YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO | SuperHOT VR #4 – END (Oculus Rift Virtual Reality)

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You know what to do.... Finish the game!
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The party chinese my name is . jacksepticeye and welcome back to super . i got me two nights i'm ready to nice . shit off giving us good yeah . ah it does work black you black you okay . now i get it. somebody in the comments told me that . you have to look at the black dieter . pyramids to actually progress the level . but i feel like i've looked at a bunch . of times also does still work back . fuck you dude i was trying to use my my . powers last time i was picking the . buttons for the mind-control bars and . they weren't working for some reason. take me down to the paradise city . no fuckers well oh today do you want to . fucking die for me bitch . ok oh i really like that one was my . favorite one . ok ok i'm not mind controlling you . fuck you like being on a lot of dicks . yes yes not yes that's very much a no . doubt . haha that's yes okay are we doing this . i need to get up right on top you all . that the boundaries of my fucking thing . though. come on yes that works. i've nothing in this handout don't . fucking need norton not bitch . all i need is a fucking i got in my hand . and. someone who loves me like my mom she . loves me. you guys don't oh that's a little bit . black . what are you doing general i yeah i . thought you were on the picnic . wow that's a nice bullet wounds are . nicer you go . thanks so the garden . wow fuck that was very close chase is . christ if i was any closer i'd have no . face in there because if you like a cool . shape. hello fucking note . yeah so all these times that i was like . throwing stuff at the black pyramid it . was only because i was looking at it as. they threw things so looking at the . black pyramid is how you progress the . levels fuck seek if we're gonna get it's . not clear that that's what you're . supposed to do all this time maybe it is . and i'm dumb . that's a more likely scenario cut you . guys you guys shave or something you . guys good. it was a big one oh shut up you love . bastards hello beep whoa does that give . me the super hotness . ya know now i've got a fucking pool and . i'm not afraid to use it. watch nice supper fuck they have my good . son of a fucking rhubarb 10000 you . killed your friend. yes all gone you're crazy posture . i don't like this dude i don't like any . people don't make any of you i'm going . over here. oh i'm safe now i'm over here i'm safe . sons of bitches coming in my house . trying to do shit to me look . oh god of the cable that the cable of . the controller hit me in the face and . it's gonna be here okay moving on . oh you guys stepped into the wrong dojo. oh did you all think you're going to get . fucking sweet and sour chicken now . you're getting death up your butthole . black rice . fuck you that's what you always a . chinese new year . oh god fuck them up alright you good sir . it's not gonna hit you you don't go over . and amy feel like my fucking knees but . nobody needs to be the death of me . i you to give me away sometime it's all . fucking grannies might come on what fuck . you. okay doing this fast in this class i got . this. so i can send american cables . oh shit i didn't die . thanks the frying pan pink pig pig nice . right after the fucking rescue . oh shit not deflect bullets like again . you can be pleased by it was nice . are you not really fuck off fucking help . jesus quite through exploit oh fucking . christ god why . drop the fucking bored with something to . do with bad. come come please take huh chief . fuck i'm on my ass the game baby sit . down. holy fucking shit oh no shitballs is not . good. okay that's better oh god . hi hi no that's a fine motherfucker . ya know you feel like this bitch . ok ok you can die . again with that i don't think so . so yeah super hard and always need is a . jack o some she pull right i got to go . for fucking with me nice freedom like a . badass female like fuckin hairs in my is . actually now that i'm thinking about it. for that pirate mid you will be rewarded . if i destroy the environment . ok i that's a take the disc that ok i'll . take the floppy one inserted into my . hate whatever was happening on my robot . finally oh oh right okay nice to meet . you. i mean this room anthony social . situations very quickly i don't have . time . ok shake your hand okay . took a bullet for me and you can shut . the fuck up. she come on you want to fucking hit all . causes a lot of them now there's less of . them. ok come come to papa there we go okay . do this do that. fuck o. h awesome so good they slowed way . down. i would love to have like a completely . full room that i could just like swing . around super quick and fuck shit up . really badly but its ocean ocean ocean . when you're in the game it's a bit . different than that because you keep. thinking that you need to move slowly . oh god what oh shit she give me it give . me the gun . i want the good oh i do oh i want it i . got it when i die i hope not . oh right . it worked thanks dude huh . he gave me a leg up oh god . thanks yes . i'll coach most motherfuckers standing . on my own cables could i have wireless . we are now please . okay you can't hinder jack's potential . oh it's fucking cables i need to be let . great i'm a swan . why won't you let me fly oh it's the . last level back shot the face that was . our so this image is going well . oh ok ok ok ok you're good for all the . way over there . oh thanks i was something that was . really useful thank you what i love that . ok ok beyond your fucking toes for this . one. get ready. nice i think this is the last level . there's a lot of them shy falls short . balls . thanks i needed that i don't close they . got oh yes . welcome to the danger zone now i'm gonna . let you off for a second you get da just . play what you do darker blue ocean and . ok let me kill him . ok just didn't oh yes oh god oh jesus . what god that was fucking freaky you . were. thank you fucking jesus christ . hi . you're my reward . are you telling me that i have to kill. myself. how fucking dare you you know what i'm . going to do you sons-of-bitches fine if . that's how it's going to go out not with . her not with his but without buying this . is it this is the end of jack as we know . what after all is super hungover all his . amazing skills find any of the game . motherfucker . ship hit . super. lord so / oh oh ok i'm back in the room . you are now free . whoa where does this go so hard bobby . just forever . oh is it cause i'm dead . we're doing where do i put it oh i tried . i didn't fucking worth it . select nice . oh that's cool . it was a dojo i was just messing . construction yard the pyramid ok so . where the fuck is the start is this. desert these isn't this that you . oh yeah . wait do we might ok so i don't have to . power all the time. ok come on sir come on catch catch . okay bring it on you're not what i give . you the first week i get the first wing . come on come on . oh fucking sucks to be you bitch oh i'm . so harley lady that was super hot vr . that's the end of it there is no more . now i mean i could get back in and . played again and just like fire on the . levels that would be cool but i feel . like i just be doing too much of the . same stuff again that was awesome . that's that's the coolest your. experience i've had died and batman . arkham vr just two of them that have . taken vr and mold it perfectly to what . their game it's i mean this is a good . game without vr anyway but when you . introduce vr and all those elements of . like playing around and dodge it's so . cool it's so much fun i do wish there . the physics were a better like throwing . objects is all over the place because . you feel like you should throw them and . everything goes into slow motion wants . to throw it and then it doesn't feel . like it goes where you aimed or twice . off somewhere just floats on . realistically which is the way the game . is. that's the physics of the game but i . feel like i don't know i feel like it . could have been better done in that . regard but the shooting and everything. so much fun being able to take like if . again if i had a bigger space to be . overplayed in and you felt like you . could move around the fucking ages and . you could reach over and grab dudes gone . and like i would love to be able to have . enough space to do it fast when here i . feel like this too much equipment that . can buy into and every time i like swing . something over here the boundaries come. up and i'm like oh god and close to . something i'm not i'm not going to do . anything else and so that's why there's . a lot of me like being slow and. methodical and like looking at things . and then shooting them whereas i'd love . to get in and maybe if i get like a new . space somewhere that i can do we are in. a in a bigger area i can get in and like . do this again and fly around and do a . whole bunch of shit would be so much fun . but man that was that was a great . experience. i love that so much and the fact that . the premise of the oracles outside of . just the gameplay like it fits into the . story as well and even fit into the. story just in. normal superhot just without their . oculus rift so it was really cool to see . it be like oh your headset and go in and . then you're actually in the game the way . to get out of the game shoot yourself in . the head which is kind of how you get. out of games anyway you just quit them. it so it's always the thing would be our . it's like oh to get out of the game you . just start playing sort of thing but . this is supposed to get so good you . can't stop playing so you shoot yourself . a bit weird anyway thank you guys so . much for watching this if you liked it. but like put a face like a pause and my . face around fish fish . thank you . you heard your mom every night for your . mom's trash but several i'm gonna stay . over here. have you gone. .
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