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SEIZURE WARNING: This game is awesome but LOTS OF COLORS!!
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Hello everybody before we get started i . wanted to let you guys know that the . tickets for the tour are on sale now if . you go to markiplier comm or the link in . the description below because the same . place you can find all of the cities . that we're going to and all of the . ticket sales are right there on the . website check it out let me know what . you think and thanks for watching here's . the video seizure warning this game has . a lot of flashing colors and lights no . joke lots of them big seizure warning . pigs can be hello everybody my name is . markiplier and welcome to v now this. game is interesting just because oh fred . green i like that show and it was on the . tv channel tube thing blue i'm feeling . blue cyan okay purple yellow red . okay alright okay alright okay . ah i get it i'm supposed to left-click . when it's the right color to the right . name and right click when it's the wrong . to the right okay oh did i pass the test . fee did i pass the v test okay all right . well don't come any closer please don't . do that okay oh you are a gifted child . sitting in front of a tv screen am i now . don't call me a child you we use your . intelligence to switch through every . channel on the planet oh america samoa . achieving unlocked uh the cookies blue . no that was cyan ah hey goof did v i'm . sorry v i'm so sorry . oh achievements connect to oceana oh no . no oh no this is deeper number three the . cookies i don't know no no no i don't . know what nausea does but i keep it on i . guess. no okay here we go connecting to oceania . let's do this red cyan no yes yes yes . yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no yes yes . no yes yes my brain is pricking my brain . is breaking oh no no oh i got to asia no . yes yes no no no yes no . oh my god my brain yes oh my god okay i . i couldn't quite tell what that one yes . yes yes yes no yes yes yes oh fuck that . was really green oh tv oh tv number 50 . oh man i got too old man oh my god okay . here we go . i gotta go through oceania again oh blue . yeah okay yeah okay all right yep . jeffers yeparooni. yep padiddle yep ando yep an ebow nope . ah super yep not yep yep yep yep yep yep . or duper duper duper nope nope yep ii . duke yep yep yep yep yep yep going asia . okay if i camp if i don't let my brain . break and i show how smart i is maybe . i'm gonna get something here yep okay no . yes ah yes yes yes yes yes no yes no yes . oh yes oh my god i almost messed up . there yeah freaky freaky yes oh my god i . don't know if i have a time limit on . this thing it's getting real nauseous in . here no yes no yes no yes yes yes yes . no yes yes no oh wait oh you fuck me . okay all right you don't know what you . did to me and why you did i'd dtv down . to victory. damn three nothing it freaking big oh . well i'm almost completing the game in . duder achieve sherlock mode what is . sherlock mode this is i'm gonna turn off . nausea and also obviously there's a . seizure warning on this one it's turn . off nausea. cuz it's nauseous he started asia i'll . do that thanks all right . okay here we go starting at asia now . yellow green no yes yes no cyan red no . red blue . oh no no sighing red no yes yellow no no . no no no yes. green no blue no red yellow green yellow. ah . frick i don't like this very much it is . the ha ha ha okay yes yes no no yes yes . yeah no i'm clicking cheyenne no oh yeah . oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah. oh yeah oh god i don't know what . happened there but i think i did it . who's that sherlock mode i sure didn't . feel like sherlock . i felt like stupid i don't know that was. a thing i didn't know that was a thing i . went to lithuania who's all the way to . lithuania yes yes no . oh yes yes no oh yes no don't know why . is that why is that going all crazy on . me ye okay okay . geesh it's gotta go detective mode i . know that yes yes my brain is slowing. down i can actually feel my brain . physically slowing down and crippling . doubt my um my entire body oh second . chance you got a second chance that's . fine let's go let's do this wait what . does that mean what is the second chance. do did it do nothing god that looks blue . ah it looks blue fuck a doc oh god i'm . getting too quick about it my brains not . keeping up with my hand red yellow green . cyan no no no red cyan red no green cyan . no no yellow green no green blue green . knows oh this is our desired desired as . hard as hard as hard . oh god . right off the bat i didn't even get a . chance . that's what it is you can click as many . times as you need okay all right okay . blue green no yellow . connie looks blue okay i don't know what . that means inverted controls it up okay . all right . you trying to fuck cool with me and i . ain't playing your fucking shit there we . go got it i got you you think you got me . but you don't cuz i'm smart and you're . dumb and we're gonna win this and i'm . gonna win this and that's cyan that . screen that's red that's yellow that's. red that's not yeah it's over to the . good shit in the america is all right . here we go inverted blam got it inverted. blam got it inverted oh fuck yeah no red . green cyan no red that was right oh why . my finger twitched. [music]. ah okay who fuck man those inverted . upside-down nose ain't so i didn't do . anything. ah rick you are messing with me okay . okay all right well then freakin freakin . freakin frickin frick er fricker fricker . frick frick frick africa today always . gets me inverted goddamn controls iii . yah yah yah yah yah yah yah okay no no . no no no no yes fuck i hate this oh my . god okay alright we're doing okay but it . wasn't dad i'm scared i can't find . anyone at home. i did it i did it i did it i did it i . did it i did it i did it oh i did it . holy crap i did it oh reached number 200 . on saturn i don't know what that is okay . but that is the end of this so far i . think no i don't want to go back in i'm . gonna feel you okay all right . so anyway i'm gonna leave this at that . before my brain melts thank you. everybody so much for watching let me . know what you find us down in the . comments below this is super fun by the. way it's it's a weird skill it's one of . those skills like you don't think you'd . ever need but still it's really really . cool so thank you everybody so much for . watching let me know what you think down . the comments below and as always i will . see you in the next video . [music]. .
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