T.rex Has Returned!!! – Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Review and Unboxing

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Here comes Jurassic World Fallen kingdom's Thrash and Throw T.rex! Just when you think it couldn't get any better with these toys, Oh boy this one is pretty special!
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Prices for the Mattel Jurassic World Range:
Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex – $54.99
Story Pack Assortment – $14.99
Hatch β€˜N Play Dinos – $14.99
Mini Dino Assortment – $3.49
Basic Figure Assortment – $7.99 Each
Roarivores Assortment – $14.99
Action Attack Assortment – $19.99
Thrash β€˜N Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure – $39.99
Gyrosphere Blast Vehicle – $29.99
Real Feel Skin Mosasaurus Figure – $29.99
Jurassic World Mini Dino 3-Pack Assortment – $9.99
UNO Attack Jurassic World - $24.99
T-Rex Anatomy Kit - $49.99
Kamigami Robots - $59.99
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Caption: [music]. whoa no i didn't bring the car no ah i . gotta go i gotta go with that stays oh . we are back and welcome to opening . plastic things . oh with the guy likes the stretcher oh . that's good and today we're gonna be . looking at one of the many t-rexes that . have came out for the mattel liner my . brain was like hasbro hasbro if you . haven't seen it already i have done a . video on this toes so you can click i . think it's up there there should be a . little annotation if i remember to pull . it in. who knows right i don't so before we . bring out the t-rex there or multiple i . couldn't put a toaster . there are multiple t-rexes you have one . that can sort of bite there is a thrush . and throw t-rex and there's a super . colossal t-rex and luckily i have more. here so i can show you them and . introducing the freshly throw t-rex is . of course my beautiful assistant hello . where's all i got parents now i have to . go and get the toys myself like some . sort of poor boy so first off this is . the thrashing throw t-rex which is the . one that we are going to be unboxing . today so if you move the tail up i said . if you move the tail up yeah you got . this really good rule i know if you move . it down . well you get look that basically if you . move it down he's supposed to bite and . if you move it up you're roars it's a . bit hard to do inside the box dear so . that is the medium one or this one costs . or retails at around by a 45-pound so it . is quite expensive actually this is of . course these super colossal t-rex and it . is absolutely massive in comparison to . it this may be the biggest toy that they . have released for this line i have yet . to see the moves of saw but i mean we . know all know the most so it's a little . bit longer than a t-rex so i'm hoping . not too much longer us for their heck . are you gonna put this thing and of . course you have the smallest of the line. so far and that is the legacy t-rex and . all this one does 20 pound 45 and car . remember because i bought it on ebay and . got scalped hey but we're not looking at . those so put those but maybe at the very . end oneof unbox the last one we'll have . a little size comparison . why do i do it . so we'll take a quick look at the back . of z box so you have the t-rex here . saying that you can sort of wiggle at a . circular motion or any motion and he'll . move his head up and down and bite on . the little that you can see there the . little dinosaur thing so these things . actually is what it's referring to . so they're actually quite small but . apparently it wants us to attack and . throw the little mini dinosaurs they're . really trying to sell these things it's . like cukor and you can have your your . thrasher t-rex er fight it yeah you . yokai put it in your big colossal fit . yeah yeah we're not gonna use the human . carcass for that at all kids have . imaginations don't ya move the tailbone . you've got a roll through the tail up . and down you can bite and throw things . and also the feet actually have a . stomping sound to them which was first . introduced by the red rex the canna had . and then i think it was sort of left . until jurassic world with their stomping. strike t-rex came out but we don't talk . about that in fact i probably will bring . it up here because just as a comparison . because oh oh it's gonna be a good . comparison but further ado how about we . get this thing out of the box . why do i have that song in my head re . part two magic things oh god whoopsie . daisies i just break the light oh there . ya go. oh beautiful look you can put the box . back together when you're done with it . and here it is in all of her glory look . at her lovely sculpt. [music]. i remember when i first saw this i i . don't i don't know this is supposed to . be that same t-rex where it was on the . ellen show or something it was on some . sort of american morning program and and . i'll put up an image of it because i use . it as a thumbnail and just the t-rex was . like so wide hipped but if you look at . this thing they fixed it i don't know . what version they had that because it . wasn't the super colossal because even . the super colossal at the front doesn't . look like that and the one that they . used to look the one they used on their . show was this one because it had all the . cuts for the next and articulation but . it was so bit so obviously if that was a . prototype of something they showed off . all they heard all of our comments were . like whoa what's with that and toned it . down because there was something weird . about that that t-rex but like i said as . you could see there look at that because . the other one was like out here . it was seems like there's some . childbirth and hips look at it look at . it there look how good it looks so size . comparison chewy before we get into . sound effects and stuff. let's bring doesn't look really anything . like allen of course remember this this . character is actually bigger than the . other ones that we're gonna get the . human characters at least anyway so if i . was to get down here like a true . manchild you sounded good look at it . look the eye detail man finally we have . a t-rex with a circular pupil yes god it . only took us how many years to get that . right wait did the red bricks have it . oh no the bull t-rex had it red rex had . a slit i like a snake but the bull t-rex . did have a circular eye but it's nice to . see rexy herself . get because that red rex is supposed to. be rexy yeah look look how have changed . here how many years later 25 years later . and look how much you have changed look . at that look at that times been good to . you i'm going to admit this t-rex looks . so much like the sculpt and i'm gonna . say this this t-rex looks a lot better. than this red rex . now a lot of people have begged the . question so does this mean mattel's . better than the hasbro oh i mean well . that's obviously true is mattel bet . than kena and it seems like everyone's . jumping on the bandwagon with these toys . because then you remember last time . pacific world we were all singing the . toys praises until we woke up after the . honeymoon period was over so i think . people are doing the same with these . toys and the kanna ones it's like yeah . yeah they're way better in the canon . these are the best ones you go over hard . we we've had them for like two weeks we . don't know for gonna last the ages . i will admit this scoped for this t-rex . as you can see your right here looks . beautiful it looks really really really. really good that is that's better than . this scope that's better than the red . rex's scope i thought but as far as . quality goes i still love the rubber . feeling skin and this thing is 25 years . old yes it's broken right a posture is a . bit mmm as well with the arms because . it's the red rex's arms are like that . whereas these ones are way better for . some of the reason i don't know why they . did that because it was space on the . stan winston maquette and this is . electronic it's it's different it . reflects the times we were in i mean . this hard roll like well you could do . that to open its mouth you could stomp . to make the stomping noises which is. broke now you could also open the mouth . down here with a spring mechanism that's . actually broke now i wouldn't go as far . as say that it's better i really . wouldn't i would say that they're both . free i'd say they're both solid hence . not even lying. they are both solid tends somebody . wanted me to get these ten out of ten . you cannot compare this to this it's a . completely different just saw just so . i'd clear that up with you guys cuz some. people were a bit annoyed does like that . out six or seven in the grand scheme of . things they are they're good but they're . not amazing they're not like throw all . your money at them you know i mean so if . you look at the bottom we'll focus on . that this this is the stump and strike a . little underfoot so there you go you . just kind of having your game but the . strange thing is it is it like sticks . out and this is actually the trigger for . the toy to know if it should make the . stomping sound so if you press on it . there it is that's actually a really . nice sound effect i can't know the one . for the red rex but it didn't sound like . that this sounds a lot better i mean you . know it's 25 years old but still you've . got like the little speaker that don't . look at it yeah you got moving on . i can only move it up and down and . really the look how sort of that stood . no wobble or anything on that jesus i . love how you get this like secondary. animation from you can just shake and . look at that head it sort of moves that . i'm just wobbling it a little bit okay . let's perform that classic roar oh oh . yeah also like you could you've got like . this shaking sound effect so when you . pick up and grab a figure and it's like . woosh woosh it makes that sound effect . there look at that if i get like really . closer to the mic. yeah woosh i really like that it's a . shame so this is the pickup sound effect . when it's about to lunge for alan hold . on we need to make a really actually . he's a bit too big i think i need i . think i need to pick up the t-rex in . order to do this he's gonna get oh he's . gonna get him and shaken ah holy crap . that was amazing . that's exactly what like a kid sees when. they play with these toys but it . actually happened you know what i get . what they were trying to do for balance . but this toy i mean even the legs kind . of rotate like that you can see you can . pull and pull the legs out so if i've . got to be honest there's no real need to . have these twisty feet i get it it's for. a balance but you've got everything else . the toy itself really well balanced . you've got the hip joint so really if . you need to but you don't need to . there's so

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