Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Gameplay @ The Game Awards 2016 (Lightning Arrows & Rod!)

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Check out a message from Eiji Aonuma about Zelda: Breath of the Wild at The Game Awards 2016, as well as some new gameplay in a new area trying to find a Shrine! Includes a look at lightning arrows, and lightning rod too!

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Near santa on my edges game our bottle toss in a mascot conclave against them in a tiny talk thats quiet of the cottages more shocking of them what a chi minh our games i nintendo's switch store we your game they don't answer to have to open the way to the chi has need is your new school so she can move across industry so i'm gonna have two metabolites electra teresita darko in 10 go to the house on man you ok alien gray is all yours that's my style machine because i programmed or you're scoring at math so everyone i'm bill training in a builder we're here from the intense treehouse to give the world it's next look at the legend of zelda breadth of the wild and we are on a quest trying to find the shrine a particular shrine and here we have cast and he is a minstrel who travels around in hyrule and he's asking if we want to hear an ancient verse passed down in this region yeah and as minstrels or want to do he's gonna sing to us fire up the accordion the dragon's mouth meets the serpent's jaws try sleeps in the course and then because okay we got this that's a serpent's head right there good good spotting nate seems to think this way so i'm gonna head over here it's nice sunny patch oh don't want to do that thing up nothing in general i think two-handed weapons like claymores and actors on plain old no no no come on yourself together call you probably need a snack on something yeah just it's andy to have snacks so i'm gonna eat some party fried greens yeah right there right there and the serpent's head i bet we go into that cave violence oh fail bill bill bill alright but the the protaper ok i'm classically trained for this takes work here i think charging headlong into a bunch of guys with electric arrows it's not it's not the way to go in there freddie let's let's explore our stealth option you're running out of arrows never so you know you were down to two arrows over there you go nice now i'm going else yeah we have this giant food right there ok into the mouth of the beast you go guidance in really big yeah oh so the only one that was a false rape got chameleon-like powers he was flashing his tongue out nice flurry rush wasn't looking at her store just broke down throw that for that there you go boom and he's done i mean he looks angry well you've got with he does use evil eyes so you're gonna start this guy to move homage to try your little trap already know he's to his tutor wedding that yes you put them yeah you're dealing with heat that one nope already find you you're gonna have to face him oh no reason got a little swing he did not gonna be now thing open oh please don't get back up go grab his weapon oh here is it wrong to him in the back i don't think it is way bigger than now to clean my just reward there we go i think this you can you can see the winter no no no we need to save a few surprises right there it is right there is no there's something awesome right there is a great mouth but i think we're gonna we're gonna end our shrine quest here and i hope everyone is looking forward to the legends of the breath of the wild it will be releasing in 2017 on both wii u and the all new nintendo switch hope you're looking forward to it sure him thank you
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