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In the Marble Machine X, the marbles needs to be divided into rows of 8 before entering the Fish Stair. I have been thinking about how to achieve this for along time and this week i came up with what i think is the most space efficient solution. And also a cool looking feature and one that does not use a lot of parts. In this video i am prototyping the Divide by 8 and Modeling the 3D-printed parts in Fusion 360. Enjoy! Martin
Here is a fish stair Marble Machine In action if you want clarification: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enDoM-rbLc4 This one lifts one marble per step, MMX will lift 16 marbles per step, two rows of steps, to achieve the needed 8 Marble Per crank turn feedrate! So we can play darude sandstorm on the MMX, it needs a lot of marbles for the dududududududududududu part
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This is a fish their prototype that i . made for the first marble machine on the . marble machine x the fish star will lift . two rows of eight marbles for every . stroke and i need a way to divide the . marbles into nice rows of eight and if . you just let them divide them by . themselves as you can see the marbles . divide themselves into a honeycomb . pattern and i don't want that i'd want . eight straight lines and i have just an . idea about how to achieve that with a . very minimal amount space and minimum . amount of parts . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. [music]. have to add washers because the thing. sticks on the sides add these ok this is . super promising . so as expected when it's just full under . the ninth marbles come very quickly you . have this anomaly it actually doesn't . matter at all because the fish there . will eat and empty this up and everyone . will be happy it's not tacky prototype . is done let's model the actual thing in . fusion 360 it's not really a tutorial. it's more that we talk so much about all . the cad work we're doing right now so i . thought i could let you in a little bit . on on an actual workflow this time . create a new design i'm gonna save this . one as divided by eight and the first . thing you do is that you create a new . component this is this wing create a . sketch usually i start with putting a . marble in a circle fifteen point eight . seven five that's the dimension of one . marble put in a constraint we're gonna . say that the marble is resting on this . surface so i can move it along that line . let's also constrain it to the back of . the wall like that now we've done a . sketch in 2d we're gonna extrude this . shape into 3d so i'm pressing efore . extrude and i'm choosing my shape and . i'm gonna extrude this at exactly eight . marbles and what's cool is that you can . use equations so i don't need to know . how far eight marbles is i can use take . fifteen point eight seven five which is . the length of one marble and then i can . say times a . and this is the length of eight marbles. i want this wall to be just shy of this . last eighth marble so we can edit this . again i can remove minus four . millimeters see how that looks yeah this . is something like it let's extrude the . back wall three millimeters now wall is . going to take some beating over the . years let's go back and edit that . feature and instead choose four . millimeters so we're strengthening up . this wall a little bit . i want to pilot drill some holes for the . counterweight nuts on this plane 11 . millimeter cut. this top edge doesn't look too all too . good. let's redesign that all the way we have . our swing now we need a way to secure . the pivot points and i want to be space. efficient with this so i don't want to . put points on the outside so we're . cutting away this section because here . we're gonna hide a hinge so a new . component base for there we go so that's . a touch mount holes we can attach this . base i'm gonna put some marbles in to. show you the perspective let's go make . some coffee . cheers let's make the plywood base shall. we fifteen point eight seven five she . will learn parametric i'm putting in the . same value all the time . marb fifteen point eight seven five okay . use your parameters okay mark yes now we . can already use two parameters this is . the edge of the swing scene from above i . want to offset that by the distance of . five marbles so instead of putting a . number in i'm putting marb . times five genius so we can multiply the . word marbles you know of course we love . that so here you can see how the base . fits perfectly into the plywood and i . have a zero point two millimeter . clearance slot so there's our beautiful . plywood ridges that will separate the . marbles from each other cut this off at . a 10 degree angle here so now you can . see that this slope has a 10 degree . angle because that's how it's going to . meet the fish there this is what the stl. file looks like i emailed the stl files . to be us and he can print them and just . slide them down here so to dare . and with that i think the design is done . for now so we could just for fun . tilt the marbles down by we can pivot . this thing on that point so we tilt the . swing like this and the marbles then in . turn will come rolling do-do-do-do-do . do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do welcome . rolling down there will be more and more . marbles stacking up here yep . so every wednesday we will add another . part to the marble machine x right now . we're doing a lot of design work in cad . and i'm waiting and longing for the . period where all these designs are going . to materialize but we're gonna stick our . heads down our neck down and really keep . on doing the cad until all these things . are solved and then hopefully assemble . the machine in a faster more efficient. way later so i hope you enjoyed this and . thanks so much for watching see you on . the next video bye on wednesday . take care. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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