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I give a great gift and receive good ones, too.
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Title: Deon Custom - Together
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Illenium - With You (feat. Quinn XCII) (Crystal Skies Remix)
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Ok so i'm i'm going later on this . evening to a gift exchange. it's called a white elephant so i guess . everyone brings a gift to kind of put in . a random pile then you choose out of the . pile a random gift it's not the one you . brought but then you can go round and . round and you steal yes i don't before . so it's kind of confusing everybody . never don't tell people i never done . before. wow well we'll see how it goes but i . figured people are gonna bring like joke . gifts and stuff to it it's not going to . be something people take seriously maybe. i'm wrong and i'll just know that's . accurate people to take you seriously . right now it's do it's usually like . gifts that you don't ever really want. ok so the rule here was under thirty . dollars so that we could choke gift . how about 2999 in pennies ok so i went . to the bank. i didn't even think they have as many . paintings up it's a bank but have to . have i don't know who was gonna ask for . like this many pennies though i guess . maybe a store what if they want change . immediately but that it's so heavy . this is a box of $25 this is the other . five dollars i'll take one pending out . and be 2999 under thirty dollars is . probably 20 pounds it's just like . they're happy it's like a hunk of metal . extraction she's a little the forearm . going nuts right now we get it you lift . that we owe my god i just i have decided . to execution yet because it would be if . i if i took all the pennies out of the . role so they were just lucy so much more . inconvenient for the person who ever . gets it to deal with but it also be kind . of mean i don't know you're basically . just giving somebody thirty dollars but . now they have to go to a bank and. they're gonna be like yeah i have thirty . dollars to pennies . thank you 2999 xre yeah but even let the . universe would actually do is i should . just i should i have to undo one role . should undo one roll and then just . sprinkle it on scraps you did get sweaty . nightmares . scooby be great but i don't like it'll . be don't be so satisfied at first . because it's such a heavy box but really . i think it's something like real real . heavy-duty like a terrible $25 in . pennies i got all wrapped up running a . bit late so i should probably head out . first i want to show you just a . beautiful artwork that i did because i. don't have any wrapping paper and i . wanted to make it look christmassy and . stuff so i think that the tape add some . really nice contrast to think people . will appreciate it. anybody could with just you know stack . of paper over there . not the best but when you don't own any . wrapping paper you know like what can. you really do you don't have too many . options except to draw it on yourself so . i did what i could i need to run now so . that i get there even though i think a . few other people to be a riding later on . but i'll be fashionably late myself . that's that's really what's important . you don't want to arrive too early to a. party. let's go also you know this was really . weird one of the pennies was actually . shipped like i don't even know that . could happen. look at it thing actually has a little . bit thick enough that what happened to . you . did someone do that someone running some . like scientific experiments you know. that's illegal to deface our currency . like that you sent this penny represents . the efforts of an entire nation can just. disgrace it like that. ok you must respect penny . [music]. [applause]. [music]. why you still examining the ham right . now look at me really that really looks . like what you're doing for direction it . you think they're gonna be like buried . inside there maybe it's like high demand . for heating instructions . ok i don't cook so i was all foreign to . me i just ordered food all the time . which is a better strategy in my book . but that's fine homemade stuff all good. alright so my my gift right there . you heard nothing ok nothing i walk in i . walk in i put it down like the gift is . heavy. this is real heavy i need to put it down . and then all the sudden luke just says . always it really disappointing look at . the side-by-side which would you take . honestly i'd go with this one with that . stupid mask mention my guess is very . versatile so why not white elephant is . basically why animal fuck you christmas . basically so you owe the you picturing . everyone buys a gift set dollar amount . right you put in you know whatever place . everyone draws a number and if your . number one you pick the gift right so . then number two goes and he can either . steal my gift or you can pick another . one of the tree he steals my gift i can . pick another one of the tree so now turn . now we're bringing that he can steal . this or this or pick one under the tree. now what happens when get stolen then he . heat and utilize your business in my . archived documents then it's his turn . together steal anything or overextending . nextel body back you accept that back . you're still back or anything else you . can we clearly can't steal it back you . can ask you anything that's been . strolling around it has been stolen . three times in total is out again track . with all of its like dominoes . don't act how do you drag how many times . i've always only ground warranty items . and i have i have like i have a . prediction to make i watching guarantee . i will i'll take 50 dogs that right now . jordan's gift gets traded three times . you really you really think that oh it's . such a shitty gift your what are you . doing shaking on that people have . created all the time . ok what we're saying is let's say sunday . when you don't get trained all the time . people want it. wait no i got that shit i thought if you . didn't wait long ago when it's your turn . to steal the gift if you don't want to . hear started picked up back let's stick . with the original one little differently . all right 50 box out yeah i know we can . get our dollars turning out to be a . pretty profitable be lucky to get the . world god . oh beautiful . that's royalty-free right yeah that's so . that's an old one but everything ok good . oh man this is what i needed . motherfucking we might have all this . like homemade homegrown food over here. but at the end of the day pizza is uh is . really where it's at . wow you finally made it after like 10 . hours god i would start the name i know . that you don't like gifts so make sure . to bring you again . oh this is like my worst nightmare . getting a present like think this is . jarred are you see here's the thing i'm . i don't really i'm debating how to act . as a one-handed like if i don't appear . grateful on camera just because i'm . being rude never gonna be like your dick . in youtube comments you're looking at . the birth how dare you not be grateful . fine but here's the thing it was . supposed to be like a thirty-dollar you . know right now this is breaking the . rules i'm kinda by the rules but hard . guys is your party pictures is gorgeous . ism everyone . jardon i know you explicitly say no to . gifts but fuck you have a good holiday . i hope this little that's what it says . always in a car model . what is it . without support very appropriate that . you know you're always see you finally . got it wow this is it everyone this is . what i've been so excited about for so . long he was on the way to airport they . find more to finally sent it to me . feeling . why are you stealing my pretty the head . mechanic says i genuinely didn't danger . that my pennies would end up getting. stolen all but i guess $30 thirty . dollars and think about it so why not . what do you enjoy you gonna kick back oh . i didn't know you came back . what do i get you're gonna kick that he . had a fifty-dollar bet my paintings . would not be stolen oh yeah there's been . so twice about doing what's gonna happen . yes. you can't affect you can impact your own . destiny that's like insider trading . don't stop this is insider-trading . you're gonna go to jail . why don't you wanted so badly to strap . you have one more give your love oh man . you take the you'll be fifty dollars i . always do you know you're up you're up . net 30 whatever whatever . no no don't don't take don't take too . many we know probably don't take the . pennies don't do not going to take no . don't take the pennies to do it . he better not know i $100 track it was . never getting over guys always take your . parents don't take their i'm going to . tell ya i was like that that is insider . trading . that's the embezzlement thirty dollars . and this is your ally and yeah but yeah . i can throw you against the wall. the force is mine actually actually go . you know the feeling i'm feeling . so tell us about your new friend this is . my man . darth vader boy dp is down my father . oh but he does some sweet i wish is only . alien micro my cousin haha just have . like an obvious which is down with the . batteries are working i guess it's like . table tonight after this give rich . greater is the last one of the open and . best of all right it's time to head out . i got to carry my boy dark later down . the street as well as for gt is gonna be . a sweet juggling and everyone in the . place of and i hope i hope lots of . people see me as i'm hearing darth vader . will be great . alright well all i call that a pretty . successful evening turns out my pennies . were a lot more desirable than i could . have ever imagined having been traded. the maximum number of times didn't see. that one coming. we also got darth vader over here who . was just looking super intimidating one . winner that one is what a winner and . then the four gt which ah you know this . will have to hold me over until i get . the real thing at some point like it's . looking like it might happen maybe over. the summer. that's exciting i don't want to jump the . gun but my order date is supposedly . sometime between march and may as as per . latest email i have to try to like . figure out a way to make up for having. received the gift though from sonia . because that's the problem when i . receive something i feel like okay i . gotta make up for it now so we'll see . about that anyway i feel like my voice . is about to give out a lot of talking. tonight so i'm gonna leave it off here . thanks so much for watching i hope you. enjoyed the christmas gift exchange and . that's all for now see you later . [music]. .

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