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Disguised Toast can easily defeat the Cubelock, but will he win? Or will he play Yogg-Saron?!
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Ha this guy's toast . i've messaged my contact at twitch to . see if he can speed up the process for . us there's no point to counterfeit right . it's not enough damage it's what for for . [music]. doom or non hearthstone content not . necessarily fortnight like stuff what . the house can't be fun too . is this guy's toast here i'm afraid of . giant next turn but i can't really stop . it right . tier 3 sub from mew kuma and kami out . guys it's not ready yet . yes can't go to that oh god i feel so . bad a tier 3 sub is like 5 times more . expensive i sort of got my trying to . scam you guys which please people are . suffering for the golden dab . and gonna poop until japan right now . moving to japan but the question is . should i do that . that is the question i don't need cars . right now i can sap tavano it anyway . give it the juice like how dabbing is . our most popular moment people don't . want seriously bad anymore right . like people do it ironically now if you . catch my drift. like ironic tapping yes i say not real . dad which you're probably playing you . ruin this deck for burst potential but . there's more fun to be all right . look inside yeah but you just want to . say it but it's going to say . oh that's a good card right now you . don't want to lose that card . - i'll stab you knowingly right that is . true trick oh wow quite the amount of . resources you're using the everybody but. they say around meteor no never . those did you put on makeup today you . look great i'm thinking about seriously. putting on makeup is that gonna be weird . if i wear makeup . [music]. man can wear makeup don't be sexist chat . i have to learn how to put on makeup . though and that's probably not gonna be . easy to learn we're gonna set then i'm . gonna i'm gonna sit up this is a cold . blood there's a coco blood no as usual i . could win the game but then i have y'all . get that i prefer to play so i not gonna . end the game. oh no miss leith oh i'm the worst play . in the world how could this happen to me . i made a mistake if i had a yogurt mo . people could be spamming it but i don't . so people can just use powders or just . type the word yogurt fortunately for me . the number two hearthstone streamer is . an extremely heart still today . disturbing fortnight really fortune . hoppin yeah but itt to pop and yeah hey . oh god that's a lot like ely and he's . back to half-life already . money money money money money money. money. no i'm a hurry i mean again oh this is . done because you're on the side of . mississippi . worst case scenario he plays and it's . off which wouldn't be that bad well you . know what they say chat when in doubt . y'all good oh no everything. ah so is that a duel . serco what's going on here no minion is . alive that's a really interesting thing . to happen well let me just say also . first winning isn't very high right now . why are you tapping hey that's pretty . good. i hope he plays a yog that make me very . happy . wow he really likes to draw dogs hey . what up dog hmm . lose this game welcome to my home this . is a beast no it's not it's a ghost . beast which i guess means tech it spider . 'aa beast there's a bug with the game . where he topped texting that's a beast . right all spiders are in fact beasts . synergy. [music]. oh that does not bode well it was like . he's got twist me and mean others . yikes what did this go wrong chat . [music]. hey lights out . .
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