Vanoss Gaming Animated: Team 6 – Vegas! (Episode 2)

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If i could have all of you please remove . bulky sweaters hats shoes please for the . love of god nothing in your pockets . ma'am i'm going to have to ask you to go . ahead and take that sweater off ma'am . ma'am please take your sweat that's not . a sweater that's your body okay good to . know. oh dude what is taking so long we're . gonna miss our flight . good news guys our flight has been . delayed apparently some woman's. emotional support alligator ate the. pilot it's gonna take hours to clean up . the cockpit there's fucking blood and. guts everywhere all right . thank god this line hasn't moved since . we got here push push the bin all the . way onto the belt on that note push the . bin from the back towards the belt on . for the love of god push the bin onto . the belt sir . everyone knows you're not supposed to . have a fucking laptop in a bag anymore . needs to be in its own tray the cds need . to come out of that why do you still . have cds ma'am take off your 37 pieces . of jewelry is that a belt is that a belt . that isabel i hate my life who is . wearing axe body spray stop it ma'am . your son has shit on the conveyor belt . please clean this up take your fucking . shoes off again - lets anymore . ah las vegas the entertainment capital . of the world uh las vegas is hot as hell . i'm sweating my ass off over here well . why don't you just take off your last . then if you're so fucking hot . never oh by the way guys i spent the . rest of our money in all of our savings . on the all access tube con passes so if . you don't win this competition we're . pretty much homeless oh well cool thanks . for the heads up man oh yeah aces carlos . si all right boys uber's here let's go . all right come on everybody get in the . car. don't wait wait wait what my bag where's . what . hey guys why are you yelling i'm right. here that guy took my bag so who cares . our badges are in that bag oh but that . is a big deal you're right we gotta go . come on follow that guy follow that . delima only four passengers alone the . skirt no exceptions. okay so what you're just gonna leave the . black guy in the idiot behind . [music]. wait i'm black mental commands with the . pillars of the middle now come on man . fucking bastard . step on it he's getting away we're in a . school so if you don't go fucking faster . i swear i will write you one star oh . please no . you guys want some gum i got some water . in there all the seals are undone just . because i like to taste them before i . hand on my own i got some corn on the . cob back there in the seat pocket if you . feeling peckish yeah here you go have. yourself a loom no there is no come on . let's go what the hell is going on here . welcome gentlemen to the high rollers . table because money no longer thrills us. we wager only items we stole from the . airport. no one cares dude just give us our bag . back well boys this here is las vegas . the land of chance and the way i see it . if you want something you've gamble for . it oh my god we don't have time for this . plus we're broke we don't even have . anything to bet complimentary delta . earphones deal me in motherfuckers . really grab a chair son oh hell yeah . casino let's go wow look at all these . table games and depressed old people . this casinos fucking dope dude look at . this beautiful machine . it's the gold digger 9000 no look you . some money. [music]. give me the quarter not gonna throw it . give me my quarter and quarter no but . don't be long bitch shut the mental . value give me the fucking coach mine why . is this quarter so important to you my . grandma give this quarter to me right . before she died she said nobody just . give me the fucking quarter. [music]. ha you lose boys damn it why did you go . all in on a three in a junker there's . not even a card in the deck with a fuck . you get that - you just lost everything . we had it's over we have nothing life oh . i don't know about that after all you . still got your lives what the fuck . russian roulette boys you want that bag . back you got 5 chances to win and one to . lose it all. gulp being a gentleman and a seasoned . gambler i shall take the first turn . huh that was easy money money money . money money money. we'd like to cash in wow good for you . boys that's the biggest jackpot anyone's . ever won in the inception wait what with . that many coins you got there you get to . pick any of the items from this shelf . i'm out what . have fun with your prizes and i hope you . and your family enjoy the rest of your . stay what the fuck i hate vegas it's . because i'm black isn't it racist bitch . hey there you guys are we've been . looking all over for ya what you guys. doing the kids section i want to talk . about it oh well we got the bag back so . now we have everything we need to get . into tubecon of course number one we got . our badges number two i got some snacks . and number three the most important item . of the mall the one and only copy of our . music video that i saved on this usb . thumb drive the hell is that where's the . video the usb morphed into a piece of . paper no you idiot it's a note open it . oh dear team six we stole your video if . you ever want to see it again you must . carefully follow the instructions below . we will be watching you wow shocker . [music]. .
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