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Today we are doing the water bottle flip challenge!! It goes so very wrong....
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What's up is it packed and welcome back to another video so did the right so i didn't even know about this until today i know a little bit late to the game but i realized actually invented this challenge when i was five years old in my room forever alone trying to clip a little bottle so all we have to do is just take a bottle flipping and then land training sign off just like that yeah so ready to challenge me guess generally must with four different bottles little hard she did practice because you're afraid she'll be really bad have a bigger bottle then you have the gallon jugs and then five-gallon this is the biggest water bottle like a fine like that ya gonna be alright so we're going to see you do this i'm going to tie myself and then i will grab the camera and time jen to see if she could be that time but the biggest yet i didn't tell you this but the really bad punishment lose water to basically take all this water put in your mouth swallow yeah man you're tickled for 30 seconds and i'm just going to go and what's going to happen if you are the jail definitely subscribe to this that would be amazing and are ready for this are you made today alright i'm gonna hit the timer for real please this is what about fri gentle i swear i'm gonna do this how you feel the pressure don't you know me some good oh my what are you doing anything something really stupid this is the hardest 11 / i'm switching moving on i just compact how calm everyone down one is so hard to do your bottle you guys can be that i did not practice general one practice where i did practice for like 30 seconds you have this for like all right so we're gonna see how could you let me know when you're ready and i'll just started when i see you flip a lot because you do this yeah alright go okay the pressures on oh right you was gonna put all right jack come on 20 i'm getting nervous maybe she's through the big you feel yourself with that just do the big one first that you're going to stand for this oh yeah just just do it yesterday have to use more wrist action really some real footage do it alright we're 51 seconds it i was at 59 who is so funny right now so project could do it because the money's in kerosene usually a wrestler doing a finishing move you know what even if you can't believe it just try to get the last i get that little bottle oh ok come on you've got something shorter now it's done you got this remember what i told you delicately delicate i saw some videos of people waiting the opposite way keep going you did but you're you're doing really good you almost had that was your best attempt it when she did practice i did see her actually get this one you did you fit know you did you got this one but just not right now it ends if you could flip either one of the two you can flip it right and i think it's more interesting to watch you try to flip this one you on just flip it it lands easily sorry thought it's so painful all right i'm gonna give you five tries to flip this beforehand already lost five tries for more tries lots of flipping action no no you look cool anymore baby let's go over your head lips you had to give up here ok we are going to convene in the other room with the water that ok probably the door but this is the best place we can do this in water sprays all over the walls so what you spilling out with much water ok complete all right oh oh oh please not like amazing guys thank you for supporting being truly also no matter what cover yourself ya next time come come to you [music]

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