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In the run up to Breath of the Wild, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, easter eggs and history of Zelda's Ganon. Ganon, also known as Ganondorf, has been with The Legend of Zelda since its inception. Ganon became more relateable when he was given a more human form, which has been present in everything from Ocarina of Time to Super Smash Bros Melee (ssbm). In our analysis of the character's history, the series lore, and beta zelda games, we discovered that Ocarina was once planned to be more like Super Mario 64, and that Ganon's monologue at the end of Twilight Princess was going to be much longer.
Sakurai's Ganondorf in Melee quote translated by SourceGaming: http://sourcegaming.info/2016/01/11/melee-ganondorf/
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Caption: [music]. janelle in the original designs for the . legend of zelda gannon was referred to . as bowl demon king and high-tech i comes . from the japanese translation of the . 16th century chinese novel journey to . the west the name is derived from the . immortal character chalk i in the novel . joke i was banished from heaven and . transformed into a hideous half human. half pig monster which likely inspired . games appearance the name gannon is of . irish origin and means fair-skinned or . fair-haired it's not known if gannon's . name is based on this irish origin it . seems like an odd choice considering his. design while the name is canonically. spelled in the zelda series as gno n it . was originally spelled with two ends in . the middle like cannon this misspelling . was present in the original legend of. zelda as well as the famicom disk system. version of zelda to the name is fixed in . the north american nes release of zelda . 2 and has been spelled correctly in . every game sense although gannon doesn't . take part in zelda 2 itself is shown on . the game over screen which threatens the. return of gannett in the japanese game . this screen used a roar sound effect but . the english version uses a laugh this . laughing sound is actually a reused. sample from punch-out where it was used . for soda popinski. [music]. the legend of zelda a link to the past . was the first game to make mention of. gannon's human form again endure the . localization team also took the liberty. of getting him the full name of. ganondorf drag meyer they also gave him . the title of man dragged gannon which . apparently means gannon of the enchanted . thieves these names are only mentioned . in the north american instruction manual . and aren't considered a part of the. zelda cannon ganondorf made his first . physical appearance in the legend of . zelda ocarina of time a game which has . some interesting secrets ganondorf's . laughs in ocarina is the same sound . effect as the force temples post sisters . the sound is just sped up or slow down . for each instance after his defeat in . twilight princess ganondorf has a brief . monologue about the triforce throughout . history this monologue was originally . much longer the final build of the game . only includes two lines but there are a . total of seven lines that can be found. in the game's data ganondorf also . appeared as the final boss + winwaker . wielding a pair of twin swords with . highly and engravings when translated . the engravings read hanno a japanese . word which means genuine or the real . thing. this is perhaps in reference to an . earlier boss fight against ganondorf's. toppled anger phantom gannon . interestingly phantom gannon sword is . also engraved and highly and translates . as the bora bora bora and gabor are the . names of the two blacksmiths from . majora's mask ganondorf himself does not . appear in majora's mask . however in the 3ds remake to horse . stalls can be found in remind his room . one of them is based on epona while the . other appears to be based on ganondorf's . horse from ocarina of time ganondorf is . also set to appear in oracle of ages and . seasons for the game boy color . ultimately only gannon's beast for made . it into the games as a secret boss all . that publicly remains of his human form. is a piece of concept art. [music]. despite being a serious threat . throughout most of this series cannon . falls victim to several silly tricks and. exploits and zelda games while fighting . gannon's alter ego agony it's possible . to deflect his fireballs with the bug . catching net possibly as a nod to this . trick the bug catching net can also be . used to deflect demises fireballs and . skyward sword in ocarina of time the . fire balls thrown by ganondorf infantum . gannon can be deflected by swinging an . empty bottle a trick that was also . carried over to wind waker in twilight . princess ganondorf has a weakness to . another unusual item the fishing rod . pulling out the rod during and casting a . line will distract him long enough for. link to attack during the development of . ocarina of time director and producer . shigeru miyamoto had no idea how large . they be able to make the game's world in . an awana asked interview miyamoto . explain that in order to conserve memory . he initially planned the entire game to. be set within gannon's castle the castle . would serve as a hub world to enter. other areas much like princess peach's . castle in super mario 64 and a . worst-case scenario link might not have . left the castle at all. miyamoto elaborated at first i didn't . mind making the game complete within a . single building as long as i got to make . link in 3d in other words they might . have turned out like zelda to the . adventure of link partially because of . that i started making it with the idea . that gannon's castle might be enough one . relic of this idea is the fight against . phantom canyon where the villain rides a . horse in and out of paintings miyamoto . believes the fight to be a glimpse of. his original idea and would use it to. illustrate the concept for colleagues. for the final boss in ocarina of time . one early concept was to make gannon a . literal giant the player would be forced . to climb gannon's massive body and . attack his weak points . the idea was scrapped for two reasons. the nintendo 64 is limited power would . have struggled to render the villain. again and would also be so large that it . be impossible for players to see his . whole body however this unused concept . of fighting a giant enemy and scaling. its body was brought back for super. mario galaxy. the idea was repurposed and led to the. creation of the boss mega leg . canon has made several appearances . outside of the zelda games one franchise . is the super smash brothers series where . ganondorf was actually a last-second . addition to melee according to series . creator masahiro sakurai ganondorf was a . very lucky character to get in to be . honest i had no plans to bring ganondorf . to smash but because of his various . convenient circumstances he was . able to join the fight i received his . model and his traits were very clearly . defined the body proportions matched . captain falcon and above else his . popularity was high again and also made . a cameo appearance in the animal . crossing new leaf update cannons . birthday a new leaf is februari 21st . this is the day the legend of zelda was . first released in japan back in 1986 did . you also know that nintendo purposely . left glitches in ocarina of time 3d . because they thought players of the . original game would miss them or that . it's possible to beat ocarina of time in . less than 18 minutes or more zelda fact . check out the did you know gaming video. on zelda glitches if you like this video . give it a like and consider subscribing. to the channel. [music]. .

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