WORLD’S WORST DAD! (Happy Wheels)

WORLD'S WORST DAD! Welcome back Kops! Today we are back with Happy Wheels! Make sure to drop a like for more! Let's go for 10k likes!
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You should never push the button that's execution well comeback hopes my name is coming up my back without pay well let's see what can a 20,000 likes on this video and let's go and do these counts this is 10 ways to die sir throw field jump to see i've stopped it stopped himself in the what about this domino rally let's jump see what dominoes do they just fall over very very slowly and they're still following your funny get these was gonna crush it it's got a driver but i just saw his brains we got ta yeah you're jimmy or whatever his name is james at the impossible jump he's gonna do it do cops think he's gonna do it already jump nope he didn't do it else it would be ten ways to die the four in response was that new for the eris possible dad okay is he gonna drop him did that that was that at all no ghetto that's baybay ok that's a terrible dad what about this do not push the button if you need something station post button you should never push the button that's execution what about the scary maze bring always be careful when doing the story made frank well it's very hard oh would you stop yelling that was scary you're here is it sending what don't have to meet your right that's not santa claus my drive come on my craft gonna do something no my mod but there is a free car right be i do race one ok i'm clicking respawn but it's not read and spike fall fail oh it's a delicious fight fall fail it in north and the last one the parachute field come on yes i think he died last week we did it but we're going back with the bottle flip bottle flip come up bottle flip and bottom lip so last week actually landed one on the lid just like that and i didn't even notice that was pretty sweet though come on are you kidding me to get at least one bottle god month we've been trying this for years now still no father flips the bottle flips are impossible still trying still trying but it's not succeeding it's not succeeding hit now yeah we did with a second bottle we got it we have to continue this we have to continue this cups one day we will do the bottle flip one day jobs one day one day we're gonna get it soon cups oh no why look we let it out there lettin ya okay that's a that that's crazy this is a 3d pogo fine ok let's go i like doing qualified sometimes but sometimes they're the same let's do this there we go just a meeting this guy off jump higher with control okay here we go thank you thank you for the tip thank you for the tip i haven't played football no no no it's stuck it's stuck at the bottom again headstock no no don't do this to us we have to get the knife out of here we have to get the night body here it's stuck it's like it replace our penis every place are being at certain no no no don't come on stand up i've been a good boy this year i want to get a nice christmas present want to kill roboto first side of the kills us oh my evil santa evil santa are gonna go there you go did we make it yet oh yes we can jump normally again the wind is right over there yeah well throws we're back with the ball throws everything ok let's go again i did not see you dead that was easy was at the end already is that going to be the end of this stuff ok escape or dead no way come on we have exactly right second job who are safe we're saying we're safe here yay that really got close that close and not being safe get out of here okay we may be very intense the joy of creation oh no cops we have a security system we have a note survive 150 seconds or find the seven methyl middle of the energy consumption security system on ties and closed or 3,000 what try to keep off the security system love are you fucking kidding me ok we're playing five nights at freddy's is here let's do this ok open this door open if you're close it i mean you're not coming at you crazy fight is pretty guy error error error careful okay guy coming up from here this is fine this is fine cups you have to like go out to find the middle's i'm not gonna do that oh my god that was really quick whoa bob's we're running out of energy ok stay here god is always there ok the month now we god now i god got my lifestyle anyways we tried glass breaks killing ok we killed him let's go we do the gas right i like to break that glass and jump and jump come on are you kidding me you're gonna meet her are you kidding me let's go there we got that's nice that one great let's go again and again ok now that didn't work that in let's get yes perfect that would nice and smooth nice and easy and no no no the amazing his heart that's real i get some speed for this let's go cops let's go there we go okay and let's do it again let's jump again there we go and one more time walmart. com and we got this yeah now get that spread i go through there a lost our arms but that's fine we lost everything but that's fun you know we don't need arms daddy daddy daddy this one's called kill yourself trying to kill yourself okay how do we kill ourselves we fly upside down come on we do a little backflip and then jump out there we go now we're still alive grab this already got my stretch your legs if they're really doing well this night there you go that's how you kill yourself oh my god great that's a that's a very virtual disk i hate when that happens that's the worst only 14 jobs down oh my god and only burning just cups come on how we go back right over here and jump now that that was a terrible idea we got so close schools and jump you know what i i think we're not named jess we shouldn't be trying this harpoon escape that way yep that was brutal get help dodge it budget hey harpoon hey okay my god we got ya little flick 2016 no we didn't do it all slip 2016 and we didn't do it bottom lip 2006 said fuck this down with bottle flips for now done too many yard saarthal do it go grab all the sword there we go we still have that source now we stopped ourselves who do we kill two in come on omar now we have one more sort cups if we fail this then ok we filled it fuck my life that was the end all 40 plus score great bones okay red bonus is 10 and then green then blue let's do this blue and blue there we go and blue come on eric blue and blue yes green and green very nice nice already is possible it is possible let's go for the reds knob on the ball stuck the ball has stopped over their cups and let's do a green and let's go for blue again we're going to get a bonus soon i'm gonna get a bonus dragonballz oh my oh my ok let's go and write integrate this is this is really hard what do these riding mowers do oh nice they gave everything they give everything come on one more no we got this close are you kidding me rob swing colorful is one with made for jacksepticeye ropes way ok that's that one from now in that rock that's cool it's not met that where my arms go hold on oh oh then and make yourself a ball and that's a beautiful beautiful beautiful bowl that's not land on her head again ok and hold on all down there you go hold on there you go k in the middle let's jump and hold on again what is this gravatt to grab bed having wait we will grab your weights so lag ah what stock okay really really got stopped we really got stuck cops are you kidding me ppap ok so what does it get it what's gonna happen o. o i have a pen i have an apple it's an apple of a apple huh apple bad full pay i have a been i have been applied out ball oh pineapple bang-up come on white apple bad oh yes apple band pineapple band and pineapple apple bit o pogo man vs five girls ok five girls baby girl and we have a shot sheriff shattered his daughter go back here and then they're ready to jump and jump and we have charlotte i'm not shot in tonight i need a woman without her legs madwoman not matter skills that final level they challenge 3 or potatoes simulator welcome to potato simulator 2016 for space to grab the potato we are a delicious potato all i like that guy they're very much yes but guy is the best ok vodka vodka vodka and what's this was as the pan do we always did a cookfire rightpan yes delicious were no fried potatoes man yeah down there down there flight climb up climb up boy we have potato soup all delicious but bridget propagate their dead their soup now know the date but it is delicious updated but we have to run we have to roll for a bit dado cops were damned potato that's game as gabriel that a while the potato is caved i want to become a potato plant again when here man yeah but anyways just i was happy whells of you enjoyed that people's i want to see more to make sure to drop a like let's go for twenty thousand lights once again and pick up some bye-bye [music] oh
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