Top 10 Fortnite Dances IN REAL LIFE! (Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4)

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Top 10 Fortnite Dances IN REAL LIFE! (Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4)
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Caption: With the winners of the fortnight boogie . down contest finally being announced . which can we stop giving this kid credit . for roy parties dance i know people have . done it before him but he's really the . one that made it popular and yet or . insured kid gets his name in the game . forever i don't know about that and with . all the new season 4 stuff there's been . a ton of new awesome additions for sweet . dance moves in fortnight now a lot of . the dance moves in fortnight well really . all of the dance moves in fortnight are . inspired by real-life moves so today . we're gonna be showing you guys our . favorite four night dances in real life . starting with the most intense dance . move of all time . the default dance which is clearly . inspired by the will dance for money . kitt yes the resemblance is strikingly . mind-boggling indeed holy oh my god it's. it's literally a one-to-one ratio but a . hundred percent sync leave a like just . for that alone but uh with that out of . the way we're gonna dive right into . things also be sure to let us know in . the comments if you want to see a part . two to this if you enjoy this type of . stuff and also subscribe to the channel . and you'll get a blue pump before that . other guy that landed next to you in . your next game if this does not work . uninstall minecraft and throw your . computer at your neighbor after ringing . the doorbell this will not benefit you . in any way shape or form nor will it . improve relations with your neighbour . but at this point in time you have no . reason not to subscribe which is . precisely why you should click the . subscribe button the number-10 ride the . pony . when psy released the track gangnam . style became a massive hit spreading . across the world in a matter of days and . quickly becoming the most watched video . in all of youtube history even now it . gets tons of views every single day and. somehow has managed to pull in over 14 . million likes obviously the most popular . youtube video in the world and one of . the most popular video games in the . world go together pretty well and that's . probably one of the reasons to ride the . pony dance move has been put into . fortnight battle royale . this emote was an unlockable in seasons. 1 & 2 which required you to level your . battle pass up to tier 20 much like the . real world version of the dance your . character jumps up and down as if he's . riding a horse with one hand out in the. front like they're holding the horses . runs and one whirling in the air as if . they're getting ready to catch another . animal with a lasso number 9 the worm . the worm is a classic breakdancing move . that can be traced back all the way to . the 1970s before it became more popular . in the funk period of the eighties . basically you let yourself . to the floor and then sort of make your . body brittle up and down kind of like. the way a worm moves if you're good . enough at doing it the move looks . absolutely awesome and it kind of makes . you wonder how a human body can even . move like that either way they put it in . fortnight back in december of last year . and the fortnight version you start by . rippling your arms before dropping to . the ground and rippling your body at . high speed. honestly this interpretation of the worm . almost looks like something straight out . of a horror movie but we had to put it . on the list number eight best mates the . best may stands is a bit of a meme . legend and it all started in 2016 when a . comedian called marlin webb posted a . video up to his facebook page and the . video was called the bond of bold and . featured himself and two of his friends . jogging to the song take on me from 1984 . but they weren't just jogging normally . they were doing it in a super strange . way with their arms hanging out to their . sides and their legs coming up super . wide and hot the video became a viral . sensation and quickly people from other . communities were making parodies from . the masterchief cosplayers to people . playing video games it was probably only . a matter of time before the best mates . dance got added to fortnight battle . royale and they managed to betray it . pretty much perfectly the only thing it . misses out on is letting you move around . while you do the dance which kind of . misses the whole point of the original . number 7 the electro shuffle one day in . january 2017 a youtuber known as gatsby . jay david uploaded a video called bad . and boozy shuffle shapes in which he . pulls off a pretty crazy dance move the . video ended up going viral and i guess . after a while the guys at epic games . stumbled across it because they ended up . putting in the game in december what's . craziest about this is that epic. actually didn't ask gabby if they were . allowed to use her dance in the game and . she wasn't very happy with that . eventually they settled things which i . guess means they paid her some royalties. or something in the dance was allowed to. stay within the game honestly his dance . is pretty crazy . and there's so many moves it makes it. pretty hard to describe all i know is . that it looks cool and if i tried it my . legs would probably end up being all. tied up. number six salt bay it seems crazy to . think that the salt bay meme became . popular over a year ago but it first . came out in january of 2017 . ever since the people have been . completely in love with it i mean what's . so lovable about a hot guy cutting meat . perfectly and then sprinkling some salt . over it in an overly flamboyant way i . guess you can't really call the . to dance as much as the others but this . guy puts so much style into the way he . sprinkles that salt that practically has . to be considered a dance booth and . considering fort and i put it in their . game as an emo i guess they agree . well the fortnight version of the move . doesn't involve any meat cutting it does . involve salt which makes it perfect to . use when you kill some salty kid and. dusty divot number five flapper all the . dance moves in our video so far have . been pretty recent things but the . flapper dance takes us all the way back . to 1923 this was when a tune called the . charleston came out originally in a . broadway show called runnin wild the . dance move was a huge hit as was the. song and had faded in and out of . popularity over the years in for tonight . the move is all about swinging your arms . and legs in time with the beat and the . same can be said of the real-life . version of the dance the real-life . version of the move is part of a much . bigger sequence and it all sort of fits . into the time of the roaring twenties a . period of time where the economy was . booming pretty much everywhere in the . west and everyone was happy i mean what . smells happiness better than swinging . your arms and legs around like you do in . the charleston number-four turk dance i . guess every games are really big fans of . scrubs or something because the very . first dance that pretty much everyone . gets is taken straight from the show and . that emote is called dance moves and is . inspired directly by turks dance in the . show scrubs the dance is taken from . episode 9 of season 5 and scrubs an . episode called my half acre which is all . about jd finding a new girlfriend and . turk joining the hospital's air band now . what's even crazier is that this dance . is referenced to another thing entirely . the song poisoned by bell biv devoe and. some of the turks dance moves are taken . directly from the music video this song . which i guess means that some of the . moves in for tonight's version are taken . from this song to number 3 the fresh . dance the fresh prince of bel-air is an . iconic tv show and one of the things . that people probably remember above . anything else is the classic carlton . dance the first time we see the stands . is in the episode of christmas snow from . season two and was supposedly completely . all down to alfonso ribeiro because all. the script said at the time was carlton. dances just in case you weren't sure . what the fortnight version was . referencing it's literally called fresh . so there's basically no way that the . dance and for tonight isn't the carlton . dance . according to alfonso himself this dance . was a strange mix of a court . cocks in the bruce springsteen video . dancing in the dark and eddie murphy's . white man dance from his delirious video. apparently it was the corniest dance on . the planet so he just went for number . two jubilation seinfeld was a super . popular sitcom which aired between 1989 . and 1998 they followed four friends as . they lived through their daily lives in . new york city though it's safe to say. that their everyday lives were probably . a little bit crazier than your average . new yorkers day the jubilation dance in . for tonight is a clear reference to the . show though with its hands up in the air . and hyperactive running in place the . reference is to an episode in season 4 . of the show called the wallet when . elaine gets back from her holiday with . her boyfriend and everyone seems pretty . stoked to see her number one the floss . for tonight's emote the floss is . reference to someone you probably know . as the backpack kid but in real life is . known as russell horning his dance move . is basically just standing in place that . are really dead stare and then swinging . his arms back and forth around his body . it's a pretty strange sight at first but . when the kid seriously speeds up it . actually ends up pretty cool why is he . called backpack kid well he ended up . appearing on snl alongside katy perry. and added a backpack to his look to . finish it off ever since then he's . traveling around to the states to get . his floss on and of course he has ended . up in for a night battle royale the . fortnight version of the dance move . isn't quite as intense as backpack kids . but it's still pretty cool . some say that that kids still wearing a. backpack even when he sleeps now it's . funny we actually made this list for you . guys back during season 3 so because of . that i'm gonna quickly throw in some of . the new ones from season 4 and a 1. 1 1. 2 . and 1. 3 spot because the new emotes are. so awesome and i don't want to put them . anywhere lower on this list but i don't . want to put them yeah i can't i don't . know i mean i guess it's all down to my . opinion anyway right you're allowed to . disagree with my picks but one point one . is gonna be orange justice which is the . roy party dance miss name because a . bunch of guys bullied some kid in orange . shirt and now for some reason a bunch of . people were editing the living bejesus . out of the video spamming it to epic in . any way they possibly could so they're . calling it justice that he finally got . his emo in the game because he had the . most retweets and while they kept . spamming it and they wouldn't put in the . game right away so they finally put this . thing in the game and there was . something i don't know the dance is . sweet but the songs of the . lame in all honesty next up is group jam . in 1. 2 which is essentially the napoleon. dynamite emo which is absolutely perfect . i love everything about this emo it's. literally my favorite season for you . mode so far and then at one point three . we've got pipe which is that lever armed . crane dance i don't know where the . official reference of or where this . originated i saw a bunch of twitter . videos on this i mean all all the kids . are doing it nowadays and that one . dancing uh sure you guys have seen that . video as well but there's our video on . the top 10 for night dances in real life . plus like three others because season . four happened and we pushed this video . back a lot if you enjoy the video please . feel free to leave a like down below and . subscribe so you see whenever we upload . a video also if you have your own top 5 . or top 10 idea feel free to use our . extremely handy form in the description . to submit it with that said thank you . all for watching i hope you've enjoyed . and i'll see you guys in the next video . keep it right here on top 5 gaming . .

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