Dangerous Woman Diaries Ep1 – the light is coming

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Ariana gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her work on her newest album, Sweetener, which is largely an artistic reaction to her experiences on the Dangerous Woman Tour.
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Featuring the making of:
the light is coming
God is a woman
And showcasing Ariana’s VMA’s performance rehearsals.
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My pants are falling off and. i'm just playing them. my new album. look, see. now he's listening. - with the headphones. - ? boy i met you. ? . ( british accent ). it's-- it's top secret. - it's so good. - ( cheering ). - man: it's so good. - it's ariana's music. - yay!. - lady cultura: it's a new song. - ariana: okay, david's turn. - wow, this is a different. sound,. - but i love it. - my pants are falling down. excuse me. looking like a fool. with your pants on the ground. hey. ( music playing ) . this girl crazy. this is brian and. fredo's favorite. right . my pants are falling down. but i'm committed to the style,. so i just walk like this. i'm playing them my album. that's weird. we're outta here again. it's been a secret. ( laughs ). i don't know what i'm saying. i just wanna be on camera. every time you try to pan away. i'm like this. i'm chasing you. i'm chasing you. oh, hey, i didn't see you there. i hate that. okay, bye. ( laughs ). holly. you look amazing. so i'm just gonna walk around. and keep--. and keep playing it for. everyone,. asking them to like it. i'm forcing everyone. to hear it. they're always the first. to hear everything and. they're always honest with me. - what's up with, like,. halfway--. - i'm so annoying. they all want me. to leave the room. ( music playing ) . you know it. i'm putting pressure on him. you like it. ( indistinct chatter ). - ( humming ). - ( coughs ). uh, here's a little tip, kids. don't drink laying down. don't do it. i feel like i looked cool. so i just took a little sip. then i choked. ( humming ). - hey. - hey. - hum. - get it. - hum. - he. okay, i have to pee. i'm. i'm peeing. get it in the camera. - ( laughs ). - bye. ? we'll be alright ? . this is the episode. in which we're gonna bring you. into the "sweetener" world. and, uh, let you see a little. bit of this journey. and how we created it,. and a little behind the scenes . from "the light is coming". and "god is a woman," . and making the albums, . and studio moments with pete,. the vmas. i'm tired. when you drop an album. it's like. temporarily dying. i'm so tired. man: . yeah, yeah. ( snapping fingers ) . ariana: ? girl,. what's wrong with you ? . ? come back down,. down, down, down ? . ? is there such a ladder. to get above this ? . ? down, down, down ? . ? girl,. what's wrong with you ? . ? come back down,. down, down, down ? . ? maybe i should grow myself. where the mud is ? . ? before i'm gone ? . ( holding note ) . ? this is for everybody ? . ? babe, you gotta take care. of your body ? . ? ain't no time to deny it ? . ? that is why. we talking about it ? . ? yeah, we talking about it ? . as an artist, i want to love. each project i work on, . and in their own special way, . but this feels like the most me . an album has ever felt. it just feels like super close. to home. more so than i've ever felt. i think. like a lot of people were like,. "oh, how does it feel. like stepping out. of your comfort zone ". and i'm like, "nah, i don't feel. like i stepped out. of my comfort zone. i feel like i found it. ". ? unfollow fear and just say. you are blocked ?. ( humming ) . working with pharrell is really. dope, because he's always, . like, down to push you places. you've never been before. and, like, i am super open. in that way. i love-- i'll try anything. don't be mad at me. - hmm . - but i think the second time. the chorus comes around,. we might need you to do all. the backgrounds again,. and go. ( holding note ). oh, completely. yeah, absolutely. - it's--. - ? whoo-hoo ?. it's my "star search" moment. - yes!. - i'm just gonna impersonate. jhud and i'll nail it. yes, like, we--. like those backgrounds--. like they need to be so much. louder the second time. i feel like i have worked. really hard for a long time . to solidify my sound. and i feel like it's more solid. than ever. i'm doing a tutorial. - nice. - i'm doing a pro tools. baby's first pro tools lesson. - for children. - ? mmm ? . ? i'm too much in my head,. did you notice ? . i like that. and i think that came. from pharrell . bringing this new flavor. like '90s influenced. it was dope. it's pretty special. - yeah. - and i'm so glad--. ? you can work your way. to the top ? . ? just know that there's up. and downs and there's drops ? . where . ? i'm with ya, i'm with ya,. i'm with ya, with ya ? . ? unfollow fear and just say. you are blocked ? . - ? you can feel it, feel it ? . - what . he's brought so much life. to this music . and i'm so grateful. i don't think you realize. the vocal ( bleep ). that's about to happen. like, this ( bleep ) is so--. this is-- this is by far our. most rainbow cloud song. yeah. - it's a rainbow cloud song. - yeah. literally, it's like. you take a tincture,. and a tincture under the tongue. and anybody is guaranteed. to taste and see. and feel rainbow clouds. - hmm. - i'm just saying. i'm excited. ( ariana giggles ). this and r. e. m. are the most. rainbow cloudy to me. oof. oof. these two i feel like sound. like my dna. - wow. - does that make sense . yeah. or how i wish i felt. ( laughs ). not how i feel. how i'm striving to feel. listen, when you sing these. songs on stage, okay . you will tell people the story. of how you felt. when we were doing this song. that's what is so amazing. - yeah. - you-- you will have this. to look back on. it's an escape. 100%. i feel like this is like. the most updated album. - to the last second. that you ever made. - yeah. - the last second. - it was like-- and wait--. - you know, and then it's like--. - yeah. - oh, my god, one last thing,. one last thing. - oh, ( bleep ). it was-- yeah. i was like, "oh, my god, i have. to tell you one more thing. ". exactly!. uh, hi. we're at the shoot. for "the light is coming. ". and, oh boy, do i wish it would. ? the light is coming ? . ? to give back everything. the darkness stole ? . ? stole, stole, stole ? . ? the light is coming ? . ? to give back everything. the darkness stole ? . ? the light is coming ? . ? to give back everything. the darkness stole ? . ? stole, stole ? . ? the light is coming ? . ? to give back everything. the darkness stole ? . ? the light is coming ? . ? to give back everything. the darkness stole ? . ? stole, stole ? . ? the light is coming ? . ? to give back everything. the darkness stole ? . hey, it's dave meyers. we're on set. of "light is coming. ". nicki minaj and ari. doing it again together. concept this time,. we kinda wanted to go the. opposite direction of last time. something really simple. in the middle of a forest. with sort of an abstract. relationship with light. i suppose, metaphorically,. it's sort of trying to find your. way through the forest of life,. and how the light is. what guides you. there are 14 beetles. in my asshole. create a gap-- you went--. you went asshole. ( ariana laughs ). - and you-- you went like this. - it's the scariest. i don't know. can you see. while we're over here . man:. oh, wow!. ariana:. oh, no, no, no. brian, can we. wait till we get the shot . please because, like,. i'm not gonna do it again. - they have so many logs. - so, brian--. he sat down so hard. the first time we sat down. over here. i sat down so fast. slammed my nuts. slammed my nuts, right . slammed my nuts. it took my breath away. it took my breath away. and i was like--. ( gasps ). to help it, right . nothing's funnier. than "took my breath away. ". - right here. you're dragging something. - come on. - you look ridiculous!. - thanks, babe. can you look at her . ( laughs ). - she's cold. - she's cold, okay. he would start. the take right now. with fredo in the shot. okay, where am i going . - oh, yeah. - oh, my god, no. what . we're not ready. here we go. okay. okay, okay, okay, okay. okay, we're--. oh, my god. man:. go ahead and--. slate. and roll playback. ? what did she say ? . ? what did he say ? . ? you don't listen. 'cause you know everything ? . ? you don't even need dreams ? . ? tellin' everybody,. "stay woke, don't sleep" ? . ? ah, gonna break. the ( bleep ) down ? . ? you don't wait,. tell 'em wait another round ? . ? ah, guess you're way. above it now ? . ? and that's your way. to love it now ? . i'm, uh, trotting around. on some really, really, thick,. invisible, slippery roots. i don't know who had this idea. ( whispers ). me. but she's an idiot. i think we got the first take. stay tuned, mtv. ? his shot like drive-by ? . ? why you had to make me go. call up my side guy ? . ? can't let a f-boy eff up. my nice vibes ? . ? yo, ariana, come let me. give you a high five ? . ? the light is coming ? . ? to give back everything. the darkness stole ? . ? the light is coming ? . ? to give back everything. the darkness stole ? . hi. okay, so, update. uh, brian and i--. i'm pretty sure. we were in that last shot. in the background. we didn't know any of the, um--. those lights were gonna be,. like, flickering like that. like back and forth. and we were like,. "what is that ". we were like--. they, like, approached. so gracefully and slowly. i was like this--. what . we're in the forest. - are we . - there can't be a leaf. on my face. are we, though . so basically the concept. of this video is like. this is my forest,. get out. you know . actually, i have no idea. i thought it was one thing. and now i don't think. it's that thing. so, i'm just gonna let dave. run with this one. with "no tears left to cry". i was like,. "oh, this is. what this is about. ". this one i thought i knew,. but now i don't. i thought i saw the treatment. and, like, read it,. and came up with it,. but then i got here. and realized that's not. what we're doing. so, um, dave. back to you. really i think. what's special about this. is just show ari and cut. you know, we're not over--. overcutting it. we're
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