and drive it back to the city . and then i have at my disposal both a . motorcycle and a helicopter that would . be pretty powerful no one could really . no one would stand a chance i'd say the . best place to land as well is right here . because it's not super easily accessible . you have to go up the ladder first and . in a small way it's almost kind of . hidden people wouldn't really think to . look up there . ow ow ouch let's see any criminal is in . this area here i want to test this swat . vehicle is this actually faster than the . veyron i really don't know execute sir . can you get off i'm actually okay dude . why stop it get get off get off i want . it oh actually wait a second talk don't . tell me to do stuff don't force okay. hold on so now the this is actually back . oh here we go i don't actually know if . this is faster than a veyron i really . don't think it is who were they to be . dead level 5 engine - hey it doesn't . have any did he shoot out the tires. great dude great that's really how . you're gonna get my attention is you're . gonna you're gonna ruin the game for me . that's good logic right there that's how . you have me spend more time around you . in case you guys didn't see the sarcasm . that's actually the best way to not get . my attention in games is by trying to . troll me and prevent me from playing the . game properly a lot of the times that . actually just straight up makes me leave . the game if this guy continues it . anymore i am just gonna have to leave . this one and go into another one so . little public announcement if you see me . in a game don't troll m

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