South Park The Fractured but Whole Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1
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About the game:
From the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comes South Park: The Fractured But Whole, a sequel to 2014's award-winning South Park: The Stick of Truth. Players will once again assume the role of the New Kid and join South Park favorites Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in a new hilarious and outrageous RPG adventure.
In South Park: The Fractured But Whole, players will delve into the crime-ridden underbelly of South Park with Coon and Friends. This dedicated group of crime fighters was formed by Eric Cartman whose superhero alter-ego, The Coon, is half man, half raccoon. As the New Kid, players will join Mysterion, Toolshed, Human Kite and a host of others to battle the forces of evil while Coon strives to make his team the most beloved superheroes in history.
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What is sup my name is ben i am so . excited today because we're playing . finally the well delayed south park the . fractured but home the first one we . played on this channel it was amazing it . was a daily let's play series and . finally we're back with some video games . on this channel i'm so excited for this . i'm so excited that if this video gets . 500 million no just five hundred . thousand likes i will upload part two . right away . to show how committed i am to this . series that's right i'm that kind of . youtuber right now i don't know i'm just . really excited for this and i look . forward to share this with you girl . gross gross whatever every single day . it's gonna be awesome from what i seen . so far heck yeah let's just let's just . begin okay let's just do this . if you're having trouble of winning and . combat try a better game is that what it . said never fart on someone's balls this . is really good info on the loading . screen i'm not glad there aren't i'm . glad they added that as well . oh yeah so the game is getting terrible . reviews right now on steam because. ubisoft have their you play feature . feature which apparently it's like a big . hiccup i'm glad for ones actually i play . it on the playstation because probably . won't require good hardware to run this . i don't think it's the kind of game that . pushes the boundaries of video game . graphics but it does look if i play the . demo it was really fun they may they . made a whole thing about the farts in . the game which i'm very excited about . that's a nice looking cat right there . what has become of this city crammed is . out of control . cats are missing and townspeople are . being victimized oh . pooped on my palms you we were supposed . to protect those who couldn't protect . themselves or you little fucker now . super heroes are torn apart by political . differences. we are two sides and lord . [music]. but law isn't going to save our city . time job i wonder if they will explore . any political midst out of a satire when . a new king is not in the kingdom torn . apart by a power . hi jana there's no time to waste i have . to go back change the present if i can . and in doing so perhaps i could change . what has happened. hey look at that . [music]. so first game was sort of lord of the . rings inspired i guess this time they're . going superhero they're making fun of . all the netflix shows all the franchises . with marvel vs. dc alright we're gonna . make our character here we're gonna. obviously go i don't know what the heck . man. i can change color as well okay okay . that was all options. [music]. you know we're gonna go with the big . afro there she is . heck yeah man we got our hair makeup we . got to get those kawaii kawaii i'll this . blush cheeks. oh you better believe it boy that shit . bear that's it that's very nice . no no glasses all right we got clothes . why don't we go with a classic red cape . we can change this as well . well it's go yeah japanese schoolgirl . that's it. hands blackton now rent . okay i'm pretty happy actually . there's arca white queen choose . difficulty alright haha oh ho oh oh . don't worry this doesn't affect combat . just every other aspect of your whole . life. [music]. here's a problem i don't want to i don't . want to be black i know that sounds . raised i mean let's go as slightly this . is so annoying what you know what fuck . it. oh my god . yes. ancient zarin thank you for the papyrus . font . [applause]. [music]. [music]. where is the king who's the king oh yeah . man we look good . see i play this is amazing you gotta . tune in your shit this is just like. pooping in real life i feel like that . was a terrible poop i don't know what i . did wrong . yeah master sergeant douche master . incredible we got a bottle of glatt gas . bieber guys become gas begun what is . happening are they okay let's go we . should be happy that he's made friends . in this town so quickly we came here to . hide more friends just means more. trouble you're being paranoid you need . to lay off that stuff it's changing you . [music]. didn't see you there your friends are. downstairs kiddo get out there and play . this is great so far they really. polished it up oh he's gonna masturbate . or smoking pot he's gonna smoke okay no . he's eating just brownies am i right . kids okay this is our room it's a nice . room fred wow what the heck is that dude . i'm just trying to explore cuz i . remember inside a first game i was . always like wide we updated that thing . maybe we should keep it on keep it up . camus to the games wait where's the fart . button there it is found it never gets . old does it . okay let's go down check on our friends . i love our character is so beautiful i. have this whole arc written for him well . i don't care i'm just trying to loot all . right i thought you said my friends were . downstairs lying fish on the door okay . we're gonna get some combat . and it seems like they improved it a lot . this time around like you can actually . move around and stuff doing this which . doesn't sound that exciting but i'm told . that it's really good. brad has been playing a little bit as . well i agree why do i have to be start a. fight by punching okay cool pitch black . combat advantage okay good . because we started it's that a shark . upon okay okay use my power very nice . yeah double heck yeah powers been . knocked back cossacks of damage okay i . got that is still up to me well that was . easy. i thought we were playing on hard mode . got the kungfu kauai fist these guys are . tougher okay and we're gonna fight as a . team now probably . no it's me versus everyone attacking an . enemy first friends you come a dimension . yeah okay see the full combo turn order . check the timeline okay . different powers okay review power okay . [music]. we can fart i don't know what that does . why don't we try a fart here maybe that . will hit all of them oh okay it hits . three squares scott it okay alright . let's do that ha oh my god that was . amazing . hit me with a stop sign i was an axe . yeah they improved a comment even . further since i had played it this is . really doug so i can't use the fart . again i gotta wait one round what's the . best who's the most dead alright i guess . i'm punching god air it is got all of . them the kawaii eggs hail to the kibaki . guys let's keep moving . are those legos everything here to here . is lava you can't shut come on . everything that's not fair what do we do . the kid. [music]. oh magda okay so they attacked us first . now enemies may attempt to attack you . while you explore okay yeah if any man . will see you you're okay i got that okay . we have a new let's just well that . attack the dragon you know what fuck . let's just try it yeah okay work nice . nice. okay yes fire bred striped red squares . indicate damage zone okay no i got that . too it's very self-explanatory have to . move okay. how do they even do that just like . playing when you're a kid was it taking . his phone it was a wayne's word i can't . reach him are you serious okay now i can . there we go . take whoa damn king dish bag dragon . slayer i am man king douche bag . you know it's son you know what what up . where's my push ok we can in the open . box get off my dick there's a way in . through the garage. the keg will fight it press and hold oh . my god . oh i miss it i thought the king was . going to do a sweet job but then he just . did that what you're good so i hit it i . hit it. all right whatever speak bard what . happened to the stick of truth the . wizard had thrown into the ocean oh yeah . that was the end of the first game slay . a dragon with one glow that's right if . you don't wait i thought he was with you . guys now we got a distress they know to . come help him here it's again wizard . again my name is the king i'm from the . future. dude we said we're not playing got any . more yeah i'll split up what's the point . this is the void in my time there is a . massive crime wave and missing cats. i knew my only hope was to assemble the . team hey you can't switch games like . this where's the stick of truth shut up . kevin this isn't about some dumb stick . there's a cat in trouble . and it's the key to funny the crime. syndicate new to our town in the future . crime syndicate said that sounds too . heavy from hoonah friends well what do . you want i'd you're the fucking freedom . pal to find the missing cat get $100 . reward and make their superhero . franchise more popular. that's right oops again there's a . ringing coming from your basement . playroom come on coon friends go get . your stuff and report back to the coon . their friends this bimbo sorry guys you . can't play with us we're playing . superheroes now and you guys are dorks . what about me oh oh nice transition from . their first game to this one can we talk . to these guys see what they say well . nothing left to do but go home and play . star trek bridge crew we could all go to . my house and sit around nice nice little . self promo there ubisoft i see what. you're doing i've been thinking about . joining a gang this might be just the . kick in the pants i need that it's a . good game though to be fair i'll let it . slide oh hello the boys are down in . their little basement playroom can i. slap daddy hands . eric and his friends are so imaginative . really ridley i know you ain't the weird . shit take all and continue coon kings . okay oh yeah i remember this there's a . pass code we have shattered oh did you . get locked out . i'm afraid little eric put a log on the . door to keep me out i'm sure he has the . pass code written down here somewhere . well it's probably in his room then so . let's go upstairs and check it out what . is that what is that now that sounded . just like a real camp . [music]. that is the most annoying me all right . we're in cartman's room here's the who . is th
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