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Big Sean stops by Funk Flex and drops bars in #Freestyle041 right before his new album #iDecided drops!

Without those big shiny look man i'm . with my dog funk flex man i can't kill a . slept in days but we still going off in . new york city everybody . oh world 297 know what it is funk flex . straight-up we scale 041 i decided . dropping tonight . exactly hashtag before that had . accessibility big sean is here straight . up everyone can come up here straight up . left . the album is dropping and get nervous i . can't see my old was time to lift the . burden know if i take a pay cut that you . gonna need to start and i don't want the . top spot i deserve it all i do is so . loving to keep reverting to stand up you . know i'm gonna leave the research . improved so much mouse not like another . person you know how to store ego never . study scripture storyboard just looking . for an appointment with the oracle she . told me i got more to go two blocks or . like a fresh chopped unemployment and . i'm still a brain like they told me you . were not the father live on the morning . so it ain't over till the overdose . i heard you sit and i fell asleep it . wasn't even sleeping that i know was we . look respect someone came from the deal . with able to eat with friends and family . and we speak further than anyone who . skin-colored its people still happy who . gets better every race and every word . that he's beat let's go where we spend . its own. yes sir i decided tonight . look i know you're a proud of me he took . me out of debt . i know jay proud of me put this around . my neck and i might just kill isis with . the same ice pick murders donald trump. in the same night with lyrically i . prepare for the worst spiritually . prepared for the best but somehow i . ended up in the middle the exact place . for me and definitely met and i'm still . find perfection and imperfection trying . to go the right way of life center . section now go with the most impressive . the most requested witnessing the . underdogs and deception and fourth . quarter when you thought it was all over. i'm doing the touchdown dance breaking . hearts and records and i probably wrote . it down there and austin texas living . the life out of turn my girls who were . detected . i'm living the life that has turned my . daughter something sexy i'm living the . life that has turned my dreams for some . perspective. speaking of dreams i got new dreams and . new goals my new vision is 20 by 20 . that's 2020 just trying to get that old . money younger folks a little bit of my . jobs on the carpet product use those so . we don't want to look like your new step . bro i got all niggas business externals . mr. selby winter life become a game of . tic-tac-toe i'm celebrating every day . like i got diagnosed with terminal. cancer but it was just that cold oh . another big sean we really in the . building but what else we got me another . be i'm ready i'm hungry i keep an anchor . for your race leader thunderstorm . low 39 days rare the unicorn i dedicate . this one to stories never get old once . we've been offered the world but they . sold whenever so the million-dollar . office but chose another role because . you realize their lord that you was . always worth more if the sky falls you . know i pick it back up to and it's going . with the universe like angels singing . backup man exactly what my backup plan i . look at him and sages guy have a back-up . plan of stan's my god but god my god my . god he's so i must be one of the ones . got like that being at the right place . at the wrong time with the wrong people . with the right place but still ended up. being a hard time still ended up one . time. look i guess it's hard not to get this . body when you live in the spotlight . i got my clique problem but i hardly . little pop like my partner popstar . paparazzi pop like but don't get it. twisted i'm in la live in the park . lights and you're living that big like i . maybe try live in that dial life i left . my last can get my mom right now feel . carbon killin niggas dearly departed . working the game like an igloo in the . cartridge they know my name is ever like . a major crime enough for granny and feel . like i'm the father of my neighbors with . yellow harbor captain of the squad for . ever starting to check the highlights no . yellow markets are barely switching . roles also i'd like a crystal light my . role model watch the white my remodel . watch a white man forget indicted boy . rides get excited black boyfriend that . black arms trying to bring light in your . hero in my city teen titans 15 the . titers test already wet decided when i . get excited but honestly i can't even . get too involved multiple numbers but a . too many the car concept of context i . hate we lost contact i know i got more . exits in a contract but i wish it was . your meat . remember when you were rude to me i wish . it was one of me for you want for my . family i mean a group of me . guys down had to take a brief you . believe it followed by a diamond and you . do not need another look here haha of . course we're well so easy and good let's . go . stop still it where we goin to palm with . a oh you're okay that i'm gonna gas go . yeah look real one . look all i have a date with figured out . back when they get used to have to live. on the couch had a brainstorm with kids . just to get through the drought . strategize in my head and started living . it out anything that's what the purse . without doing the work drag my name . through the mud without doing the dirt i . put your face on a shirt like i'm doing . in mirchi let's talk about doing it . first. look no change you can keep the refunds . and not all reruns i've seen it all the . phone when i haven't been satisfied in a . row that one time to try three times for . what is more pieces than pea-sized and . game sighs three times hard times but . you pay your feet of being seen as i . pulled up in a car so but again i'm i . dinnae let's go with a kid even if . lebron is riding in it some offenders . know it's going to leave that commercial . with a small enough that bentley . something like the night and got a home. right here to start called spin up to . influence to be inconsistent and i . didn't do the upside down to stay down a . way to put up to come around he would . have thought about the bank how trying . to run the sound of how cops hunt us . down at that time running now i pray the . carpet doesn't get confused with . combining who didn't put hours and . working and who's useless because i'm . god and see jesus produced it sounded . make it work and not make excuses . what are you saying they're asking me by . my own what you tryin to what i do what . you want be my quote you a better what . i've been through you can put that it's . all with you talk to me like that back . to put my loan you better watch it . strong like it's all his fault i'm a . butter boy sit for like i'm sitting on . drones down . look i'm trying to take the greatest . story never told to make miles flex . i decided are right now and it's my . brother and i said 2-3 day i'm always be . slow . whatever nigga scare by the fuck what . you say if they love all i do it with my . life to life so love that's how you're . supposed to do that's the way that jesus . do it . hey mommy fuck you know that laughing . that building you're going to use the . god dey have destroyed our day to change . to goosen you know what it is our day . you all are the absolute is that i . earned it and that's the way it's . supposed to be about in new york city . stopping american good affiliate . improvement . honestly i just got to say thanks a lot . to love thanks for the opportunity . it's a dream come true then we don't get . the album if you got love for me please . when but i have extremely average solo . it going to lose it i was requested to . be here and shit hat . .
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