Bruno Mars Wins Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech | 60th GRAMMYs


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[music]. 24-karat magic bruno mars producer . shampoo pressing curls engineer's tom . joins serpent genious john haynes and . charles - songwriters christopher brody. ronnie james fauntleroy philip florence . and bruno mars. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. wow thank you thank you guys so much . wow all right first off first off to the . other nominees in this category lord . kung-fu kenny jay-z gambino you guys are . the reason why i'm in the studio pulling . my hair out man cuz i know you guys are . gonna only come with the top-shelf . artistry and music and thank you guys . for blessing the world with your music i . mean that can i tell you our story real . quick don't cut me off grammys please . i'm gonna try to do this i've been . drinking celebrating a little bit but . music so i'm 15 years old and i'm . opening up a show in hawaii called the . magic of polynesia i'm in front of a . curtain and i'm singing songs my job and . that show was to entertain about a . thousand people a thousand tourists from . all over the world and i won't put . together a set list like ten to twelve . songs and i'll be honest i was . incredible at fifteen i was and later on . in life i found out that those songs . that i was singing were written by . either babyface jimmy jam terry lewis or . teddy riley and with those songs i . remember seeing it i remember seeing it . firsthand people dancing that had never . met each other from two sides of the . globe dancing with each other toasting . with each other . celebrating together all i wanted to do . with this album was that and and and you . know those songs were written with . nothing but joy and one reason and for . one reason only and that's love and . that's all i wanted to bring with this . out and hopefully i could feel that . again and see everybody dancing and . everybody moving so. i'd like to dedicate this award to them . they are my heroes there they are my . teachers they laid the foundation that . this album wouldn't exist if it wasn't . for these guys that have written these . songs and you know i have to sprinkle a . little more sauce on it and and this is . for them i love you guys thank you so . much i don't know it's incredible . thank you guys thank you brandy can i . like i love you neal thank you for . inviting me to the grammys i'll see . y'all soon . [applause]. what's up y'all this is bl b this is g . easy i'm mo . this is julia michaels this is logic . make sure you subscribe to the recording . academy channel flex . .
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