DJ Envy speaks on walking out of Desus and Mero interview | REVOLT Exclusive

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The host confronted the comedic duo, who then apologized, for making jokes about his wife.
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Morning everybody is the ej envy angela . yee charlemagne to god we are the . breakfast club you got two guests in the . building why you special guest i would . always like to start off by saying . welcome thank you for having us here . breakfast club you guys have always been . very nice to us helped us through our . career you know elevated us with. interviews my guys with all this what's . going on let's start with the sheet you . want my wife in apology we all y'all - . about usually when you insinuated that. she was there for the check on your show . yes she did oh she is there for the . check that's what you said exactly i . heard it so you feel 15 all right listen . i'm talking since 15 before i had a . dollar okay thank you more money to me . so to insinuate that she was there for a . check or she's good with enemies check . is a disrespect to me okay can i hear . the clip you see no we do four shows a . week like i was rashon at home but in . the streets i was djing emmys there's . two different people i didn't know dj mv . right and it was it was you know them do . you know them dj and be disrespectful . bro that was a joke all right i . apologize you something you could talk . about me all day you cannot write to me . but when he turns about my wife and my . family. it's a little disrespect and ii would . never do another job you know that but . you know but though they're happy wife . and kids there is no but talk about me . or you gonna make fun of me all you want . but when it's wife and kids there is no . but look at my instagram comments for my . kids you can play with that i don't it . was respecting it you should know that . immediately you thought you really . thought that was disrespectful to her . absolutely disrespectful okay i'm sorry . i thought we was cool i know he's gone i . know it was like a jokey joke . you could joke about i do not know that . i did not know that we've never had this . conversation where you allow your . boundaries is here don't know this we . have the conversation right now held . away and now i understand you telling us . who not joking you will not hear no more . jokes about your family about your kids . about your not talking about child but . i'll never bring it to your wife or kids . with garland's okay cool . you've established that we understand . we're claro boom everything good . everything good is overlooked in the . black and latino community to mental . health is really overlooked so if you . have the opportunity if you have . insurance go go weekly and i'm saying . make appointments and i get everything . that you got on your mind or i got four . fucking kids you know i'm saying on the . mortgage and tvs very fickle you know . that you know i'm saying that they. always say the easy part is getting on . tv the hard part is staying on tv and . continuing to make money in . entertainment so you got that stress on. you you guys losing everything. everything we're gonna do a celebrity . boxing match with envy you know say next . week you know that means anybody all . about the spicy commentary. it's at the end of the day it's a . cultural commentary show and if. something happens in the culture this is . the culture y'all know the culture so if . something happens and it's a it's a big . deal people talk about it we talk about . it today people like we're doing we have . congress people on our show we have like . celebrities and stuff like little beefs. and stuff that's not at the end of the . day that doesn't help make content . doesn't help the culture doesn't help . anybody so on our rate that someone had. us probably kristin gillibrand . congresswoman because it wasn't even . like i was you know she wasn't just . doing it for promo like she really rocks . with the shoulder stuff and you know. just to be aware that we're on like some . white lady who's in power was radar it's . like okay you don't say like that's the . kind of trajectory you want to go . towards you want to go towards people . who have influence and power and then . try to do some good with that transom a . guy at the diner as well yeah another . congressman who came on the show you . know i know esplanade . voodoo jesus put on me back in the day . but these was trying to get me out to . paint with black women for a long time . [music]. you can't you just like you just don't a . five-city tour so army be sure to check . that out we got yeah i mean on this one . you know we had uses marijuana show and. they stick something on on their show . that's always land a couple of months . ago that i didn't like us always . disrespectful and don't they brought the . citizen prince you know to rule at one . time so i said you know what they come . on the show i'll address it and talk to . the bitch tell them how i felt . that's exactly what i did and i mean if . you know me i don't i don't use me hold . no punches when i'm you know what . something goes against me you know made. especially when i still have happiness . and we addressed it like that if that . was it . when i see the person and i showed it to . her because i would hate for her to see . something you know just blindsided if . she is here thought so listen i know she . felt the same way that i did she go to . was disrespectful and you know . especially you know how i disabled be . since i was 15 and you know she's been . to get ticketed and all that so it just . it was still on that i was more system . about with so she you know she she's so . dj every check she did from checks or . something set that lan and i was like . you know this is a this is a woman . esther boxes 15 that baby well money . than i did at one point i gave up her . career so i could do this so today that . she did for a check or she goes down my . checker situation that she therefore . check mother it'll hurt my heart so i . would like that mathematically it is it . i mean it there is a prophetic like i . mean i don't you know we could talk . about each other all day long you know . people make fun of me i want different . shows different outlets different media . things it you know jokes is your back . and sigma wanna pick it up in iron . i'm not address somebody for deals i'm . ideal for back i said what the problem . is is when you talk about somebody's . wife will you say it's a joke about . somebody's white where i should be able . is going to fall and if i feel exhausted . for i got the right to success nobody on . it yeah i need . i think company i get physical sell . repeatable you know i ran it if it's a . problem you addresses and i just doesn't . learning you know if they apologize and . kind of us for this after the apology . even a servile excuse right . when did you decide like alright i'm not . even oh well at the apology i mean i was . still tight because i felt away about . you know makes me and i'm not gonna sit . here i'm not the same person miss ruffit . changes it's just look and just be upset . and act like i'm happy so i was like for . me and my energy was bad and for me to . take something else that would take you . to a a worse place or take you someplace . you didn't need to go i be the one i'll . just put a gracefully back out just not . do it and that's what i did like i said . his old don't know idle no ill will see . them they apologize it is what it is but . you know i felt like what you know hot . energy at that time and then it'll sell . ladies a jokester not a lot of funny so . i was like you know in this. with me better i just you don't step . back what you think we're going to do . another difference in their breakfast. revenue in the future or you yeah why . wouldn't we i mean like i said they . apologize and i think they know what . they did wrong in the hospital so like i . said i i don't i don't think they . essentially did it to hurt me and . intentionally deliciously desist to try . to you know hurt me in my family i . thought i think that they thought it was . jokes it they understand that that it . was it wasn't funny of my eyes and that . was it . so this is how they're done and that's . it there's no problem . .
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