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What's up dudes it's pat and welcome . back to another video so guys before i . started watching this video i started . this video in general i watched a bunch . of those commercials with like the sad . dogs and the sad cats have no food so i. can be miserable because if i laugh in . this video ice is going down my shirt we . can make an agreement right now if you . would want whoever laughs the most and . kept the whole thing no no i think i . know are you sure i don't want to do . that are you sure because i laugh way . too much and i know i'm gonna lose all . right i really wanted to do this i'm . already starting to think bad evil . thoughts that's what i'm doing to it you . guys voted for fails in the monster . legends video suit is gonna be fought if . you guys are new to the channel be sure . to smash the subscribe button also leave . a comment down below i always reply to a . bunch of you guys when the video goes. out we have 13 minutes to watch i . haven't seen any of it but the boy looks. hello ghost so any laughs at all it has . to make noise you can smile you know you . like wait can we do like like a laugh. but no noise no you can't do that okay . okay all right because she's gonna be . trying to make it so i can't hear okay. okay i'm ready guys . you were trying this do i want every . single one of you to grab a cup of ice . and if you like you to put it down your . own shirt so do it and enjoy it with us . and we're family that's what we do are . you ready to watch this let's go okay . i'm ready we go . [laughter]. what is it already how old was the lady. ball in the video why is it such a saggy . ball you have to decide right now do it . i guess drop the ice cube you get to i . don't know why the ball is so sorry . let's go it's in my bellybutton now look . at her face i have a question can i . return this back you may return it . what is gonna happen to this girl here . it looks really terrifying. these are all things that have happened . to me in my life i'm pretty sure that . you were doing the fake you said you did . the fake laughing this one goes down the . back it's a little first it's stuck in . your hair supposed to get lodged in your . shirt . oh if 12 more minutes gosh i love those . flippy stockings oh he's gone oh another . slippy slide not find that funny i was . paying attention i was like wow i've . never seen one that goes up do you see . it like that's the end of it you're . supposed to end there i'm pretty sure . you're not supposed to go it's stuck . halfway down oh . one yeah yes i would not do this to my . child no this is so fun not what's gonna . happen next. fall right off . oh oh that did not look comfortable how . far away you later you watch the. weirdest bitch . oh you punch the wall first if he's hit . in the face by the basketball is that . funny to you cruel . after watching those cruel just cruel . and i wanted to drip oh okay this is a . horrible idea. [music]. some of these look so painful ease . holding a beer in his hands oh you grab . the branch . i can't also start laughing cruelly you . laughed at the ball head i was . describing it in an odd voice slowly. goes down i don't need to go well for . the lady she's not one of those places . where you know you do the flips and . stuff she don't look like she's that . good at bat she's fine . she's back up he's gonna hit him in the . face i held that within but i know some . did not you know i'm used to it i'm not . even a scream this time not even gonna . all right i'm gonna have to try a . different area i think that that areas . getting used to the ice have to switch . it out for the other side or maybe the . arm or something the armpits he didn't . keep his posture. you're good that sister that's jan as a . baby are you worried i'm very worried . tap inner all right that one didn't go . away well jen okay wait it's going down . the arm so oh that's a bad oh oh it's . stuck. no all right we're four minutes himself . nine more minutes we have to hold this . down is that not how you're supposed to . wear it. so i wear it yeah he's gonna lay it on . his head isn't it i hope little . screaming boy i can't even do down the . arm because you're wearing sleeveless . shirt ah it's so bad every time to get . stuck. no that's jen i used to have that i . think yeah i think so she asleep . she's falling asleep at the wheel . [music]. funny stuff must have impatient little . kids and do these things . she caused everything to get turned off . didn't it. that's jen 100% you let me let me get a . photo in there and that would happen to . her exact same thing . yeah we have to see then what was he . even at something here . all right so nobody i'm gonna hit my . head again what is he doing he's like . i'm gonna see how hard i can hit my head . against this cuz look okay the . basketballs over there boom alright we . get to do it at the same time to each . other i hope you guys are doing better . than we are . [applause]. nothing's coming the second i saw the. way it was rolling out it already it . happened guys wait is that like the dr. seuss hat i think it's a trashcan . [music]. [music]. wait a second as she was falling i don't . know who said we got a video was it her. she's like she's like fallen and she's . like we gotta learn video you she was . born in mexico all right this is not how . you hold yeah i could not do it huh i . didn't hold it that way either . that's amazing peter doing a great job . old cloud does the same thing i was . gonna say anything i was gonna play it . up again that was right all right get . the last out isis like okay ready one . that was actually kind of impressive . yeah it was horrible. i was like that basically but worse . got you oh man it's so hard to hold . someone we're switching up we're gonna . do two now since we have so many ice . cubes wait we're switching to to switch . into two all right it's gonna be the . same for you that i'm not laughing for . the rest of the time miserable face all . right i think about those sad starving . dogs okay so mad okay there you go . [music]. charlie i came outside and i found a . four-leaf clover . charlie look mom found a four-leaf . clover was gonna eat it no i heard it i . heard the noise i heard it was like a . weird laugh like double ice cube as you . stated is what we should get so oh okay . that was two okay i'm scared okay jump . do stop you brought a job you got jobs . he's gonna jump now you kind of made it . i wasn't too bad the tree branch is . gonna break . she's like trying to play it off all . gracefully can do it. what's he gonna do i was crazy it was . like still so my graceful oh i like the . pose that yet . bad feeling about this go wrong right oh . my god are you okay see you got up nice . and graceful this i gotta see . look at that it's a dark pescado for . sure oh this is not your oh this is . there's one piece of the right in one of . the left just happy why she's like my . chair oh my god oh my god i used to do . that through the mattress . you used to he's riding a vehicle time . all right wait i think i owe my god i . used to get like i can't remember - was . like a sheet or something or a blanket . my mom said i couldn't do it i'll ruin . the stairs basically what's gonna happen . to this why would you ride something . down the stairs hit in the face . oh he's like trying to surf he's . learning to surf he's not gonna be very . good at it i don't think hello doctor . doctor i can't quite get the phone out i . broke my head . [music]. [music]. it sounds pretty much legal grounds to . hurry she's trying to hold it in noises . but if you look up you could see her . laughing to go this way it's going down . okay we only have one more minute how . many videos he'd be this anyways this . isn't gonna go well screaming in terror . and all the rest of them are laughing . they didn't like their mother. look how worried the dog is and be ready . for a good day good day is he dead . i think he died no after you moving he's . still breathing he's so oh oh man you . see little girl the french fries in her . mouth yuri she was eating as she fell . asleep she's her she just like drifted . off you choke to death oh my god it you . know i cut my own hair this is if i had . a child this is me on the bottom left . cutting myself it well i messed it up a . little bit dimi . you'll be fine in school oh and there's . me on halloween scary my child . wait what is happening in this this . situation right here i don't know why is . there a weird duck behind a man going to . the bathroom i don't know but it's . pretty awesome oh but dudes i hope you . enjoyed the video i hope you guys got a . laugh out of this or no laughs at all if . you did you are amazing it's impossible . like these are so hard there's so many . funny moments on i hope you guys enjoyed . the video if you did subscribe show . youtube channel that would be amazing . we'll love you all and thank you so much . for watching i hope you guys have an . epic day and we will see you next time . [music]. you. .
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