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Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at numerous govt conspiracies, a site that teaches us about the finer aspects of life as well as web pages that teach us how to make a living breathing plane! Thanks for watching!
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"Pamgaea" by Kevin MacLeod
Hello gaza gurl me mude are . come to another episode of deep web. browsing dark web browser dank web . browsing whatever you want to call it . ladies and gentlemen this is episode. number 82 this fine week i hope that . you've been enjoying series so far once . again we return to the world of free net . and tour i think we're going to mix and . match as much as we can this week just. to get a little bit of a both world . alongside that i don't really know what . the themes are and of course it's not . actually sunday i feel like i have to . put that as a little disclaimer is . actually the latest i ricordi play video . is that it actually is sunday is . literally the night like i am recording . i'm gonna be editing this in like an . hour to the ladies and gentlemen this is . deep web browsing episode number. eighty-two of course no common theme but . we get to sit back relax and see a part . of the internet that's a little too day . for regular doing with that intro said i . think we go right into our very first . web site so the first time we've . actually found is apparently the fly. playing ladies and gentlemen now of. course this is about building a model. plane but not just any old model plane. also about taking flies cryogenically . freezing them and then putting them on . to set planes that the plane will fly . ladies and gentlemen why am i not . fucking surprised anymore but here we go. ladies and gentlemen the sly plane split . a wooden matchstick take a wooden . matchstick and slice thin silver from . one side only think if i had to make . this video i can't because it's like . isn't fucking cruel what will get into . it hold on then cut the remaining sticks . into lengthwise make sure you leave a . little bit of the red tape and text for . effect . discard one half a mathematic they're . very fucking small of course but here we . go ladies and gentlemen we have a. matchstick it's actually like a really . nice like fucking illustration by the . way to i like that art style god damn . you know now let's go let's go to this . make the aircraft by gluing a day a . sliver of wood the wing across the . remaining part of the mastic the . fuselage if you want you can use a . little scraps to make a tail section or. you can make a biplane you know you can . fucking go anywhere you want dude this . is this is all up to you or you can use . a couple of thin slices of balsa to make. a huge winged one that will carry maybe . 20 engines and waiting at the fucking . engines to indulge your aeronautical. wind think of list think of thrust think . of innovation without the benefits of an. industrial policy and can we just . fucking do it don't let's not get . political. ok let's go into it he's got a friend . that . really got political not friends anymore . but let's go catch some flies catch a . bunch of flies put them in a jar and put . the charger in the freezer in a few . seconds of flies will be killed out . completely this is called cryogenics and. has its drawbacks for example the flies . will be dead flies if you freeze them. too long dead slides are no good so if . you're a tinker refrigerate your fly's . it takes longer to make them comatose. but they have high recovery rate than . the ones you leave in the freezer next. to the burritos. all right so ladies and gentlemen we now . know basic cryogenics when it comes with. kind of stuff now it's almost the same. principles like if you're cooking. lobster like a lot of people like what . they would use what i want a lot of . people do it like they put the lobster . and like like boiling water and shit . right like they kill it that way or the . steam it or whatever the fuck right some . people what they do is they like put a. lobster into like the fridge right or . like the freezer section so like if the. lobster it gets cold right it's almost . like this principle in a way to its not . dead but it slows down so much to the . point where doesn't really feel anything . so when you got to like jab the knife . into its head to like kill it right that . that's what like mostly like butcher . lobster the lobster doesn't feel a . fucking thing because it's like it's so. like slowed down to a point where like . it won't fucking react to it at all . it's gone and that's like what some. people consider to be the most humane. way to do it is almost the same. principles this too so it's like so . notice that you may not be concluding . flies to fucking matchbook can just like . letting that shit right through this . year let's go anyways so i here we go . we're attaching the fly using a little . like drop of rubber cement. alright so these things are fucking . stuck for good mother fucker . now you connect the flies now you take . the flies out of the freezer attach the . abdomen of 14 just fly to each drop of . glue make sure all the flies are facing . the same direction and then breathe life . into the flight that's actually so . fucking put into a gentle top of your . warm breath lower assess the state the . flies could you imagine them being the . flies it's almost like the movie human . centipede and shit but instead of like. humans it's flies right so it's like . like they get fucking get passed out and . shit and wake up knowing that they're . attached to this thing for the rest of . their fucking like existence that's . that's really fucked up man. we got depressing when i think it's . depressing large the aircraft is your . file like a charm and far from being . cruel to the flies you'll be teaching . them a new and valuable thing . ok one that brings the battery that is . one that brings us that virtue of this . existence we see that while flies think . a lot alike they have a great deal in . common share many of the same hopes and. dreams they never act in concert as a . team with regard for the worth of other . neighboring flies until forced to buy . grim circumstance us for example when . their harness to fly in either first . experience the exhilaration of. high-altitude cooperation or die . wow redeemed by such a critical choice . they soar like a glider race like a . stealth and when overflying a barnyard . or kennel turn into a wicked awesome . dive-bomber oh can you ladies and . gentlemen that was fucking interesting i . will tell you that right now i don't . know what to fucking say really want to . go when it comes down to hold this shit . other than holy fuck . alright ladies and gentlemen they took . the magic fucking flies and like they . combine them so basically over here it's . like slides have a choice now they're . flying when you when you throw them out . you make the fucking choice like either. they fall and die or they work together . within the moment they like connector . like oh they look at the other fly. brethren got somebody like 20 flies and . shit right there looking at each other . like guys we better work together right . otherwise the dead this sick human has . attached us to fucking matchbox blame . and we got it. that's actually really fucking beautiful . but i wouldn't try this because frankly . i don't know where i'm going to really . capture these many flies and frankly i. don't know if i have the time and energy . to really a fucking freeflys and and . attach them to a fucking matchbook plane . that's a lot of effort for a pretty. fuckin prim experiments ladies and . gentleman that was the fly plane i think . we're back out of it they're going to do . something else because that was a great . start but you know what . so much more to come the nsa is building. the country's biggest spy center here we . got some illuminati shit now we haven't. covered the nsa in awhile but you know . for those we don't know what the nsa is . to the gravesite of america they are the . national security agency for the united . states basically what they do is they do . a lot of analytical work photography . work things like that for. us intelligence services to basically . track down bad people or just to do. general surveillance and they basically . had a major scandal kick in when with . the whole prison experiment where them . and many other facets of the military. intelligence community that's super . weird i'm going to call hold on. hi ladies and gentlemen i was a little . weird interruption i got a call for . apparently no reason to think somebody . was just like fucking some weird might . shit our nose like breathing whatever . it's nothing major . sorry ladies and gentlemen had a little . call to attend to but i'm back with the . nsa building the country's biggest by . center where i left off was essentially . the prison system which i was multiple . group of a us intelligence services . basically running a giant like fucking . surveillance operation not just in the. us but in the rest of the world and . basically what they did was like it . really did piss off a lot of countries . because it found out that the u. s. was . like surveying surveying unlike other. big major world leaders and shit and. they were i mean of course you can be . fucking pissed when people are trying to . see what you're doing right especially. if you're a fucking world leader too but . anyways that's not the whole point of it . let's go into outlook the nsa is . building so they got a photo where the . name is withheld and the digital . manipulation is by jesse lands at least . they're getting an actual name or stage . name that seems like the u. s. biggest . fucking spy center let's go into it the . spring air in the small sand dust town . of softies to it and clumps of green . grey sagebrush russell in the breeze . ok bus dale alright whatever it is buff . tale sits in the bowl-shaped valley of . the shadow of utah's wasatch range to . the east and the ok ok mountains to the . west it is a heart of mormon country . where religious pioneers first arrived . more than hundred sixty years ago they . came to escape the rest of the world to. understand the myst
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