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Where's zoey worried so here is that we . were zoey wait what all right zoey oh my . god aah get quick 100% go q star q max . on her i think i don't know what the but . i don't think maxing w is anything i . think it's just more for passive all . night. so you gonna build on that champion um i . actually don't remember what i build i . think cdr would be good. morello is probably i don't remember . what i built when i played her but . basically this is what louise abilities . do i can i make this longer and i think . that's where he right that's right you . don't thinking about basically it so . easy. it'll get longer basically on terrain no . one no one really knows that i don't . think anyone will know that unless they . watch this video or i like play a little . bit of her i only know that because like . they told me when i was at wright and . stuff they give me the inside scoop so i. know all the mechanics and stuff which . is cool um yeah there's always q so i . may explain zoe her passive is kind of . like a lich man after casting a spell is . always the next basic attack deal 17 . plus 10 is bonus magic damage though . it's like a little scale based on your . levels how much adductor damage will do . i thought she'd just jump rope when she . walks let's control one that's control . two cuz i think called uh what's called . a really whoa what's that thing a lolly . it's called the lolly no it's not called . lipo what is it called . i think that you like a yo-yo why i sing . lolly all right whatever . all right let's see basically what is . all these cues you can throw it and then . redirect it somewhere so i'll show you . when zed comes to lane i'm probably . gonna throw it behind me and throw it at . him it's like i have to oh yeah once he . comes . i'll shoot it here then you declare . those minions oh yes basically it took . it's like a skill shot i can throw it . directly at him but the longer the range . the more damage it'll deal . so what i want to do if i'm doing it if . i want to throw it backwards and then . throw it out. hot shot attack him because after using . ability out of my element obviously . [music]. oh emma what's that damage that i was . actually so much damage . hmm i got she's a little chick ain't my . cutest lot of damage but my key is my . ease a charm but when i saw my gentleman . comes to gank me i decided to go a few . seconds after that there when i hit all . those aoe damage to minions . okay let's just recall what my alright . let me explain so my q does ninety base . damage and i can do up to 200 and 220 . damage one point in and only 40 ap . that's actually so much extra damage you . can do and i got a nutshell yeah i got a . dark seal . let's walk back um what my w does is say . is that uses flash or ignite it'll . basically drop us a shard on the floor . and if i walk over that shard my w is . now flash or ignite so that's what my w . is and my e is a charm i can throw it . out a victim and i'm pretty sure it's . anyone like to walks near him or . anything will turn everyone in the area . i comma kind of forgot what it's like . exactly . everything is i dodge all his stuff get . all my stuff i play but you have no w . right now cuz that's just dead here oh . wait hey what's a call i didn't. i forgot that mikey can hit minions or . whatever so when i flash by yeah but . basically what i want to do is i want to . be the best so v na once uh well she's . really stuff servers i'm gonna be . grinding our pb also something a lot of . people don't know or no one knows that . so see this little shard that's on top . of the candy man but that means if i . kill it it's gonna drop a random . summoner spell or a random item active . so you want to be sure to last hit this . knowing me i'm gonna miss this cannon so . i'm actually gonna use my q4 and what it . dropped is ghost so now my double use . goes just for example see this little . yellow bar on top that shows how long do . is how long i have that ability so how . long i can use it for before it runs out . so i'm just gonna fight a ghost now and . now my w is gone and what happens when . that happened when that doug . i i think three little orbs around i use . my w and it does damage look kinda like. re w. we said go to plan what my ulties my . alters are very very little cooldown why . all basically will teleport me range is . so nice look at those debt damage i . already know ep and i love zoe i want to . kill this thing again and the drop knee . cleanse and i might double use if i use . that vo so i'm just gonna save this . i need it i'll show you my booth does . now now this is really cool . basically what it does is it teleport . you so i can shoot here over here and i . can queue all the way down there and if . i hit that queue it does so much damage . because the longer your queue range the . more damage a field get like for . interactions like that find the minions . block the oops i should have done that . lisanne right there . i need some manos what i need right now . one thing i think is oh he lacks and . look and i shows the decent waveclear . like look at this damage i'm probably . gonna be able to like yeah i want to i . want to save my mana frizzy actually . when he hits six he might be able to . one-shot me actually especially with new . burns i'm pretty sure you do so much . extra damage . i don't do this on a cue here damage i . just literally put all those minions . with one health so much damage he's . risen so much csi 43 farm i wanna kill. this mean see what it has it's another . cleanse actually i'm not even using the . other one because that's a thing with . zoe like people think i gets pretty . busted that she can get like extra item . extra actives and stuff and it a . summoners or whatever but that takes up . all of the ladies it takes up like a . whole ability so my w just cleanse for a . minute so i can't pick up anything else . and i don't have a wlan you know unless . i pick up a summer so so if he doesn't . use any summoners and i don't last hit . those minions. like any much actually want to get she . and i think i think xin is gonna be . really strong on her like lychee bein . because i auto attack a lot after iq . yeah yeah but her basically force is . gonna go back like it's a blink though . you might get confused and like use it i . was like leblanc w rude over like a . fight bolt it's gonna bring me back i . can't remove or anything it just forces . me back but it's a very low cooldown . it's 10 10 10 second cooldown at 7 . minutes right now and i leave 10% cdr . it's time to go i got 3 second cooldown . the game so it's just constant poke but. what i can do if i can't hold charm and . now he's charming . and you see this. watch that . i what i did is i burned my cleanse . because i didn't need cleanse i burned . it and then i walk inside the bush i . mean i i walked over his flash picked it . up and flashed the lease thank you . arranged that damage i'm like dude i'll . take the blue shirt i want a max ear w . this does extra damage or moves now i . think i'd go for 25% movement though . after you 500 i'm sure max - yeah thanks . though i'm gonna go yeah oh that's gonna . give me a summoner spell i have to make . sure that that mean shouldn't die the . wave should show . [music]. i'm glad this game isn't a stomp or . whatever because it will actually show . like ups and downs as oh here whatever . i think he's nobody gets stomped by. assassins like zed it's just i got a . leader lem cuz he probably even know . what the champion does while i do have . that advantage over him alright i'll . kill that minion accuser there would i . give me redemption . oh that's disgusting and now my double . use redemption the thing is what does . this one give cuz this is another one . let's kill it and find out cleanse oh . i've got every time should i think i . don't care about clemency on . i should poke more especially . oh what sena redemption tequila since . it's on right now chef . what was that damage fight vault on top . of him i would have killed him actually . wait i nearly one shot him . that was actually nuts i did not expect . that type of damage hold on top him i . would have killed him to my w there was . so much damage actually but any brent he . dropped his flash i'm gonna go pick that . up let me just push this video . that's my home i am iw smite right now . it it's so soft it's actually so . interesting like don't want somebody . join a second flash i think i'm gonna i . have to burn my smite what am i gonna . burn it on money overseas like that and . then come back just like a flash very . nice. back to flashes all right it's gonna be . hard to utilize though campus don't . shout don't let miss lessons dude why . there's so many cleansers look at this . i'm gonna cute here look at this damage . now look at his hpv is 300 off after . that. was that my flashes about it right now . so i want to use it or i need to pick . something else that what is that in 1989 . i was burnett pickup date night all . right the game is pretty even i'm . stomping you playing that way i got heel . now my wz know these minion things are. really getting exhausted i think you . pick up things on i don't shake right . here because my heels gonna run out soon. he'll it only lasts a minute i believe . oh you don't want to keep it forever i'm . able over here get rid of all her hp at . home like . ah i know i'm in mistake what what . see that's a big mistake with zoey is i . use my alt doesn't escape but then i . remember that i can't do that . because it blinks me back and i also . burned my flash while oh and why didn't . you flash i guess what i want i want . lumens or not murillo's i'm gonna give . her all those just for the cdr i didn't . know that i could flash those during. yeah. but you know now that i should have farm . i'm farming so much better than that my . farms not insane but i mean a lot better . than hate right now . oh yeah mikey runs out i don't use . my uncle a 5-second . oh god oh god wait i lived wow holy that . was actually so clean not the help me oh . wait i kind of wanna get this blue buff . guy to do it without dying let's see if . someone walks here maybe i'm just one . shot them wait i just thought of . something cool what if i let me tell . something pull backwards q here come . back then whoa wait that's so smart that . does all the damn it i'm gonna literally . be able to one-shot someone if i do that . correctly so try it out actually it's . actually so smart. because that means mike you'll be able . to do a thousand over a thousand damage . and i might need us like three hundred . okay i'll show you yeah it'd have to be . like. those things i have to last-hit because . austin somehow thing like you need to . let me know what that is though let me . try the combo thing i'm thinking about . so i walk here few backward holy . holy that's busted damage i want to burn . this exhaust to pay my friend this . exhaust i can don't pick up too flash . over there all right let me try it again . no pick up no is flash run out did they . bring anything is a bunch of doing here . i think i feel up i guess i'd want to do . is i can probably i can mari here q . backward like you doesn't have that . center aims on . i'm gonna do here wash away from tower . damn i got a really low mike he wasn't . i keep trying that combo this is so much . damage actually take it buy it . come here. literally did like six hundred damage . thank you that's why i only got i got a . death cap damn their bonds are really . strong right now actually i feel like . i'm not utilizing my w as well but i'm . having a really good first game uh w . actually because i'm not messing up with . my ol when i first met her at riot . headquarters i guess they're my own so. much. making mistake again zoey burning your . flash it's my flash now that's why i . don't burn your flash when you're . running away from a zoey never burn your . flash now i'll just watch right after . yeah yeah thanks also gonna right now by . the time i get there . this ghost poor if i send that bush oh . give me like a ward that's cool . i can get this maybe no we right now i'd . only see the damage he was how i messed . up i tried again let me walk away i did . fourteen hundred damage . i missed . i pass it as an extra minute now and i'd . like the sheet rock whatever mediocracy . no i want through the column . let me see let me see this one . oh my goodness oh i don't care about . actually that one goes let me buy mighty . nice somehow the thing is i have to burn . the summoner i pick up a new one . oh my god i just didn't 1200 over top of . the image. never an ignitor . i'm getting pretty fed i think it's time . to reset is that right papa . i actually want that for the region . very nice keeps us even like she's doing . a ton of dammit . like a lot a lot of damage maybe i'm . just good at her because if i did i did . it when i did play riot um . they told me that because i got to play . this champion obviously like a few weeks . no your times they tell me that i was . the best first games os . i told me that she's like a very hard . champion he doesn't go second part of . damage after they make false leave . attack on spell's break oh if i hit it . it does damage okay i see understand it . that damaged the tower . everyone on the team is just 9 my team . just my team just killing a room without . me noho yeah i want to kill people . now me upset under their tower the next . are the fft no ugly first game is oe and . i think this is gonna be my champion i'm . not gonna lie this is gonna be my . champion. [music]. you . [music]. .
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