Camila Cabello COMPLETELY NAILS ‘Finish The Lyric’

It shouldn't be surprising that Camila Cabello knows every pop song word for word however seeing her belt out 'Shape Of You' and 'Teenage Dream' makes us want to sellotape headphones to our ears and keep this video on repeat.
We tasked Camila with a list of lyrics to finish (without googling the songs) and it's safe to say she absolutely nailed it.
But don't worry, we didn't make it easy for her...we stuck some Wheatus in there to keep her on her toes. In true Camila style, she knew 'Teenage Dirtbag' as well as 'Havana'.
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Let's go ready finish the lira oh i've . been shaking that lovely way you'll go . crazy you take all light in the bitches . baby there's nothing holding me back . that's my friends alright let's do . another one have a nona half man i can't . remember sounds so familiar that almost . like i've heard it before . hey boy let's not talk too much grab on . my waist and put that body on me come on . now follow my lead come come on now . follow my lead mm-hmm . this is fine that place i want can i . borrow this first if i ever throw a . party. quiero respeet a to coyle esposito hey . hey katie lea cosa solow ito parakeet . awkward let's see no estas kimiko i want . your love and i want your revenge you . and me could write a bad romance oh my . god i love this song her name is noel i. have a dream about her she rings my bell . i got gym class in half an hour . oh how she rocks and dirt and tube socks . you make me feel like i'm living a . teenage dream the way you turn me on i . can't sleep let's run away and don't. ever look back don't ever look back . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. you. .

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