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Cardi B opens up to Ebro Darden in Miami on April 2 about her debut album, 'Invasion of Privacy,' fighting the rumors and staying true to herself. Listen to Cardi B's new album: 'Invasion of Privacy'
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Cardi B: Invasion of Privacy [Full Interview] | Beats 1 | Apple Music
Ladies and gentlemen this is the big . album time for the superstar cardi b yo . how you doing on how you let me ask you . this it happened so fast . yes how are you dealing with the rate at . which you became this phenomenon you are . know something no it didn't happen so . fast okay because you know a lot of . people see that it happened so fast . because they just saw the impact the . border yellow day well i for two years . straight i was really awesome like it's . like i gotta go to this video station i . gotta talk to this person every state . that i used to go to i used to host i . always used to go to a radio station to . talk to local dj's i used to be on cause . with djs i did my own tour for my first . mixtape thanks to volume one yeah i . rested buddy at - and i understood a lot . of money on music so to me it gonna have . it didn't feel like it was so fast like . sometimes i used to cry like i used to . be like this is never gonna happen again . i'm a very i'm a person that is very . realistic i'm not that surprised i'd be . like i'm gonna follow my dreams and said . i cannot walk the type of person that. put a deadline at a time period because . it's like money is getting wasted so use . like yeah oh yeah because i just want . like it's just like it's not happening . and you know what i ghetto happen and it . just boop or a sudden as it started hit . and hit and hit it . well the fame the the fame 'god from me. the responses the expectations it did . hit me fast like too fast is i seems. bigger than big it was i mean a list . right away yeah nobody gave me awarded . that these happen they happen like this . wait a minute now like cool give me a . second. you know he was getting your sh money . though you went you've been are getting . that money but the way the internet the . way that everything is set up you might . say one thing that people don't agree . with hmm you might do something that is . so that people don't agree with the . people who understand and boom all of a . sudden like your popularity is gone or. like everybody is against you so i . always be like i'm gonna get this back . to get this back at this back cuz i . don't know if this bad gonna be here . tomorrow that's why this be chasing . going so on the album you have a record . i like it like that you shot the video . you know channeling celia cruz sandwich . you giving us some of that spanish . caribbean vibe right here i'm saying and . and i for a latino vibe talk why was it . important for you to give that sell you . a cruise moment in the video um i didn't . really thought it was a sailor cruise . moment i just think it was very like . spanish but then when and then it's like . it was a different type of spanish to me . mmm too because it was like very cuban . ish and is a very tropical and that's . not the type of spanish or hispanic i. guess i don't know people always have . different names different into it i mean . you know everybody now is classifying . now i don't know . you know the internet i want to classify . everything and it's like and it's like . it's so crazy to me to see the culture . different type of hispanic cultures in. different places that cuz i over here is . very silly or cruz very and now and i . grew up in a different type of expanded . culture like the height yeah that is . more like right do you um now you got . how important was it for you to link up . with that bunny and j balvin on that . record it was it was very important for . me well it was very important . first with osuna cuz this is i like . those osuna his music used to make me . cry like is a okay . and that is like oh my god i love so . much and that is like for him to wanna . collaborate with me that means so much . and then by barney and j balvin is so . crazy like these these guys are at the . top right these guys are at the top of . their game and they getting paid the . same you'll probably even more than i . get paid off and when i meet these like . gay men humble like and they thank you . me and as i know thank you thank you and . it's it's so important to me because . this is like you you would think that . these guys that they sew up what they do . they'll be like now i don't have the . time i don't have the day so it was just . like so important pour it and so dear . for me that is like if you ever need a . kidney you are are making a lot of ways . with this most recent record be careful . which when i heard it i was excited that . you did a different sound right i think . we're both at yellow and partying cardi . obviously that's more of a street strip. club sound but be careful was like one . of those like records that you hear back . like it reminds you of high school like . a high school breakup song you know what . i mean that one of those anthems was it . on purpose that you took a sonic a . different turn to kind of give people a . cuz i saw you tweet like sometimes you . got to you got to change it up a little . bit for people it wasn't really a . purpose you don't like my boy partisan i . heard that record was chilly when i . heard that work and i was like yo i . loved this book it was like a verse just . one verse and i was like crazy like i . just wanna and then it's like i told him . like yo i really want this very like we . need to work on this vertical like i . want it for me and he said i wanna i . like alright go ahead take it like we . just just make sure that you kill me . matter of fact i want to be with you . when you do the record is just like i . wanted that record this is like it's not . that is the most important from all my . songs it's just like when i do this song. when i when i hear this song like i'd be . really crying like it just really means . so much it gets me angry it gets me sad . and i know that i felt like women are . going to relate i know like . don't even like me is gonna relate i . know that somebody mom is gonna really . like i'm assuming you're talking about . offset no i wasn't i wasn't talking . about all say i just was talking about . things that i relate to and they have . happened to me. maybe a certain things they're like you . know images you just think about . different separate things that you went . with different type of man anyways at . first of all i heard the record before i . even like was in love we also like the . and everything because i you know our . relationship is like no first we liked . each other but it was we was very . protective of each other cuz people . would they put things in your ears and . it's like i gotta protect my heart but . then i was like i gave in just just love . each other. and now y'all all the way in so other . than working with partisan fontaine on . this record there was other people that . had to hear this record how major i mean . talk about lauryn hill and her listening . to this song and helping you know i mean . obviously she had to clearer right yes . and it's like that was one of the most . it was like the most like being there we . was really nervous about because it's . like one of my favorite person care for . me careful and it's like if she didn't. approve it then there's a no go for it . and she approved it and it's like now . only because it's like she had to hear . the record to approve it or not and as i . not only was a relief but it was just . like yo i cannot believe lauryn hill . approve this record like i cannot be. okay why right this is laura hill and . it's like for her to approve it it is . like the biggest dam to a lie cuz i . nobody could talk about this record to . me because like the sensing approved ii . so it's just that you just cannot say . anything to me like approved a and it . was such a relief and it's such a . everybody was like that's unbelievable. so um the collaborations on the album . um i expected amigos no no all right um . love the record i think it's called trip . yeah great record yg made sense . oh okay yg right that made sense dope . collab love that record . did not expect chance the rapper talked . to me about how that came together . because i just felt like he was just so . perfect for this song i'm living my best . life yeah positive it's really positive . really energy sigh really different for . me and it's just like he is the one he . is the one i want to please so you . reached out to him yep yeah and he was . what was that like he was easy to work . with . he was very easy to work with like i i . am so grateful for everybody . they um they're sorry to be on my album . because as an artist i know how busy i . know how busy artists are and for them . to even take the time and for them to do . take the time and do it exactly right . it's just like thank you so much and . everything came out how i wanted to come . out like perfect hooks perfect verses . like this is like oh my god jesus loved . me i must do something right in my life . um scissors on the album another . collaboration i didn't anticipate yeah . how did that how did you guys work that . you reached out to her you guys cuz i . know she's a song she writes hooks in . songs to she's written for rihanna and . other people was that how you guys came . together uh no i was just i just really . had this dope just dope idea and i . reached out to her and she is very busy . but it's just like we all keep reaching . out but she always said like i'm going . to do it i'm going to do it i'm gonna do . it and she did it and it's like oh thank . god it's so hard for me to be in the . studio with people because this is like . i will fly from here to there and they . just be so busy there . it's just like all right listen i'm . gonna send you this i'm gonna sing at . the verse i'm gonna set you like this . which think about this you don't like . this okay that it's okay imma change it . i'll change it for you whatever you . wanna do i change it for you here . alright now you know okay what did you . work on as a as a rapper cuz i not
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