Eminem’s Brand New Freestyle on Sway In The Morning (July 23rd, 2015 Raps Caitlyn Jenner Bill Cosby)

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Eminem's Brand New Freestyle on Sway In The Morning (July 23rd, 2015 Raps about Caitlyn Jenner & Bill Cosby)
Yeah yeah i semin l swear in the morning. lord series here to you you son what up. . . all. . . what up wake up show style yes it would. take him back hit the future. . . let's take him back to the future or. bars like paul rosenberg the small. . . frozen turd. . . no sense to me man yo i look i had class. i just got expelled. . . exhale did nothing in school so if. you're trying to test my patience - just. . . bailed but king matters i still get held. so call me sire like i exhaled after i. . . had a deep ass breath held. . . i guess well that would make my size. double xl. . . so kiss your highness's time - but i'm. trying to stretch this time to exercise. . . and flexing isometrics twice the reps to. like it extra size and set my bison pecs. . . and triceps on fire because i'm coming. out guns blazing like blaming pythons my. . . suggestion is parental discretion be. advised do this mental aggression we. . . advise you to back up like byron. leftwich i'm infectious. . . i'm like i got a sinus infection or. virus and congested i just ingested . . lakers but the side effects from these. antidepressants they're trying to mess. . . with my mind. . . i'm a regular height and jeckle white. with freckles by cyber technology you. . . might want to head for the fire exit i'm. , - like a wrecking ball you would swear. . . i think highly of miley and i respected. away outback hannah. . . excuse my french montana but i am. worried about nothin god damn it i'm a. . . sexist. . . i drive alexis texas out of her mind and. i'm in texas with a chainsaw. . . wait what did i forget this time or -. eddie's getting upset he said he was. . . ready for me to come get it from inside. the said it was time is restless. . . he wants to make bloodshed like a. storage unit but before i do it let me. . . think this - because if i he had this. pitch then i'd be headless mic check . . i'm barely check the mic just yet and i. just went like twice as many times in. . . less than 90 seconds then and you. fucking die suffered in this fucking. . . light but i guess i'm expected to make. these kind of violent record that's. . . wacky prime and reckless bucket. . . i swear like a diamond necklace since. freestyle and over phone tap my lines. . . connected with rhymes that kept in touch. with the fans that's why the more bars. . . the better my reception not give a fuck. about sales and fuck pop i don't even. . . like refreshments. . . cindy crawford trying to finish me off. with a bendy straw at the waffle house. . . off my mouth but if you like what i'm. talking about then block me out. . . just then foxy brown walks up and. knocked me down kicks me it's knocked me. . . out. . . apparently still mad about what i said. last year on in vegas track i just look. . . stupid and stand there and try to act. like i can't hear what sorry dear but i. . . think pam grier just like a tampon in my. damn here. . . that's when my man did not porter ran. behind me to pan in mind that if you. . . want to kick his and stand in line and. it's not my pants is not fantasize. . . taking advantage of brandy and janet by. grabbing my spanish fly like applying. . . hispanic guy what is it . give a fuck. . . it's all part of my grand design to get. amanda bynes to come and fucking blow me. . . like a dandelion better watch his step. . . you got the cost of that land is mine. i'm what you get it aaron hernandez. . . rhyme so stay in the side that you plan. to find out how handy i'm with a. . . branding iron. . . fuck talking clear so you walk in here. i'd rather rapidly a fucking auctioneer. . . fuck around and walk from here to the. south park premier get on pause back. . . wrapping paul revere so call me queer. because i'm always weird. . . so praise a genius. . . hope you don't get taken out of texts. but hillary i promised to wait my server. . . clean if you face a penis. . . got a name it speaks for itself. . . like anthony weiner hands between my. pants and a theater jack and i meet a. . . fan audrina angelina and christina and. serena and selena scarlett johansson. . . tiffany game but season. . . give me a damn good reason and not want. to slip an ambien in a cappuccino when. . . trying to have a threesome with janet. reno. . . i'm not worse than donald trump on. lexapro in mexico across from a texaco. . . at mcdonalds drunk broken out of gas. . . busted water pump getting final . by. ronald filling them on his rump. . . oh yeah and me and alyssa milano hump we. do. . . bringing the horror 2 warm seas like the. aura of the run dmc fedora adidas india. . . doors but i need at least three to four. doors rita ora's in a four-seater taurus. . . but telling my face is the best seat in. the house. . . i let him bleed my mouth while i'm. eating them out. . . it's disgusting oh heat-seeking missile. duc de minute sick hate and see who. . . gives a fuck. . . i invented brick in this a true. statement. . . i see the pitching you caitlin i keep. the pistol talk like bruce jenner's dick. . . no disrespect though. . . not at all no pun intended. . . that took a lot of balls help. . . oh it is lu banks just want to tell you. thanks. . . now i got trailer skanks in any ballpark. franks and the mail is pranks and hot. . . pockets. . . thanks a lot awful made monopoly of. massage and sodomy how many chocolatey. . . jello pops could he possibly lace. walking atrocity no wonder you scoff at. . . me it's still obvious i'm is off-putting. is bill cosby is treat women like. . . property possessive like a now with an. apostrophe s is probably stock broccoli. . . yes it's socrates but a block of cheese. and a dollar stuck in a soda pop machine. . . got him seize dropping the knees copping. a plea bargain it keeps our family. . . please stop it at the mat bitch still. detoxing looking for us we over here. . . like what he's dropping human and lady. there man what that was but you're angry. . . but that was not all me. . . not yo get him a round of applause man. and our man. . . make sure you pick up the soundtrack to. the south pole. . . make sure you see the movie home is. always good i preach and you got that. . . that you still a hyena in south all. still a hyena softball south paul as in. . . rosenberg - thank you - brother that. soundtrack is out friday. . . everybody please pick it up check it out. stream it just just get it get it and. . . check the movie out to a slamming tracks. . . oh thank you sir he's pretty arm i like. the movie a lot of movies fucking great. . . man. . . yeah the movie is great jake killed it. harvey weinstein said he might get an. . . oscar. . . jake killed it 50 killed in horse killed. it. . . everybody in the movie did incredible. man it's it's like i don't know. . . it's incredible great movie yeah all. right our man gentlemen and ryan by the. . . way it's only fun man but it's but but. but just so everybody knows that was. . . that was just that was a little freaked. that was off topic i don't know it off. . . the top - i want to go with just so you. know man you just don't get out there. . . and freestyle so serious like oh my god. could you he said i mean how many years. . . as you have to fucking say those kind. arrives and people are like well i'm. . . just offended. . . yeah like they're they're almost like. that is funny it's supposed to make your. . . head spin around that's it that's it. you're clever guy him. . . thanks man i just say shit to say it. yeah it's because you don't even. . . there's i don't even know if there's. anything i you know it's one of them. . . things man is it's not it's very rarely. very rarely personal. . . put it this way if it was never personal. somebody would know it. . . yeah don't censor me it's all in fun. it's all in fun. . . no no don't censor paul and by the way. once again that was just off the top of. . . the dome. . . yeah no ring i'm standing right next to. him and i just got out of bed. . . i just woke up cat got pajamas yes i. round of applause until next time on the. . . word up. . . southport will get that thought owners. say 45 just left the building. .
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