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I never thought I'd see the day where there was a wrestler dating simulator with big burly beefy men.
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Hello everybody my name is markiplier. and welcome to wrestling with emotion. now this game has something to do with. wrestlers and possibly dating i'm not a. hundred picture . hello friends i wish i knew what that . was. wow that's the coolest do with this . thing oh ok . hi i have no idea what the game is about . but it's promising to be a little bit . weird. oh fuck sad bored lonely . well then try wrestling with emotion . speed-dating big in middletown oh that's . so nice. am i doing some here oh hi how are you . doing. let me oh nice fit the well this is not . what i anticipated it being but here i . stand it so oh ok let's do this . new town new league nobody knows me. i can be whoever i want who will it be . one the oh haha oh oh i get to pick my . titles. oh my god oh well i've got to be dr. oh . i'm confused buster mystery . oh hell yeah oh my god . dr. unstoppable dr. funky regular . avenging i gotta go . dr. mystery here dr. mystery mega . document mystery death dr. mystery . average doctor mystery average man . master data . haha haha i like out dad put chest there . on me and also shoulder hair not too . sure about that i was that a sad face . written right into my chest. oh boy man i'm going dad . i'm dr. mystery average dad is look . going to find me the perfect match war . i don't nobody go i really don't know . about this i'll punch myself in the face . because i'm so confident . whoa help it get it together dr. mystery . average dad it's no one's gonna love you . do you learn to love yourself. oh shit dude oh i'm sorry well okay well . that's quite a lesson to learn shit all . locks . wow i guess well i guess we're onto a . speed-dating course becoming town . look out everybody dr. e mystery average . dad coming to get you up with his love . and cuddles i guess i supposed to do . something here . all i was ok hello good evening . everybody i'm your host mc manny mcmahon . that that's that's totally 2013 . markiplier going on there. well i like that you robbed my luck . there buddy boyle you're ready for the . ride of your life with you speed date . your way through eight fighters in your. quest for the perfect match will you . find the opponent of your dreams or. leave the ring unsatisfied and i'm not . going to touch that one. let's find out welcome to wrestling with . emotion. we're all oh hi post drop what you're . doing the arms are in the house arms . more like twigs. oh he's devastated what would you do if . i had your head in monday . hey break some legs to see some eggs. unpossible no legs can hold my head find . something to sing good do buy it . whoa whoa i got a good fucking something . good to bite i guess o. o you like it . dirty hot no absolutely run there's got . there's been a grave misunderstanding . here. what's your dream match if you could see . me in anything what would it be . what do you look for in an opponent hey . what do you see me wearing huh . don't say you haha pink spandex leotard . all the way baby. ok times up your mystery i hate to tahoe . well arms arms and people presume here . later. o sea and never are . alright bye fuck you and your boobs will . pop-up blocker . oh boy i'm going to call that right . there it's right and other and also pq . is quite pretty i would imagine but also . about the clock . alright good about 12 loose slow ties . red of i'm mr. biggie if you ship your . little 00 evening officer . i'm looking for a real bad boy what's . your offense my body is looking a mess . and fill their hearts bake i don't use . steroids and that's people moves from . other wrestlers about it anyway relates . to my youtube life that's exactly the . adequate one that's taking it too far. you make me sick what's your dream match. prison cell fight pillows . ok move along okay put me away officer . ok for a5 write it . oh i just all i can't right okay well i . seem to have started drawing a dick i . did not even intend to stick that dick . but up gorgeous there we go alright okay . alright then . hi bow down king pretty jack stands . before you on on on . oh we got the bugis lasted for king . pretty guy i'm honored the only the . finest men mainly with me. why should i pick you go home whoa whoa . i'm a noble knight let me challenge you . i'm a filthy peasant let me do file you . i don't care puck up your majesty . you know i there's anything to describe . it's a filthy peasant so i'm gonna go . that one. you and oh we animal i shot there . what do you look for in an opponent. three trends who can match in my muscle . alright then farewell till next time . master richie by ok hand some indeed . nice eyes . funny pretty what the fuck . ok that's pretty good hello how are you . whoa . hi hold on the moon bags radical raised . here to rock you kill me now please kill . me to go to meet now if you bagged a . bodacious babe like ma what we do with . my god for bronco buster the died away . in the most gnarly way subscribers will . you can't breathe finish you off with . jeff let's get it about defaults to good . old-fashioned wrestling room here i . don't feel like we need to do a big . fancy by evening is filled with boring . it i watched documentaries for a living . it's great. ok gag me with screwed that's totally . bogus. now i'm not into your fetishes man i . won't i don't want to gag you with . anything let alone the spoon . yeah you can see me i think would be you . need to get with its get my drift with . shades that i don't know . shade of an heiress dark corner that you . can standing with the bag over your head . that be nice . you could never look at me again and . bring your ugly ass away from this place. brad's dad just don't mix stupid okay . later rather than eight er your ad who . smells good smells good and that guys. probably kid-friendly just like that . market ball pretty well that's fucking . know boyd that's high . you're dead oo la today you face yes and . his name is senior murder kill me now . but in a good way. kill me c'mon crass way through momentum . are beyond odd onl . pregnant okay homeboy que luchar por lo . que it's more venir de we have a match i . have no idea what that means but i'm . gonna go with that one . take me now off location your death . senior muerte or whatever your name was . what's your dream match i don't do . dreams you do top only nightmares i . don't think mr. mystery average dad too . much into this radical death way of . living. audio ics this is ben been pretty . unpleasant i'm not gonna lie about this . i feel like we didn't connect on any . level is nice i guess that's all i could . see so good right . oh hey have some are you man enough to. bear the bear prayer i don't know who i . told you all that i don't know about . that carebear good plush brush up feat . mike if you apparently apparently suplex . what would you do take it like a man . then come back with a strum camel lunch . cry hips crack crack . yeah i brought cry just track so i love . you but i do we look for an opponent a . big mom to figure the backup throwing . big deal with your day long sweaty to . the fact that the backstop ok right then . oh george variable till next time ipad . or she who is clammy going to go triple . check on the clams boy . hi there yarn oh ok buddy ready to get . funky with to do. [music]. all this heat but i am dancing through . this groovy music i like it a lot i feel . really get now that i've really really . tightly i think that's a good discussion . of experience . yes i'm a gangster let me say only lahu . p do this your whole lot hooby hooby do . is probably the least bad ass thing i . could have possibly said but ok. salutation sir how you doing we're on . the periodic table. i'm oxygen what element are you . hydrogen we could get together and makes . things wet table friend to go with . hydrogen haha all my soul all your . fedora. oh ok what's your dream match dreams up . with an illusion . okay thank you i mean you're not wrong . but also fuck you very well ladies do . even ater all right . yes well good biceps i suppose you're . all right let's go way i'm saying yes to . everybody i justreally war but where are . you stretch your shift robert pretty . sure i'll driver who pretty sure this . track after he fell into a swamp too . deep into you up because the bottom . layer of the onion little boy you can . see me and i think that aboot ok you are . not father i mean maybe you make all my . dreams come to a you got a face on your . arm that kid friendly . well good the n&o ignored alan . well you feed all of the dreamy options . now it's time to choose your favorites . it's just choice but remember you can . only 230 boy that janice was a good . choice all across the bar here really . what i wanted well radical raised out . senior murder rub me the wrong way i am . all aboard the bear i guess the do we . eat with you know just give myself a . little bit of chance it's between arms . the king pretty guy . yeah king pretty gay yeah yeah that's . good i'm the king of a few things or boy . to fuck with that now about what i . wanted it sold out why look now . hi oh ok yeah what the fuck is happening . oh god nice nips first out perfect . why are you doing this that rather be a . day ok so hall . oh drive it works you held the fuck his . hell happened here. well that's good well haha yeah okay . well boy . alright then code and feel full . thanks richard i guess that's it then . we're all done with this one . thank you team laser beam i need to . bleach for my eyeballs now but you know . i feel like i'm a better person for . experiencing that accepting all the ways . that i'm not so that's something i'll . take home to my grave. yeah alright then anyway dr. mystery . average dad it found love love in king . pretty guys who . i'm pretty sure was supposed to be an . analogy of me or maybe not know about a . dr who are you to judge with anyone to . just maybe you could have a better . chance of this finding love for your . arrest of your dream . hello you can play the game for yourself . it was a funny to you name your own . price when you play for free if you want. to put up that is pretty good i like it . good on your team laser beam even though . i'm gonna go home and cry myself to . sleep tonight. that's okay i'll just wrestle with my . emotions that i resolute my pillow so . thank you everybody so much for watching. hope you enjoyed this one let me know . what you thought down the comments below . and as always felt for you in the next . video. what . [music]. .

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